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Cleaning Care for Your Switches and Power Points

Turning off Clipsal Light Switch

2020 has certainly elevated the focus on what we touch and the need to look for ways to leverage contactless options in a bid to reduce the spread of germs. Light switches and power points are a common touch point in homes, so we have come up with some great hints and tips to help keep your home clean and reduce the spread of germs.

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3 Design Details You’ve Probably Forgotten About

Make sure you check to see if one (or all of) these details have dropped off your radar with your reno or new build.


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How to: Up your home’s street appeal on a budget

If you’re selling your property or going to renovate, don’t forget to include your home exterior in those design plans. Time to take stock of how your home’s presence stands out on your street! You don’t have to spend big to up your home’s street appeal either – here’s our hacks!

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Reno Mistakes We’ve Learned From The Block

Front of The Block 2019

Ah, The Block. There’s tears, laughter, and lots of late night painting – but it’s also jam-packed full of interior design ideas, home decor inspiration and practical renovation lessons (and mistakes) that we can all learn from.

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7 Things You Need To Know Before a Home Reno

There’s nothing like a home renovation project to add approximately a million things to your 'to do' list. Read about what you should know before starting and help ease some of the stress. (You might want to bookmark this page!)

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5 Bedroom Trends That’ll Get You Renovating

Cat and Lady on Bed

The average person spends 40+ yrs in their bedroom. So, it should be a place you feel calm, safe, and rejuvenated in. These bedroom trends can inspire you to create your ultimate sleep and relaxation haven.

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Top tips for saving on your electricity bill

Learn how to cut thousands from your summer electricity bills with top tips from experts in the field. 

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4 Reasons to Improve Your Home’s IQ

A quarter of Australian homes are investing in smart technology......

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How to set and stick to your budget

Budgets can be tricky things to manage but check out these articles that can help you scope out your budget and stick to it!

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Could you live in a house with no bills?

Imagine the future where you live in a home that texts you when you have used too much power or have the air-con turned on before you get home but most importantly, you won’t have to pay a cent!

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Block to the Future: Why hi-tech homes are smart

SCIENCE-fiction fantasy has become a home hunter’s switched-on reality in a Sydney suburb where this apartment block is set to become Australia’s “smartest” home.

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Home Tech You’ll Thank Yourself For this Winter

4 tech upgrades to make the chilly season that bit little bit kinder..

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Swish Switches That Light Up a Room

Use our guide to identify your switch style and you'll discover...

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Key Smart Home Trends to Know About Now

The latest trends in smart home technology are scalable and...

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Things to Consider

Essential Things to Consider When Planning Your Home's Electrics. Recharge your electrical fittings with this simple guide to planning...

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Darren Palmer’s home

Take a tour of the home of Darren Palmer, one of the Judges from The Block. Get excited about new gadgets and technology with Clipsal’s Smart Home Solutions.

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5 Ways Lighting Technology Can Make Your Life Easier

Upgrade your home with smart fixtures that have the looks as well as...

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Electrical distributors: futureproof your business!➚

Electrical distributor with digital options

Along with digitization, several other factors are re-shaping the landscape of the electrical distribution marketplace. Find out some tips around how you can evolve your business model, to meet these new needs.

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Smart homes deliver smart business for electricians➚

Electrician with Customer

More than 26 billion connected devices are expected to be deployed by 2020 – 20 times more than in 2016! Plus, smart home device spending is set to reach more than $112 billion by 2022.

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A Wiser approach to smart homes➚

Wiser product on wall

Join us as the smart home industry continues to evolve, as we seize opportunities and enhance Wiser’s position as a worldwide leader in the category.


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