Energy Efficiency Tips

Energy Efficiency Tips

Simple changes to help save money

Easy tweaks and upgrades to save on energy bills and reduce wastage

Ever wondered how much your energy bill should be?

The amount is dependent on many factors including the number of people at home, time spent in your home, the features, size – the list goes on.

However, on average, if you’re a family of four living in a 3-bedroom home (or a rough equivalent), paying $750 or under per quarter is extremely reasonable.

If you’re paying more than $750 per quarter, it’s worth reviewing your usage as there’s potential for improvement.

If you’re paying more than $1,250 per quarter, there’s substantial room for improvement and a high chance you’re paying for electricity you’re not even using.

Wiser connected switch
Ceiling fans
Lamp in dark room
Bedroom lighting
Sensor on wall
Study room
Kitchen corner
Wiser connected socket