Work it – create the perfect home office
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Work it – create the perfect home office

Design a workspace that’s connected and comfortable

It’s never been more important to include a tailored workspace in your home. With more people working from home more regularly, and older children living at home longer, it’s essential to have a dedicated area in your house for inspired, productive work.

Here, we show you how to go from ‘make-do’ to ‘made-for-you’ and plan a home office or study that combines comfort and connectivity with everything you need at your fingertips. 

A cozy study corner featuring wall-mounted shelves, a neat work desk with a glowing lamp, and a comfortable chair, decorated in neutral tones.

Home office 101

There are a few things to think about when starting to plan your home office/study: 

  • What sort of electrical equipment will you use on a daily basis (laptop, monitor, printer etc.) and where will they go? This helps to guide how many power points and USB chargers you need and where you want them.
  • Is there sufficient Wi-Fi coverage in your home to keep all your devices online? If you’ll be competing with other at-home workers or after-school gamers then consider cabled internet with data points to keep everyone online and happy.
  • Is there enough natural light or will you need extra LED downlights, task lighting for desk work, or a ring light for video calls? You could also install dimmers for adjusting the light intensity as needed. 
  • If it’s a sunny room, do you need light-filtering blinds to avoid glare?
  • Do you need to add heating or cooling options? A ceiling fan or heat pump could be a lifesaver in the height of summer or depths of winter.

These answers are the beginning of your Electric Home Design plan, which helps you to create a space that will work for you.

Modern pink electrical socket panel with multiple outlets, mounted on a textured gray terrazzo wall
Mother and daughter enjoying time together at a home office, with the mother using a laptop and the daughter hugging her from behind, in a cozy room with stylish interior decor.
Person operating an industrial power distribution board, switching a circuit breaker in a safety-panel, with focus on the hand and switches.
A person's hands holding a smartphone with a security camera app open, displaying footage of a room, on a desk with a keyboard and mouse.

Work smarter, not harder

Make your workday even more seamless with Clipsal Wiser Smart Home solutions. Smart home features are fantastic in a home office when you can find yourself juggling tasks in-between conference calls. Clipsal Wiser doesn’t require any special wiring and is scalable, so you can add new features over time. Through the Wiser app on your smart device you can adjust the lights, temperature, and even the blinds in your office and around your home without getting up from your desk. 

Add a Wiser Window/Door Sensor and it can notify you when the kids get home from school, or tell you if someone is at the front door via a Wiser Outdoor IP Camera. Stuck on a work call when the courier arrives? Use your Wiser app to open the garage door for them to drop off any parcels. You can also use Wiser Connected Power Points to schedule printers, monitors and other devices to turn off overnight and back on in the morning, helping you save energy (and money).

Modern home office design featuring a sleek black desk with a computer setup, stylish floating shelves with decorative objects, and a cozy chair set against a white paneled wall.

Work it

It’s important to create a space that is enjoyable to be in and that promotes productivity and inspiration. Having everything you need, exactly where you need it is a great start! Next, think about how to add interest and colour.  

LED strip lights create a soft glow under shelving and behind desks, or use them to highlight artworks or vision boards. You could also link strip lights to your Clipsal Wiser app and run them along the top of a wall for a wash of feature colour that you can adjust as the mood takes you.  

You could even give your home office a different look with the range of interchangeable ‘skins’ for Clipsal Iconic switches and power points. The Clipsal Iconic ‘skins’ come in different styles and colours that can be clipped on and off, making it easy to change your home office up from the rest of the house.