Small Change, Big Impact

Small Change, Big Impact

The perfect finishing touch

Old switches and power points in kitchen
New Clipsal Iconic in the kitchen
Clipsal Iconic range of skins

The choice is yours

The slim, sleek standard Iconic range is available in five ‘skin’ colours, Vivid White, Cool Grey, Warm Grey, Anthracite and Black.

It also features two skin design ranges, Iconic Styl skins with aluminum plates and Iconic Essence with birch timber trims.

The beauty of the Iconic range is that you can decide on one skin finish now, then inexpensively change it down the track.

You could swap Iconic skins with the seasons: a darker, warming finish for Winter swapped for a bright white in Summer.

Iconic switch on wall

An option for every space

All but two of the Iconic colour options come with translucent edges, meaning they blend discreetly with any wall colour.

Iconic Xtra White and Xtra Black, on the other hand, features a solid black edge.

Home owner switching their Iconic skin

Easy to clean

Like many of the Clipsal by Schneider Electric ranges, Iconic features wipeable finishes and rounded edges, so they are easy to keep clean with a damp cloth.

No matter which switches and outlets you have, if they are looking a little worn out, consider replacing the covers.

It could be a simple upgrade that makes a big difference in your home.

Customise your Iconic

Choose your style, select your switch and customise to meet your needs. Select a wall colour to complement your favourite switch style, colour and finish. Create your own list, sort your list by rooms and share by email. It’s that easy!

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