Plan a living room you’ll love
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Plan a living room you’ll love

With Clipsal, the living is easy

Our living rooms are multi-functional spaces – they need to switch easily between family movie nights and coffee catch-ups, online gaming sessions, sleepovers, and Sunday afternoon naps on the couch. 

With a little planning, you can create a living room that moves seamlessly from one activity to the next, catering to everyone’s needs.

Woman reading a book in her living room

Plan it out

Make a list of how everyone in the family might want to use this room. This will help you to work out what sort of electrical features you’ll need, and where to put them.

A television is often a major feature of a living room, so give some thought as to where it might go and how your furniture will work around that. If you want to avoid having a TV screen as the room’s focus, consider tucking it out of sight in a cabinet or installing a laser tv projector instead.

If there are avid gamers in the family you’ll want somewhere to connect gaming consoles and charge controllers. And keen readers might love a reading nook with a cosy armchair and a lamp nearby.

This initial list is the first step in the Electric Home Design for your living room.

Children playing console
Minimalistic modern living room
A hand plugging a type-c cable into a wall socket with electrical outlets and USB ports.
Woman viewing images in her phone
Couple watching a movie and eating a popcorn in the living room
A hand touching a switchboard

Make it safe

With so many electronic elements in our living rooms, it’s important to make sure your switchboard is equipped to deal with the load. 

Talk to your electrician about a surge protection device to avoid damage to your electronic equipment from lightning strikes, power surges and voltage strikes. Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs) also add extra peace of mind as they detect arc faults – one of the most common causes of electrical fires.

Switches in a wall of the living room

Style it up

Your living room’s style extends far beyond the furnishings, so select light switches and power points that complement your look.

Clipsal Iconic offers a wide range of styles, shades and finishes – and the bonus is that you can easily swap them out as the mood takes you. Once the base grid is installed by an electrician, you can clip the different Iconic ‘skins’ on and off whenever you want.