Discover MAX9

Discover MAX9

Clipsal's Ultimate in Circuit Protection

join the max9 generation

Join the MAX9 Generation

When it comes to circuit protection, Aussie sparky deserve nothing but MAX. MAX9 raises the bar in installation speed, performance and innovation.

Discover how you can make your every residential electrical switchboard installation your best and enjoy the peace of mind and simplicity with MAX9 system.


One bar delivers it all

MAX9 range brings in unparalleled installation speed with MAXBAR - the next generation of busbar.

MAXBAR helps to achieve installation speed of up to 15 times faster than using cables for feeding the RCBOs.

It helps provide complete installation flexibility as it can connect the main switch directly to any type of Clipsal RCBO - SLIM, 2 module, 3 Phase and even AFDD.

Electricians are artists of electrical switchboard installation

MAXBAR helps achieve a perfectly clean installation inside an electrical switchboard as no cables are needed for feeding RCBOs.

Electricians discussing Clipsal RCBOs and RCDs

Clipsal RCBOs & RCDs

Peace of mind and a 7-year warranty*

Standards and technology changes can make managing an electrical business stressful. MAX9 relieves this stress so that you can focus on growing your business.

Amendment 2 to the AS/NZS 3000:2018 ("Wiring rules") mandate type A RCDs from 2023. All RCBOs and RCDs in MAX9 range are already type A so you can be future ready.

Schneider Electric offers a 7-year warranty for the Clipsal MAX9 range of circuit protection products. *Warranty details are set out in clause 7 of the Schneider Electric standard terms and conditions of sale.

The MAX9 warranty period is from the date of installation. If no proof of purchase and installation is provided, it’s 7 years from the product’s manufacture date.

Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD)

Help make Australian homes safer

MAX9 Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD) help take the safety of Australian homes to next level. They detect series and parallel arc faults to help reduce the risk of electrical fires

introducing max9 with busbar

Deliver MAX Performance

With 100A rated system & MAXBAR

MAX9 products are designed for tough Aussie conditions with operating temperature ranging from -25 Deg C to +70 Deg C with derating.

MAX9 breakers are solidly built and designed to endure 20K mechanical cycles and 10K electrical cycles*.

It's a no-brainer then to stand behind this robust product range and provide a manufacturer's warranty of 7 years for MAX9 system.

* All devices except RCCBs

safety icons

Simplify Safety with MAX9

Pictograms for easier identification

Explaining types of circuit protection devices to homeowners can be hard. The category has a lot of acronyms and technical jargon.

MAX9 helps solve this puzzle with simple pictograms to help homeowners identify types of circuit protection, and give them confidence when making an electrical switchboard upgrade

Access MAX9 technical information easily

Simply scan the QR code on each product to browse specifications, installation instructions, FAQs, videos and more on the product’s detail page.

max9 busbars

MAX9 Plastic Enclosures

Spacious and easy to install

MAX9 plastic enclosures provide extra wiring space for running your load cables on the sides and under the DIN rail.

Type 1 and Type 2 enclosures have 135 mm space between the DIN rails for ease of wiring.

Type 3 enclosures provide maximum space of 150 mm between DIN rails for applications that require Powertags with the MAXBAR.

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