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EV Charging into the future

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Electric Vehicle charging and what you need to know

Around 85% of EV drivers charge at home. Why? Because charging your electric vehicle at home is more convenient and cheaper than charging elsewhere, especially with smart EV charging solutions that allow you to stay in control.

Electric vehicle (EV) numbers are on the rise in Australia and are becoming more common on our roads, thanks to their ability to help reduce carbon emissions.

Whether you already have an EV, are planning to get one, or simply want to make your home future-ready, our EVlink Home charger is a must-have.

Weatherproof and robust, the EVlink Home can be installed outside or in your garage and lets you charge an electric vehicle faster, more reliably and with greater safety than with a domestic socket outlet.

Home electric vehicle charging

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Home charging key features

  • Application: Perfect for inside or outside your home
  • Convenience: “Plug and go” EV charging at any time
  • Time: Rapid charging when compared with a standard socket
  • Certified: Compliant with strict safety certifications
  • Simplicity: Connect your car and stop/start charging with “one-touch”
  • Extensive options: Available as 7.4kW or 11kW, with or without attached cable, to suit all electric vehicles
  • Budget-friendly: And easy to install
  • Safety: Comes with integrated RCD-DD protection and optional peak controller

Shared Spaces electric vehicle charging

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Shared spaces charging key features

  • Application: Perfect for offices, semi-public parking facilities, corporate EV fleets, and apartment complexes
  • Capacity: Provide all-day charging for smaller fleets
  • Control: Authorise and manage user access and operation
  • Connected: Perform remote management and maintenance with in-built connectivity
  • Extensive options: Adjustable charging power to suit all electric vehicles
  • Built to last: Robust construction and weather resistant
  • Secure: Lockable to prevent unauthorised operation and theft proof cable
  • Authentication: RFID scanning restricts operation to authorised users only
  • Simplicity: Connect your car and stop/start charging with “one-touch”

On-street & commercial electric vehicle charging

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Woman using evlink charger

On-street and commercial EV charging features

  • Application: Perfect for large office blocks, retail stores and malls, supermarkets, libraries, hotels, aged care facilities and airports
  • Connected: Perform remote management and maintenance with its connectivity feature
  • Adaptable: Multiple mounting options and outlet configurations
  • Control: Full adaptable power control to manage and charge volume, capacity and duration
  • Support: Extensive range of spare parts and nationwide network of certified installers
  • Tailored: Install and commission to your unique application and environment

Complementary Offers

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1. What is EV charging?

EV charging is the process of supplying electrical power to electric cars or hybrids. It is usually done in a charging station that houses an EV charger or with electric vehicle supply equipment.

2. Why is EV charging important? 

EV charging benefits the environment because it produces no harmful substances. It minimises petrol consumption by substituting it with electricity. It can also be done at home or at any charging station.

3. What are EV charging products? 

Clipsal provides a wide selection of electric vehicle chargers that makes EV charging more efficient and safer. This includes the:

  • Smart wallbox with wall mounting or floor standing options
  • Attached cable charging connector