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Configure, quote and order boards for all project needs

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Configure, quote and order

Effortlessly manage your projects online from anywhere and at any time through seamless configuration, quoting, and ordering capabilities.


Complete flexibility in designing boards with the option of both distribution boards and load centres.

Faster pricing

Reduce the quoting process with Instant indicative pricing then send to your wholesale partner at the click of a button.

Faster delivery

FlexSelect offers a 5 day production turn around for most design selections, allowing faster delivery times compared to traditional ordering methods.

Faster installation

Loaded boards with busbars connected saving labor cost and time organising loose components


Less onsite packaging waste to dispose of and manage.


Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, the new FlexSelect offers several metering options and smart solutions.

Create fully customisable distribution boards

Choose from standard encapsulated, isobar or hybrid chassis options, including split chassis.

Layout and As-built drawings

Immediate access to design configuration and drawings (including control schematics) helping you plan your spatial and client approvals.

Range of metering options

Standard or NMI power meter, including option to choose Multi-circuit metering.

Faster installations

Breakers come fitted, entire solution performance verified to AS/NZS 61439.2 thereby allowing you to install the DB immediately and meet project deadlines.


The Ultimate Load Centre Design Solution

PDF downloads

Instantly download PDF layouts, including a bill of materials, to help with onsite organisation.

Project specific

A minimum of 30 boards is required to process order.


A selection of both ResiMAX and MAX9 devices and enclosures to cover all project requirements.

7 year warranty for MAX9 devices and enclosures

All MAX9 devices and enclosures are designed to last and come with a 7 year warranty for complete peace of mind.