The Perfect Home Office

Tips to help you design a beautiful, productive space

Whether it's a quick admin task or a full work day, a home office is an integral part of daily life

Working from home has likely become part of day-to-day life and no longer are makeshift spaces sufficient, which means there’s no better time to create your ideal home office. 

Regardless of taste, to design an effective home office it's important to create a space that you want to be in, where you can be productive, inspired, calm, and generate a sense of achievement each week. That's why we put together a few tips to help you design the perfect space.

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Pick a productive colour

Did you know that the colour red can cause feelings of stress or anxiety? While that might be great when you need to create a sense of urgency to get something done, it doesn't make for a conducive day-to-day work environment.  
When painting your office, opt for the right colour to suit your day-to-day:

  • Blue – The most popular office colour as it stimulates while not overloading the mind leading to increased productivity and focus.
  • Light blue – Light blue hues generate feelings of calmness and peace.   
  • Green – Most commonly associated with nature, green induces feelings of balance, renewal, and rejuvenation. 
  • Yellow – Yellow tones evoke feelings of happiness and brightness. (Creatives often respond well to yellow spaces.) 
Lady enjoying the form and function of her home office

Invest in the right furniture

Ensure that your chair has sufficient padding and promotes a healthy posture. It should reduce the stress and pressure on your neck, back, spine and hips – not add to it. 

Invest in a steady desk that has enough space for you to work at comfortably every day and ensure it has sufficient storage space for your needs. Consider investing in a standing desk so you can stretch your legs throughout the day.

Consider installing extra shelving so everything can easily find its home at the end of the day. A beautiful bookcase can also add to the aesthetic of the room.

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Protect your home

Make power interruptions a thing of the past and stay connected with back-up power solutions such as an uninterrupted power supply.

A few simple additions to your electrical switchboard can help protect your electronic equipment from power surges and lightning strikes. For extra peace of mind, talk to your electrician about installing an An Arc Fault Detection Device that will detect arc faults - one of the most common causes of electrical fires.

Work smarter with Wiser

Installing smart home features into your office can make a world of difference to the productivity of your day. 

"In my home office I have an automated blind system that controls the blind to just the perfect height for when I need to reduce the glare but let in some natural light describes Brad, a Clipsal Wiser Smart Home homeowner. 

Whether it be managing the temperature, automating the lights and blinds, or controlling the sound system, you can use smart home automation to create a conducive environment and give signals for when it’s time to buckle down or switch off for the day. 

plants in home office

Add a hint of nature

Plants help improve air quality, increase productivity and replenish focus by offering a source of calmness and connecting us to nature. Plus they look great. 

The key is picking the right plant – you want something that thrives indoors, such as:

  • Ficus elastica (most common ‘rubber plant’),
  • Ficus lyrata (commonly known as ‘fiddle-leaf fig’),
  • Peperomia obtusifolia (commonly known as ‘baby rubber plant’).
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Choose the right lighting 

Opt for lighting that will enhance productivity and boost your mood. 

Install lights with dimmers so that you can adjust the light intensity in the room to suit the task, weather and time of day – this will save your eyes, headaches and help you concentrate. Clipsal dimmers are available in different ranges and colours so you’re sure to find something that aligns with the look and feel you’re trying to create. 

It’s important to consider energy costs particularly if you’re using your office more, you’re going to be using more energy. Opt for LED lights that are much more energy-efficient to run. Consider integrating your light switches with Clipsal WiserTM Smart Home solutions to help you automate and save energy (and money). 

Task lighting is a great option for improving focus and reducing eye strain. A desk lamp or light with a dimmer, or positioning your lights where they illuminate your key workspace evenly without creating shadows or glare.    

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Keep it cool

Not only do YOU need air – but your electronics and devices do too. Depending on your setup, your computer/s, printers and servers can quickly heat up your office – or overheat.

Consider the air circulation and ventilation in your space. Is there a window that can be opened, a fan, or do you need to consider air conditioning? Because let’s be honest, it’s way too hard to concentrate when you’re too hot, or too cold.

A Wiser Smart Home can really make a difference. You can automatically monitor and regulate the temperature to ensure your office – and you – are always operating at the perfect productivity temperature.