Smart Home

Make your home a little safer, cosier, smarter.


Home control for everyone

Convenience, security, comfort, energy efficiency and energy monitoring are all improved when you effortlessly control and automate your home, using as much or as little technology as you wish.

Affordable and scalable, a smart home puts you in charge. Use voice recognition via a central hub, or an app on your smart device, to control your smart appliances.

Turn your heating or cooling on before you arrive home, preheat your smart oven, or program your lights to suit your lifestyle.

The technology is here, and it is easy and affordable.

4 Good Reasons for a Smart Home

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  • Smart Home Moments


    With smart home technology that activates temperature control, you’ll never come home to a too hot or cold house again.

    Smart home automation can also be used to stream music and video throughout the house. And in the middle of the night, sensors can automatically turn lights on at a low level and provide safe and energy efficient passage.

    Energy Efficiency

    You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Put your connected home to work and keep  energy use in check, with automated alerts.

    Use home automaiton to reduce heating and cooling requirements with blinds that automatically close when the temperature reaches a certain point. Sensors and timers can ensure lights are not left unintentionally on, and an ‘all-off’ scene switches everything off when not required.


    Smart home systems allow you to complete multiple tasks, with the touch of a button, or simple voice commands.

    Pre-programmed scenes make life a breeze – whether it’s getting everyone up and out in the morning [blinds up, radio on], entertaining guests [lights dimmed, playlist on], or bedtime [downlights off, blinds closed]. Pre-set scenes simplify your routine.


    Smart home technology allows you to electronically access home security cameras from anywhere and can alert you when sensors detect strange movements.

    If you are away from home, blinds and light switches can be programmed to operate as if the house was occupied.

    A smart doorbell with camera can be linked to your smart device. See who is knocking or use the intercom to talk without opening the door, or even being home.

    Smart Home Solutions

    Iconic® - Style meets clever efficiency

    The Clipsal Iconic range of switches connect via Bluetooth. This customisable solution sets a new standard for modern living. Designed to enhance functionality, aesthetic appeal and usability.

    Learn more about Clipsal Iconic

    C-Bus® - The ultimate control

    With C-Bus, devices are programmed to work in unison so you can create the perfect atmosphere at the touch of a button. Whether it’s warming the house before you get home in winter, or drawing the curtains and dimming the lights before bed; you’ll truly feel like master of your domain.

    See our C-Bus range

    Super size your Smart Home Solution

    Smart home, just Wiser™

    Make smarter energy choices at home with Energy Management by Wiser™. Monitor your home electrical circuits 24/7, receive notifications if safety issues arise, and make the most of your solar power system.

    Discover the Wiser difference

    Push Controls - Let's you take charge

    Make life simpler, and home a more intuitive place to live. Push Controls brings you an exciting new world of smart home technologies designed to work seamlessly together for the ultimate home automation experience.

    Learn more about Push Controls

    Basic control

    3rd Party Integration considerations

    3rd party Voice Control products

    Voice Control

    There are multiple options when it comes to affordable quality voice control platform, and they all compliment the Clipsal smart homes systems.

    A secure looking house.


    Smart locks, intercoms and security cameras can integrate into your smart home system. An EcoXpert can help you integrate these with your Clipsal system.

    Father and son enjoying Clipsal's smart home solutions.


    Being able to voice, phone, tablet, or device control what you listen to, or watch in multiples rooms is essential to bring your living spaces to life.

    See our Smart Home Solutions for yourself

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    Your home, but smarter – where to start.

    There are many ways to turn your home into a smart home. You may be starting small with a stand-alone home automation option that is inexpensive and easily installed. Or you may be building a new house and want to integrate a more complex home automation system.

    Whatever your situation, there are things your integrator will need to know before recommending products for a clever Clipsal connected home.

    1. Who lives here?

    The integrator will need to know who uses your home. Will the kids want to access the technology, or are there older family members who are unfamiliar with smart home devices?

    Will people be home during the day, or is remote access important? Write down your household routines to show your integrator so they can understand how you operate and make your home a connected home.

    2. Budget

    You may have grand plans for your connected home, but if your budget won’t allow for now, you may be better off opting for a smart home system which you can easily add to down the track.

    There are many forms of home automation available. Your integrator will be able to advise how to get the best bang for your buck.

    3. Devices

    If there are smart home devices or appliances you already have, or ones that you know you definitely want, these will be pivotal to the rest of your smart home system. Be clear with your integrator if you have your heart set on something specific.

    4. Motivation

    To ensure your objectives are met let your integrator know why you want a smart home. Perhaps you want the technology to provide a more convenient, comfortable lifestyle. Perhaps you want the technology to be on show. Or perhaps you love the way the technology works, and want to be hands-on in setting it all up. Whatever the case, these details are important to share.

    Happy family in a smart home.

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