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Redefining weather-proof switch and socket products

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Outdoor like never before

The innovative Iconic Outdoor range redefines weather-proof modern switches and powerpoints, achieving a balance between simple installation, clever technology and consumer friendly aesthetics.

With the style and smarts to match the existing Iconic range, as well as reduced installation time and enhanced durability, Iconic Outdoor means you can deliver the complete package of electrical accessories to your customers, from inside their home to their outdoor space.

Proven durability

The Iconic Outdoor range is made for Australian outdoor living. The innovative design is both impact resistant and water resistant to ensure your outdoor switches and power outlets are kept safe and secure.

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Clever protection features

The bevelled edges are made to deflect impacts and prevent the build-up of dirt, while integrated shutters seal the power outlet apertures to prevent water ingress, ensuring an IP54 protection rating. The switches are rated IP56.

Reduced installation time

Making it faster and easier for electrical contractors to install, the Iconic Outdoor range features large, in-line terminals on the grid. The grid also has large clips, meaning it can be attached to the frame in seconds. A full, over-moulded rubber backing prevents slippage on the wall, while also absorbing inconsistencies in the wall surface.

Ingeniously, the Iconic Outdoor range comes with pre-drilled mounting holes outside of the waterproof area, meaning there is no need for drilling or caps - ensuring the IP rating. Further, all seals are integrated into the frame, removing the need for additional sealant. The pull tabs allow you to conveniently open the seals.

Smart outdoor power points

Iconic Outdoor power outlets are available with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, allowing you to configure the power outlet timer settings through your smart phone or tablet. <br><br>Iconic Outdoor power outlets are perfect for pool pumps, fountains, and appliances that you want to control through your smart device.

'Clipsal iconic outdoor smart socket & switch

BLE and Zigbee options

For even greater functionality, such as remote control and Automation, the Iconic Outdoor power outlets can also be converted to Zigbee mode to work with the Wiser Hub. <br><br>Both BLE and Zigbee options use the Wiser by SE app.

Clipsal iconic outdoor switches and sockets

Acclaimed design

The Iconic Outdoor range is durable and practical, without compromising on style. The elegant design utilises a bi-face system, with an aesthetically pleasing, robust cover for the consumer which protects and hides the highly technical core uniquely designed for the electrician.

The simple installation and appealing looks have earned the Iconic Outdoor prestigious accolades, including the 2021 Good Design Australia Award and the 2021 iF Design Award.

The Design Story

Hear from Design Director Tim Rochford about his vision for the range and what it took to design this award-winning product. 

Iconic Outdoor Products



Clipsal Iconic Outdoor, Single, Switched socket outlet, horizontal, 10A, 250V

The Clipsal Iconic Outdoor Single Switched Socket Outlet is rated 10A, 250V. Integrated shutters seal the socket apertures, ensuring the IP54 rating. It has an matt White finish which has been designed for Australian summers and winters.



Clipsal Iconic Outdoor, Single, Switched socket outlet, with timer, 10A, 250V

The Iconic Outdoor single switched socket with timer the is rated 10A, 250V and leverages both BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Zigbee technology, making them ultra-flexible and scalable. Use the Wiser by SE App to set timers, schedulers or specific device features by pairing your smartphone to an Iconic connected device in BLE mode. Iconic connected devices in BLE default mode can be swapped to Zigbee mode after installation to allow connection to Wiser Home Automation.



Clipsal Iconic Outdoor, Twin, Switched socket outlet, horizontal, 10A, 250V

When you need space to plug in two appliances outside, the Clipsal Iconic Outdoor Twin Switched Socket Outlet has you covered. Rated 10A, 250V, the range has an IP54 rating with protection against dust and water ingress. It has an matt White finish.



Clipsal Iconic Outdoor, 1 Gang, Switch, horizontal, 20A/16AX 250V

Give yourself the option of two-way switching with the Clipsal Iconic Outdoor 1 Gang Switch, rated 20A/16AX, 250V. The switch has an IP56 rating to prevent dust and water ingress. The matt White finish is robust and designed for Australian summers and winters.



Clipsal Iconic Outdoor, Conduit cover, 20mm diameter



Clipsal Iconic Outdoor, Conduit cover, 25mm diameter

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