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Product Offer Rationalisation

Be advised that as part of on-going product rationalisation, Clipsal by Schneider Electric will no longer offer the following items. Please refer to the listed substitute if the item you require is no longer available.

Clipsal warehouse

Substitution Reference

  • Direct: The listed substitute is a direct replacement for the phased out item. The substitute item can be used in place of the original.
  • Alternative: The listed substitute is an alternative to the phased out item. The substitute can be used in place of the original in most cases, however it differs from the original in one or more attributes. Please consult the relevant supporting literature for suitability in each case.

Note: Clipsal and Schneider Electric provide this resource as a courtesy to our Partners. Access has been allocated to Partners on existing distribution lists. Requests for access can be raised after following the link below. If you require access to Schneider Electric’s file collaboration space, please contact 13 73 28 (13 SEAU). We’re available 7:30am to 7:00pm (Mon to Fri) AEST.