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How do I silence my 755PSMA4 Range of Smoke Alarms?

To silence the 755PSMA4 Range you need to press and hold the button on the front of the smoke detector for 10-15 seconds not only will it silence the alarm but it will also reset it.
Some of the key features are:
  • New look design with easy to use test/hush button
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Wired interconnect feature (up to 40 alarms)
  • Optional relay or wireless interconnect bases
  • Robust digital design

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What is recommended when water or smoke has come into contact with electrical equipment?

What recommendations does Schneider Electric have, when electrical equipment has or may have, been in contact with smoke or water damage?

Product Line:
All Electrical Equipment

Please refer to the Schneider/Square D document 0110DB0401 link below for "Water Damaged Electrical Distribution and Control Equipment" data bulletin:

Why does my smoke detector 755SMA keep false alarming?

Smoke detectors are very sensitive to insects and dust particals. In the event of false alarming you may need to clean your alarm. The alarm can be vacuumed or brushed with a soft brush to remove dust, dirt or kitchen grease that has accumulated. Apply a small amount of insect surface spray to a cloth and wipe around alarm/s every 3-6 months to mitigate insect ingress. It is recommended that the smoke alarm is inspected monthly to ensure it is free from dirt, dust and insects. If this doesn't resolve the false alarming you may be requied to have it serviced and/ or replaced if necessary.


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What is the minimum cable size to wire a 755PSMA4 smoke alarm?

The minimum cable size to wire a 755PSMA4 smoke alarm is 1mm. 
Each terminal can accommodate 2 X 1.5mm2 cables
See attached letter referring to minimum wiring size.
See link for further product information:

How to troubleshoot 755PSMA4 Smoke Alarm if it is beeping after replacing the battery ?

Red LED flashing once every 40 seconds with one audible beep is a low battery warning.
Replace the 9 V d.c. battery with a new one. (It is recommended to replace the battery annually)
To snooze a low battery beep for 10 hours, press the Test/Hush button for 3 seconds.

And if the smoke alarm continues to beep once every 40 seconds after a new battery replacement,
  • Unclip the alarm from the base.
  • Remove the new battery.
  • ​​​Press and hold the test button for 20 seconds. 
  • Replace the new battery and clip it back to the base.

755PSMA4 - Operating Elements.png

What causes the smoke alarm to continuously beep ?

The dust inside the smoke alarms can cause a continuous beep.
Please follow the regular maintenance check to avoid this.

Vacuum the smoke alarms using a soft brush attachment-
Keeping your smoke alarm free of dust particles, dirt, kitchen grease or cobwebs will help you reduce false alarms and ensure any smoke can easily reach the internal sensing chamber.

Clean and wipe down around unit-
Clean around the smoke alarm unit and remove any insects or other contamination which may have occurred. Spray bug repellent on a cloth and wipe the ceiling around the smoke alarm to act as a future bug deterrent. Clean every 3-6 months to mitigate insect ingress.


Attached is the Clipsal smoke alarm troubleshooting guide for more info.

Clipsal Smoke Alarms.png

How do I delete the pairing on a 755RFB2 Smoke Alarm Mounting Base with Wireless Interconnect ?

Follow the steps below to delete the pairing on 755RFB2,
  • Make sure all bases are powered ON in normal mode.
  • Press RF button 3 times in 2 seconds on the unit. RF LED will light on.
  • Press and hold RF button for at least 4 seconds, RF LED will flash 5 times to confirm the success.
Wireless interconnection pairing - 755RFB2.png

How do you Interconnect a 755RFB2 smoke alarm bases with a 755LPSMA4 smoke alarm?

See the below "How to video".

The part number for the products seen in this video is a 755RFB2 base and a 755LPSMA4 smoke alarm.

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Smoke alarm:
Wireless base:

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