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Switches and power points that add style to your home

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Clipsal Iconic Styl Modern Bathroom Switch & Socket
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Build & customise your Iconic

Choose your style, select your switch and customise to meet your needs.
Select a wall colour to complement your favourite switch style, colour and finish.
Create your own list, sort your list by rooms and share by email.

It’s that easy!

Build your Iconic
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Iconic Electrostatic Sticker Pack

Loving the look but want to try it out first? Simply opt-in to our newsletter and we’ll send you a free pack of electrostatic stickers. 

Each pack contains 10 electrostatic stickers which includes a variety of switches and power points across the Iconic Styl and Essence ranges and is the perfect tool to test which of the Iconic styles work best with your space.


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Beautiful simplicity.

Beautiful simplicity. The stylish Saturn Zen range adds the perfect finishing touch to the modern home interior.

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What lighting says about your home

The right lighting solutions will make your home feel spacious, comfortable and inviting for guests. The right colour temperature will work with natural light to create ambiance; the right switches and power points will project your personal sense of style; and the right lighting control will predict your usage and save money in the future.

There's definitely a lot to think about, but if you need a bit of help with your lighting plan, we can get you started!

Clipsal Zen Fan in Modern home

Ahhh… fresh air!

Never underestimate the power of good air movement when creating a comfortable home for you and your guests. Our Airflow Solutions include indoor and outdoor Ceiling Sweep Fans, Exhaust Fans, bathroom Fan-Light-Heaters and Draught Stoppers.

Whether it's distributing warm air in winter and cool air in summer; removing unwanted steam and odours; or completely preventing draughts from entering the home; they're all designed to maximise your comfort!

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Clipsal Iconic 2 gang power point in kitchen.
Clipsal Iconic Skins on Design Board