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Power Points & Light Switches (SAE)

To suit your customer’s style, budget and lifestyle

Exploded view of the range of Clipsal Iconic skins.

Lighting up Australia for 100 Years.

Clipsal has powered the country for generations, now we are taking Australians into the next century through innovative design. Gone are the days where a switch had to be a boring white rectangle.

With many options available for both switches and power points, upgrade the look of any home, with a style and colour to suit all lifestyles. Clipsal by Schneider Electric revolutionised the industry by introducing push-button mechanisms to the market. We didn’t want to stop there...

Clipsal Iconic

Game changing modular mechanisms and grids with changeable skins and rockers for unrivalled customisation now and in the future.

With ControlLink, lights can be switched or dimmed from multiple locations.

Locking bar allows simple mechanism reorientation and sturdy locking for a fast, easy and secure install, reducing the risk of mechanism pushbacks.

Iconic’s translucent edges allow the skins to pick-up background colours for a design that blends in with any wall colour.

Iconic’s solid edge Vivid White skins are available in selected switches and sockets for a sleek, clean look. 

Interchangeable standard, Styl and Essence skins provide great options to customise to suit specific decor and lifestyle.

Innovative protective flaps help prevent screw access after installation, allowing skins to be changed safely at any time.

Iconic switches are quick and easy to personalise with pictogram rockers that even your customers can change.

Bluetooth Low Energy delivers simple configuration and control of Wiser Dimmers and Switches via the Wiser Room app on your phone or tablet.

Iconic is future-ready allowing for style and function updates in

Iconic Styl

Iconic Essence

Introducing Iconic Essence

The irresistibly timeless skins for the Iconic platform. The Iconic range is based around a common platform of electrical smarts and a skin that you can easily change yourself to customise the look to suit any interior style.

Smart home options

Connectivity with modern day needs

Connect with the smart home of the future.

Providing comfort, convenience and energy saving, the Clipsal stand alone electronic and smart connected Wiser mechanisms are great for every level of smart home. Including wall mounted motion sensors for walk in robes or pantries, or Night Walk motion activated night light for safety at night.

Light dimmers and electronic switches with multiway control options. USB chargers for all your devices and smart device app controlled dimming and switching with future proofed smart technology.

Efficiency through Innovation

Clipsal Iconic® electronic accessories bring clever efficiency into the home with our own ControlLink technology and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity - which is just some of the innovative new technologies being developed by our own research and development team in Adelaide.

Begin your smart home journey with the Wiser Iconic devices using BLE and the Wiser Room App. ControlLink offers multiway switching and dimming over standard wiring

The Wiser Iconic mechs include the 10A switch and 300W dimmer with simple in-room control and configuration using the Wiser room app. Both products offer multiway control, 24hr timer, 24/7 day scheduling and sunset switch functions.

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