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SpaceLogic C-Bus Digital Dimmer

Online Module - SCDD

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Course overview

This is a self-paced online module designed to equip you with an introductory level of knowledge on the SpaceLogic C-Bus Digital Dimmers (5508D1D and 5504D2D).

Who this course is for?

Electrical Contractors and System Integrators who have pre-existing knowledge on programming C-Bus.

Course contents

SCDD e-Learning modules covers:

  • Upgrading the Digital Dimmer firmware
  • Programming fundamental functionality using SpaceLogic C-Bus Commission
    • Setting Dimming Mode (Trailing or Leading Edge)
    • Warn Before Off
  • Enabling the in-built C-Bus Power Supply using buttons on the front of the unit


It is recommended to have completed the SpaceLogic C-Bus Home and Small Business Fundamentals Online Course or equivalent.

You’ll also need:

  • A strong electrical or technical background.
  • Standard computer knowledge.
  • An internet connection.

Latest version of C-Bus Toolkit and SpaceLogic C-Bus Commission

Registration and pricing

Register online and once processed, you'll receive an email with details to access the e-Learning module.

  • Training Time: 30 minutes
  • Training Structure: Course is designed to be completed in order
  • Price: $50 (Inc GST)

Course Payment

There are 2 methods of payment for Training Courses, the first method is PayPal, selecting this method will grant instant access to the training after the transaction has taken place. This is the preferred method of payment.

The second method is Send Bill, this method will require Schneider Electric to create a Quote, this quote will be sent to you within 7 days of your registration. You will then be required to send a Purchase Order to Schneider Electric after which an invoice will be generated. You will be given access to the Training Course within 3 days of the Invoice being paid.

Course Software

C-Bus Toolkit software is a powerful utility for configuring and programming C-Bus networks.

It enables installers to synchronise customer site data, define network architecture, program customer solutions, and save and restore sites.

The software also includes a database for creating and storing customer site programming projects.

SpaceLogic C-Bus Commission is a PC accessible configuration software used for commissioning of C-Bus units and compatible DALI-2 ballasts via the SpaceLogic C-Bus DALI-2 Gateway.

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