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SpaceLogic C-Bus Home and Small Business Fundamentals

Online course - CBHSBOL

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Course overview

C-Bus Home and Small Business Fundamentals is an online course containing individual e-Learning modules to complete at your own pace.

Each module covers specific technical concepts of C-Bus related to commercial and residential automation; including fundamental theory and programming techniques.

By purchasing / registering for this Online Course, you will be given free access to selected e-Learning modules on new SpaceLogic C-Bus Units.

Who this course is for?

Electrical Contractors, Apprentices and System Integrators who are required to perform basic programming of C-Bus.

Course contents

CBHSBOL e-Learning modules cover:

  • The fundamental theory of C-Bus
  • The different types of C-Bus Hardware
  • Exercises to design and program conceptual C-Bus solutions in commercial and residential settings.
  • Fundamental programming techniques for C-Bus Dimmers, Relays, Wall Switches, Sensors and eDLT’s


CBHSBOL is a pre-requisite for all C-Bus and C-Bus Automation Controller courses.

You’ll also need:

Registration and pricing

Registration for this course will require you to login to your existing mySchneider account, if you do not have a mySchneider account, you will be required to create one during the registration process.

Please note, if you are required to create a new mySchneider account, it may take up to 24 hours before you can purchase the course as your new account needs to synchronise with our Schneider systems.

  • Training Time: Equivalent to 3 days of Classroom Training.
  • Training Structure: Course is designed to be completed in order.
  • Price: $600 (inc GST).

Course Software

C-Bus Toolkit software is a powerful utility for configuring and programming C-Bus networks.

It enables installers to synchronise customer site data, define network architecture, program customer solutions, and save and restore sites.

The software also includes a database for creating and storing customer site programming projects.

SpaceLogic C-Bus Commission is a PC accessible configuration software used for commissioning of C-Bus units and compatible DALI-2 ballasts via the SpaceLogic C-Bus DALI-2 Gateway.

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