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SpaceLogic C-Bus Multi-network Fundamentals

Online Course - CBMNF

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Course overview

SpaceLogic C-Bus Multi-network Fundamentals is an online course to complete at your own pace.

The course covers specific technical concepts of C-Bus multi-networks, related to recommended design and commissioning principles.

Who this course is for?

Electrical Contractors, Apprentices and System Integrators wishing to learn more on C-Bus multi-network solutions

Course contents

CBMNF e-Learning module covers:

  • Intermediate level of knowledge on C-Bus Daisy Chain, Star and Combination Topologies
  • Fundamental level of knowledge on C-Bus Backbones
  • Exercises to program C-Bus Network Bridge units
  • Recommended design and commissioning principles on C-Bus multi-network solutions


It is recommended to have completed the SpaceLogic C-Bus Home and Small Business Fundamentals Online Course or equivalent.

You’ll also need:

  • A strong electrical or technical background.
  • Standard computer knowledge.
  • An internet connection.
  • Latest version of the SpaceLogic C-Bus Toolkit

Registration and pricing

Registration for this course will require you to login to your existing mySchneider account, if you do not have a mySchneider account, you will be required to create one during the registration process.

Please note, if you are required to create a new mySchneider account, it may take up to 24 hours before you can purchase the course as your new account needs to synchronise with our Schneider systems.

  • Training Time: Equivalent to 0.5 days of Classroom Training
  • Training Structure: Course is designed to be completed in order
  • Price: $250 (Inc GST)

Course Software

C-Bus Toolkit software is a powerful utility for configuring and programming C-Bus networks.

It enables installers to synchronize customer site data, define network architecture, program customer solutions, and save and restore sites.

The software also includes a database for creating and storing customer site programming projects.

Latest version of the SpaceLogic C-Bus Toolkit

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