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C-Bus Advanced Online Course

C-Bus Advanced

The C-Bus Advanced Online Course is a self paced course designed to equip you with the theoretical knowledge and programming techniques to achieve advanced functionality with C-Bus products.

The course contains two e-Learning modules, designed to be completed in sequential order and compliment the concepts explored in the C-Bus Home and Small Business Fundamentals Online Course.

To complete these modules you will need to have access to an internet connection and at a minimum, your laptop or computer must be running a Windows Operating System of Windows 8.1 or higher and have access to a USB Port and Network Port.

Upon completion of your registration for the course you will be sent a confirmation email which contains your access details to the e-Learning modules.

  • Training Time: Equivalent to 1 day of classroom training
  • Price: $250 (Inc GST)


You are also required to have completed one of the following courses:

Objectives and Content

The C-Bus Advanced Online Course consists of two e-Learning modules designed to be completed in sequential order. These modules will provide:

  • Techniques to program advanced functionality in C-Bus Dimmers, Relays, Wall Switches, Sensors and eDLT’s, such as:
    • Timers
    • Logic
    • Corridor Linking
    • and Light Level Maintenance
  • The fundamental theory and technique to design, create and program multiple C-Bus networks in the same project
  • A final knowledge check, covering the objectives and content from this course and the C-Bus Home and Small Business Fundamentals Online Course

Who the training is for

Electrical Contractors, Apprentices and System Integrators who are required to perform advanced programming of C-Bus.

What you need

  • A strong electrical or technical background and experience using a computer
  • The latest version of SpaceLogic C-Bus Toolkit, you will be able to find and download the software by clicking here.

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Online Course - CBAOL

C-Bus Advanced