fan ceiling exhaust 250mm
fan ceiling exhaust 250mm

Airflow Performance Exhaust Fan, Ceiling Mount, 250mm, Axial

Catalogue Number: CE250
fan ceiling exhaust 250mm
fan ceiling exhaust 250mm
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Range of product
  • Airflow
  • Slimline Series
    • Product brand
      [Ue] rated operational voltage
      240 V AC
      Air flow
      385 m3/h
      250 mm impeller:
      Power consumption in W
      40 W
      [In] rated current
      0.32 A full load
      REACh free of SVHC
      EU RoHS Directive

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What is the decibel rating of the CE200 and CE250?

      At 3m the decibel rating is 45dB and 44dB respectively.

      What replaces a Mistral fan MKE250

       You can use CE250 or 6220-0

      Is there a spare grille for either the CE250 and/or CE200 available?

      No , Spare Grilles are not available for the CE200 / CE250 series
      For more information on Clipsal Exhaust fans please visit the Clipsal web site on the link provided

      Outside diameter of grill face plate CE250


      What is the replacement part number for WE250?

      The replacement part number for WE250 is 7107A.

      Note: Replacement glass may be required.

      What is the wattage for a Clipsal CE250 ceiling fan

       The wattage is 40w

      What is the overall Diameter of the CE250

      The overall diameter of the CE250 is as follows:
      Intake diameter - 345mm 
      fan blade diameter - 250mm
      Fan cutout size - 287mm

      What is the cut out for the CE250 Ex-fan?

      The cut out for the CE250 ex-fan is - 287mm

      For further information , visit link below:-
      User-added image

      What is the part code for a bathroom ceiling exhaust fan to cover hole 290mm diameter

       Part code CE250

      Is there a spare grill for the CE200 available as a spare part?

      No, only the complete unit is available.

      What is the warranty period for the CE200?

      The warranty period for the CE200 is three (3) years from the date of purchase.

      CE250 dimensions

      • 345 mm overall intake
      • 248 mm diameter duct
      • 287 mm diameter hole
      • 800 mm Plug and lead length

      Is there a grid cover for the 6220-0 Clipsal Ceiling Exhaust Fan?

      There is no grid cover plate for the 6220-0. There is, however, the CE250 Ceiling Exhaust Fan which is a similar size, does have a grid cover.

      Link to 6220-0 specifications -
      Link to CE250 specifications -

      What is the part number of the draftstoppa to suit CE200 and CE250?

      The part number of the draftstoppa to suit CE250 is CEDS1. The CEDS1 Draftstoppa prevents heating / cooling escaping through all non-operating domestic ceiling exhausts up to 300mm. Also prevents fumes re-entering rooms once they have been vented into the ceiling space. Allows standard ceiling exhaust fans to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

      For further information please visit:
      User-added imageUser-added image

      What would be a grill to suit a 200 mm exhaust.

      It would be CEOL200 is the spare part number for this.
      Also the cef250 grill would have the part number ceol250.

      What is the warranty on a CE250?

      It is 3 years from date of purchase.

      Are there spare clips available for the CE250 Exhaust fan?

      Unfortunately there are no spare clips available for the CE250 Exhaust fan.
      Some of the key features are:
      • Axial fan
      • 345 mm overall intake
      • 248 mm diameter duct
      • 287 mm diameter hole
      • 800 mm Plug and lead length
      • 1 speed
      • Attractive low profile grille
      • Fly-proof grille to keep out insects
      • Grille is easy to remove, and dishwasher proof
      • Easy installation with uniquesliding clamp mounting
      • Fitted with plug and lead
      • Heavy-duty ball bearing motor
      • Double insulated

      For further information please visit

      Is there an extractor fan in the Clipsal range to replace PDL 6270 fan

      The Clipsal CE200 will fit the same hole

      What is the replacement for a mistral fan to suit hole size approx 245mm

      You can use a CE200 fan

      CM100/200 and CM150/250 Instruction Bulletins and Register List

      CM100 and CM200 Series Instruction Bulletins and Register List

      Product Line
      CM100 Series
      CM200 Series

      See attached information on the CM100, CM150, CM200, and CM250:

      What is the replacement for the WE250 exhaust fan?

      The replacement for the WE250 exhaust fan is a 7107A.

      Replacement Glass maybe required dependent on the installation.

      For further information please visit:
      • BCA axial fan
      • High performance air movement
      • Low noise level
      • One person installation
      • 271 x 271 mm overall intake
      • 4 - 32 mm window depth
      • 210 mm diameter duct
      • 230 mm diameter hole
      • Pull-cord shutter operation
      • 1 speed
      • Ball bearing motor
      For further information please visit


      What is the Cut out Size of the clipsal CE200 Fan Assembly ?

      The cut out Size is 240mm Diameter cut out.

      Is the MCE200 still available and if not is there an alternative?

      No, this product has been discontinued. The closest alternative would be the CE250. However, please note, it is not a direct replacement. The airflow per cubice meters has gone from 330M2 /H to 385M2 /H. and the grill is no longer metal.

      The CE250M is the metal version however that is currently being phased out.

      Some of the key features are:

      • 345 mm overall intake
      • 248 mm diameter duct
      • 287 mm diameter hole
      • 800 mm Plug and lead length
      • 1 speed
      • Attractive low profile grille
      • Fly-proof grille to keep out insects
      For further information please visit

      What is ceiling space required for CEF40 & CEF30?

      The ceiling space required for CEF & CEF30 minimum 250mm.

      For more information on this part please refer to

      User-added image

      Individual calibration sheets for CM2000 (CM2), CM4000 (CM4), and PM800 (PM8) series meters

      A customer would like to know the calibration requirements and/or calibration data for a Powerlogic metering product.

      Product Line
      CM4000 series
      CM2000 series
      PM800 series

      Attached are calibration sheets for the CM2000, CM4000, and PM800 series meters that state under normal conditions the meters do not require re-calibration.

      Traditionally individual calibration certificates are not issued for powerlogic devices. However a request can be made to the Technical Support Team to generate one for the individual meters. The calibration file is proprietary, however the calibration certificate contains all of the calibration data that was used during testing.

      A request can be sent to and/or speak to a Tech Support representative at 615 287 3400.

      What is the code for a C125N lockout device?

      The code is the 44936

      Do you have a draftstoppa for a CE200?

      Yes the part number is CEDS1

      What are the colour options available in CEF40?

      CEF40 is available in white only.

      Do you need an adaptor for the WLE250 to 7106A

      You will probably need 2 x 7100WP

      What is the replacement for the WE250?

      The direct replacement is the 7107A.

      User-added image

      Will the Terminal covers LV429517 fit the older NS250 circuit breakers?

      Yes, The Terminal covers LV429517 will fit the older NS250 circuit breakers.
      For more information, Please see data sheet:

      Is there a Adapter for the CEF40 available?


      What is the cut-out for the CEF40 exhaust fan?

      The cut-out is 287mm.

      What is the replacement for the WE200 Airflow fan?

      The replacement part is the 7007A.

      What device types are natively supported and compatible in ION Setup 3.0?

      A list of devices supported and / or compatible in the most recent version of ION Setup 3.0.

      Product Line
      ION Setup version 3.0.17073.01

      Supported Device types and compatiblity with ION Setup software

      The posted ION Setup user manual is not updated as frequently as new software versions are released. The manual states that, “The devices supported by ION Setup are subject to change”.

      UPDATED 3/16/2017
      The list below indicates devices that are currently supported in the latest version of ION Setup. Definitions of abbreviations and acronyms can be found further below.

      Please note that many devices listed here have very limited functionality in ION Setup, and are only present for troubleshooting or commissioning purposes.
      Schneider Electric SquareD Siemens Power Measurement Ltd. Other
      ION8800 Power Meter
      ION7400 Power Meter
      ION7550 Power Meter
      ION7650 Power Meter
      ION8650 Power Meter
      PowerLogic BCPM
      PowerLogic BCPME
      EasyLogic DM6200 Digital Meter
      EasyLogic DM6300 Digital Meter
      PowerLogic E5600 Energy Meter
      EasyLogic EM1200 Energy Meter
      EasyLogic EM1220 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic EM3550 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic EM3555 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic EM4900 
      PowerLogic EM6400 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic EM6400NG Energy Meter
      PowerLogic EM6430 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic EM6433 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic EM6434 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic EM6435 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic EM6436 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic EM6438 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic EM6459 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic EM7230 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic EM7280 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic EM7290 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic Enercept Meter
      PowerLogic Enercept E23C6 Meter
      PowerLogic iEM3150 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic iEM3155 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic iEM3250 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic iEM3255 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic iEM3350 Energy Meter
      PowerLogic iEM3355 Energy Meter
      EasyLogic PM1200 Power Meter
      EasyLogic PM2120 Power Meter
      EasyLogic PM2130 Power Meter
      EasyLogic PM2220 Power Meter
      EasyLogic PM2230 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM3250 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM3255 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5110 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5111 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5200 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5250 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5310 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5311 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5320 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5330 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5331 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5340 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5341 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5350 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5560 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5561 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM5563 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM8000 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM200 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM600 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM620 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM650 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM700 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM750 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM810 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM820 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM850 Power Meter
      PowerLogic PM870 Power Meter
      PowerLogic CM2050 Circuit Monitor
      PowerLogic CM2150 Circuit Monitor
      PowerLogic CM2250 Circuit Monitor
      PowerLogic CM2350 Circuit Monitor
      PowerLogic CM2450 Circuit Monitor
      PowerLogic CM3250 Circuit Monitor
      PowerLogic CM3350 Circuit Monitor
      PowerLogic CM4000T Circuit Monitor
      PowerLogic CM4250 Circuit Monitor
      4300 Power Meter
      4700 Power Meter
      4720 Power Meter
      9200 Power Meter
      9300 Power Meter
      9330 Power Meter
      9340 Power Meter
      9350 Power Meter
      9360 Power Meter
      9410 Power Meter
      9500 Power Meter
      9500 RTU
      9510 Power Meter
      9510 RTU
      9600 Power Meter
      9610 Power Meter
      9700 Power Meter
      3300 ACM Power Meter
      3350 PDM Power Demand Monitor
      3710 ACM Power Meter
      3720 ACM Power Meter
      3750 PDC Demand Controller
      3800 RTU
      ION6200 Power Meter
      ION6300 Power Meter
      ION7300 Power Meter
      ION7330 Power Meter
      ION7350 Power Meter
      ION7500 Power Meter
      ION7500 RTU
      ION7550 Power Meter
      ION7550 RTU
      ION7600 Power Meter
      ION7650 Power Meter
      ION7700 Power Meter
      ION8300 Power Meter
      ION8400 Power Meter
      ION8500 Power Meter
      ION8600 Power Meter
      ION8800 Power Meter
      ION9000 Power Meter
      Allen-Bradley 1400 PB Power Meter
      Allen-Bradley 1400 PD Power Meter
      ABB 8300 Power Meter
      ABB 8400 Power Meter
      ABB 8500 Power Meter
      GE 7700 ION Power Meter
      Micrologic ULP Circuit Breaker

      List of supported Modbus RTU-based devices:
      Veris BCM
      Momentum PLC A8
      Momentum PLC A16
      Momentum PLC D10
      Momentum PLC D16
      Twido PLC D12
      Twido PLC D28
      Twido PLC D44

      Mod: Modbus
      RTU: Remote Terminal Unit
      BCPM: Branch Circuit Power Meter
      BCM: Branch Current Monitor
      ULP: Universal Logic Plug
      WAGES: Water Air Gas Electricity Steam
      EPSS: Emergency Power Supply System
      PLC: Programmable Logic Controller

      To download the latest version of ION Setup software, refer to article FA212816

      What is the NZ Equivalent for a 43850 IN250

       The part code is 31106 which is an INS250

      Is the CM2050 compatible with the IOM (Input/Output Module)?

      The CM2050 is compatible with all IOMs models. However, the CM2050 does NOT have onboard alarm/relay functions. Consequently, the CM2050 can NOT internally control a relay output. However, software or a PLC can be used remotely to energize output relays of the IOM. Additionally, the KYZ pulse output and analog input/output features of the various IOMs will function properly with the CM2050.

      Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL185165 V2.0, Originally authored by KBAdPM on 06/27/2007, Last Edited by MaTh on 10/06/2010
      Related ranges: CM2000 series

      Is part number CEF40 able to be ducted?

      Yes ducting can be used  on part number CEF40.

      Do you have grill only for the CEF30 exhaust fan?

      No, unfortunately the CEF30 comes as a complete unit.

      Some of the key features are:
      • Centrifugal fan for quiet operation
      • 200m ³ /hr air movement
      • 245mm square cutout
      • Suitable for ducting (100mm)

      For further information please visit

      Does the CEF30 come complete with ducting and all?

      No, unfortunately, it is supplied as a fan only.

      How to Change the NDSCOM and the TEST parameters on a SEPAM 80 with an ACE850 module.

      NDSCOM is a parameter that is not supported with the SEPAM 80 with an ACE850. The TEST parameter may be modified via the GOOSE messaging statistics found by logging into the ACE850 device. The TEST parameter will allow the GOOSE messaging system to be tested without affecting anything else. The software that we provide to help create GOOSE messaging communications within the SEPAM is the CET850 (replacement of previous SFT850). CET850 will create all of the necessary files that are associated with GOOSE messaging and will also allow these files to be easily modified by a third party software such as IECBrowser and IEDScout.

      Will LV429390 fit NS250 breaker?

      Yes the LV429390 is backward and forward compatable between the NSX and the NS range. 

      How to disable welcome page message in CET850

      Welcome message is frustrating and one would like to disable it.

      Product Line

      Open CET850 click Tools > Preferences > Click the box next to "Don't display welcome message" > Click OK. The next time CET850 is opened the welcome message will not pop up.

      CM2000 Does Not Have Any Markings for the Front Optical Port

      A CM2000 may not have any markings where the Front Optical Port is supposed to be located. 

      Product Line:

      Front Panel Communications

      Some early versions of the CM2000's were manufactured with out the markings on the front panel indicating the location of the optical port. The most common were CM2050 and CM2150 meters.

      Although these markings are absent, the optical port is still present and operates with out issue. 

      Will the EGX models communicate with the older CM100 and CM200 lines?

      Will the EGX models communicate with the older CM100 and CM200 lines?

      Product Line:
      CM100 and CM200 series

      Communication capability between EGX gateway and CM100/CM200 series meters

      Yes, EGX models (EGX 100, 200, 300, and 400) will communicate with the older CM100 and CM200 meters. 

      NOTE: Customer will have to configure the "Device List" from EGX webpage. Configure the modbus address and set protocole as "PowerLogic". View picture below where '1' is the CM100/200's modbus address:

      Do you sell motor only from the CEF40 ?

      No. Unfortunately we do not sell the motor as a spare part.
      You will have to buy the whole product CEF40

      Is there an alternative for a 6601 inline exhaust fan?

      The CE150D would be a suitable replacement.

      For more details:

      This includes:
      Package Inclusion on CE150D
      Instruction Sheet


      FBX connection of the HV cables using PF250 A - Type A plugs

      FBX Connection of the HV cables (PF250 A - Type A)

      What is the maximum size of the CoreDB in Easergy T300? What is the maximum number of variables that the T300 can handle?

      • HU250 module includes 1GBit SDRAM memory and each SC150 has 4Mo.
      • The limit of the T300 system comes from the capacity to connect devices (24 SC150 max) upon which the communication could get saturated.
      • However, there are no specific limits concerning the number of variables.

      How to open an ICD, CID, or SCD file with CET850

      Unable to open ICD, CID, or SCD file using the CET850 software

      Product Line

      Use the attached document as a guide to opening any ICD, CID, or SCD file using the CET850 software.  Also click here for the link to the software CET850.