What’s new in the C-Bus Toolkit 1.16.0?


01 August 2022

What’s new in the C-Bus Toolkit 1.16.0?
eDLT Firmware v1.6.0
The eDLT Firmware Updater has been updated to include firmware version 1.6.0. This incorporates support for eDLT units with the version 3 hardware.
When upgrading firmware on a unit with version 3 hardware, the updater must perform additional steps to complete the upgrade and so the upgrade process may take longer than it does for units with version 1 or 2 hardware.
A new option called Force font data installation has been added to the eDLT Firmware Updater. When selected, it will force the updater to always update the font data on the unit, even if it is already the same version. When unselected, the updater will skip the font data part of the upgrade if it is already known to be the same version as the new firmware being installed. By default, this option is not selected.

C-Bus – DALI-2 Gateway (5502CDGP230)
This release adds support for newer firmware revisions of the C-Bus – DALI-2 Gateway unit (5502CDGP230) when scanning networks.

SpaceLogic C-Bus Controllers
This release adds support for SpaceLogic C-Bus Network Automation Controller (5500NAC2) and SpaceLogic C-Bus Application Controller (5500AC2) units.

C-Gate 2.11.8