Five new Clipsal products to try in 2023
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Five new Clipsal products to try in 2023

Clipsal has recently launched some new and improved products in the categories of Wiser, distribution boards and lighting.

These innovations come because of listening to your feedback, and we are proud to bring you the following:

Wiser Smoke Alarms

The new Wiser Smoke Alarm brings style and smarts to any home. Suitable for use as a standalone product, or integrated with a Wiser smart home system, this new alarm is available in both a round and modern square shape. Wired into the home and with a 10-year lithium battery backup, the range includes wired and wireless/RF interconnection options. The alarms are compatible with our existing Fire Tek® range – so they make a great upgrade or addition to existing Fire Tek installations. In fact, the round model fits existing Fire Tek® bases.

When integrated with a Wiser smart home system, the alarm can be used to trigger automations such as turning on the lights, or sending push notifications to your smart device if smoke is detected.

Featuring new Dual Spectrum Photoelectric technology, this new Wiser Smoke Alarm model helps mitigate false alarms, and the stylish modern design features an oversized test/hush button for ease of use.

Wiser AC Fan Controller

Designed locally in Adelaide, the new Wiser smart home fan controller brings Wiser control to any 3-speed 240VAC ceiling fan. Utilising a modular push-button mech for easier installation and flexibility, the LEDs on the push-button switch light up to indicate the fan speed – with one side lighting up for low speed, two sides lighting up for medium, and three sides lighting up for high speed. The controller can be used to operate either one, or two ceiling fans, up to 150W.

The controller comes in two models for Wiser scalability, with the Bluetooth option offering simple point-to-point app control, with options to set a timer from 1s-24hr, and the Zigbee model that connects to a Wiser Hub for automated fan control, multiway control, moments, schedules, voice control and more.

FlexSelect APP

Take the pain out of configuring distribution boards for projects such as townhouses or unit complexes that require more than 30 panels, and experience the new FlexSelect Resi tool.

The FlexSelect tool is web-based, so you can configure your custom distribution boards for commercial application, at any time, day or night. Simply nominate a wholesaler to supply you the goods, and you’ll immediately receive an indicative price for your order. Wait for their reply email, then confirm pricing and order details directly. Some benefits of using the tool include:

  • Faster pricing – no waiting times on quotations
  • Faster delivery with 5-day turnaround
  • Complete circuit protection solution for your project needs with the option of both distribution boards and load centres in FlexSelect
  • Faster installation with boards supplied fully loaded and busbars connected
  • Low risk of missing or incorrect components
  • Reduced packaging waste to dispose of.

Help home occupiers reduce their energy bills with the new, updated 7W Clipsal LED downlights. Designed to produce the same output for 22% less power, the lights are dimmable with Clipsal LED and Wiser dimming technology.

The downlights feature a tri-temp colour-changing switch, offering colour temperature output choice during installation. This switch has been moved to the rear of the product to stop interference during installation. The plastic IP44 front allows for both indoor and outdoor installation and the IC-4 rating means the product can be abutted against building structures or covered by insulation.

With the same stylish look as previous Clipsal LED downlight models, you can seamlessly upgrade or add to existing installations. A recessed soft glow diffuser helps to reduce glare, and the plastic trim allows for metal clip-on covers in Brushed Chrome or Black to be installed for a premium finish.

Clipsal Floodlight

Designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, Clipsal’s newly improve LED floodlights feature a diecast body with glass fascia for a robust product with a cleaner look. A diffuser has been added to the LED array to improve the aesthetic, softening the light output and creating a less industrial-looking finish.

The 30W floodlight has tri-colour and tri-power options, essentially offering nine floodlight configurations in one product. Across the range, the angled mounting bracket allows for easy installation, and the optional PIR sensor on the 20W version automatically triggers the light to turn on when motion is detected.

The range is available in 20W, 30W, 50W and 100W options.