6 Ways Job Management Software

Can Change Your Life as a Sparky

As demand for skilled tradies continues, electrical contractors are flat out. 
Read how job management software can save you time and money.

More jobs are a plus if you can get them, but they also come with a higher workload — more quotes, more invoices, and more time spent buried under a pile of paperwork. 

According to our latest report, tradies spend an average of 18.3 hours on admin each week. We think that’s far too much time, and evidently, so do Aussie sparkies. Electricians are used to keeping up with new technology, and more and more business owners are turning to technology to help them stay organised, speed up business processes, and stay stress-free.

With high-quality job management software like Tradify, electricians can reduce their workload by automating their admin, digitising their documents, and even integrating with accounting software like Quickbooks, MYOB & Xero.

Take a look at the top six ways job management software can improve your electrical business!

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