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Intelligent Automation with SpaceLogic C-Bus

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Design a home that is attuned to the way you like to live and reflects your lifestyle.  

Smart home adoption is on the rise, with many Australians enjoying the benefits that a synchronised and well-designed smart home or building can bring. Smart home technology allows you to create the perfect environment and mood which can help to enhance intricate design details.

From the statement piece of artwork which you want perfectly lit in the evening, to turning all the lights and heating off with the push of one ‘all off’ button, the benefits of optimising with home automation will be an investment in the future enjoyment of your home.

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Peace of mind

A SpaceLogic C-Bus smart system can be programmed to provide additional security benefits with a ‘holiday scene’, which simulates occupancy when the house is empty, by opening and closing automated blinds and switching lights on and off.

SpaceLogic C-Bus smart home technology can light up your driveway and external lighting the moment you open the gate.

It has a mode to turn off all non-essential power when you leave the house, so you don’t have to worry about individually switching lights, heating, and appliances off.

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Installed by experts

Approved Installers (EcoXperts) have been trained and accredited by Clipsal as specialists in SpaceLogic C-Bus technology.

From system design, to installation, to programming and commissioning, an EcoXpert will help ensure that your SpaceLogic C-Bus system reaches its full potential.

EcoXperts can customise SpaceLogic C-Bus technology to fit your lifestyle and deliver optimal performance.

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How SpaceLogic C-Bus works?

SpaceLogic C-Bus uses “distributed intelligence”, which means it does not require a central controller like other systems. This helps to provide a more dependable, safer system. Each device has its own in-built microprocessor and can be easily individually programmed to integrate with other devices.

SpaceLogic C-Bus allows individual network devices to communicate directly with each other via a two-way, closed loop communication system. This creates an intelligent network with precise control; enabling individual devices to provide status details.

SpaceLogic C-Bus software allows simple control and monitoring of an entire network system through a user-friendly interface. The interface can be configured to suit your needs, with a wide selection of control screens and buttons.

Precise customisable control to help provide a more dependable, safer system.

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High level control

SpaceLogic C-Bus can control any type or size of load, digital or analogue.  For example, the main switch panel in a typical building could contain 100 relay channels and 100 dimming channels (or even more), yet only one SpaceLogic C-Bus network would need to be wired to the switch panel.

Compared to other control and management systems, this innovative design offers considerable cost advantages, while providing greater flexibility and reliability.

Every SpaceLogic C-Bus unit is assigned a unique code, so that all devices on the SpaceLogic C-Bus network can be identified and programmed individually.

Since SpaceLogic C-Bus uses “peer to peer” communication, every SpaceLogic C-Bus device responds to their commands directly from the network, rather than a central computer or controller.

The number of commands that can be programmed into a SpaceLogic C-Bus system is almost limitless.

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