Clipsal Fire Tek Smoke Alarm Isolation Unit Compatible with Clipsal Smoke Alarms, for Output to External Siren/Strobe

Clipsal Fire Tek Smoke Alarm Isolation Unit Compatible with Clipsal Smoke Alarms, for Output to External Siren/Strobe

Clipsal Fire Tek Smoke Alarm Isolation Unit Compatible with Clipsal Smoke Alarms, for Output to External Siren/Strobe

Item Number: 756

Smoke alarm isolation unit compatible with Clipsal Fire Tek smoke alarms only. The unit provides a set of isolated, normally open (N.O.) and normally closed (N.C.), changeover contacts permitting auxiliary devices such as sirens, strobes and/or security systems to be activated when the smoke Alarm is in the alarm state.



Qty UoM EAN Colour

Free Introductory Training Module

On installation, maintenance and troubleshooting

Access training module
Home owner checking their fire alarm
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Range of product

Series 756



Product brand


Product or component type

smoke detector

Device application

early detection of smouldering fires and open fires

Colour tint

white (RAL 9003)

Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Communication network type

wireless Zigbee (2.4-2.4 GHz), 2.5 mW at < 50="">

Function available

local alarm

Control type

button (test/hush function)

Local signalling

visual: 1 LED (red) for warning and low battery

Type of installation


Device mounting


Mounting support


Fixing mode

by screws

IP degree of protection


Ambient air temperature for operation

0...50 °C

Ambient air temperature for storage

-20...60 °C

Relative humidity

0...95 %

REACh Regulation

Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

EU RoHS Directive


Mercury free


RoHS exemption information


China RoHS Regulation


Environmental Disclosure


Circularity Profile






Package 1 Bare Product Quantity


Concentrator compatibility

Wiser hub generation 1

Mobile App name

Wiser by SE

Detection type


Technology type

scattered light (Tyndall effect)

Type of measurement


Noise level

85 dB at 3 m, minimum

Time delay range

10 min (hush)

Main colour tint


Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Height

5 cm

Package 1 Width

13.5 cm

Package 1 Length

20.8 cm

Package 1 Weight

126 g
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What was a unitized EZ Stack meter center?

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Domestic (USA) power systems are rated 60 Hz.   Many other power systems in the world are rated at 50 Hz.

A 60 Hz rated transformer can only be used on a 60 Hz system (with certain exceptions -- read further.) Whereas a 50 or 50/60 Hz rated transformer can be used on either a 50 or a 60 Hz rated system.
Exception: If the energizing voltage does not exceed 83% of the transformers nominal voltage, the transformer can be used. Remember that transformers are simple ratio devices and the output will also be lower. Another important factor to remember is that the transformer`s capacity will also have to be derated at the same ratio of the applied voltage divided by the nominal voltage.

Example: An EXN30T3H, 30kVA 480 delta to 208Y/120 transformer 60 Hz, can be utilized on a 50 Hz system as long as the applied voltage does not exceed 50/60 or 5/6 of the nominal 480, or rather 400 volts. With 400 volts 50 Hz applied, the output voltage will be 400/480 * 208 = 173 volts line-to-line, and 100 volts line-to-neutral, or 173Y/100 50 Hz. As well, the capacity or kVA of the transformer will be 400/480 * 30 = 25kVA. Transformers cannot change frequency, thus frequency in = frequency out. 


What's the difference between a regular Home member, an Administrator and the Homeowner?

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  3. Check your devices’ eco settings – and turn them on! They’ll save power for you.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution, check out our Wiser Energy Management options or speak with your electrician about the best options for you. Installing Wiser Energy management solutions allows you to use the Wiser by SE app and keep track of your usage, maximise your solar, and save on bills.

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