capacitor load correction

Motion Sensor Load Correction Capacitor, Allows 2 Wire Devices to be Used

Catalogue Number: 31CAP
capacitor load correction
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Package 1 Weight
19 g
Package 1 Height
16 mm
Package 1 width
105 mm
Package 1 Length
170 mm
EU RoHS Directive
Under investigation
Environmental Disclosure

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the code for the load correction device for OneTouch

 The part code 31CAP

Can you use a 31CAP on the 750WPR 3 wire sensor?

Yes, the 31CAP can be used on both 2 wire and 3 wires sensors.

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What are the characteristics of a 31CAP capacitor?

The characteristics of a 31CAP capacitor are:
Values Description
Amp 0.025A (Ampere)  =  25mA (Milliampere).
Watts 6W
Voltage 240V
Microfarad 0.33μF
Maximum amount stacked in parallel 3

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Can you use the 31CAP on a Leading Edge Dimmer?

No, the Leading Edge dimmer has a maximum input capacitance of 300nf, you would be able to use the 31LCDA as an alternative.
Trailing Edge and C-Bus Universal dimmers do not have a capacitance limit and either can be used.

I have 2 wire 31VETR and i dont have enough load will a 31CAP do the trick?

It will improve the situation however we cannot confirm wether it will fix the problem or not. The alternative is to use the three wire design 31VETR3

What is the rating of the 31CAP?

The rating of the 31CAP is 10nF (Nanofarads).


What is the minimum load required by the 2 wire infrascan?

The minimum load for a 2 wire infrascan is 40W. If the load is less than this you can use a 31CAP wired in paralel across the load.

Can a 751 be used with 25W LED?

Yes, it can but you will need to put a 31CAP in parallel with the load.


I have Saturn series LED switches in two way configuration that pulse when load is switched off

This can be corrected with the use of a 31CAP load correction Capacitor.

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How many Farads is the 31CAP?

The Farad rating of the 31CAP is 10nF (Nanofarads).

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Why wont the 753SSR sensor turn off the lights, it is wired to a contactor?

Even though this is a 3 wire device it still has leakage current and enough to keep the contactor energised therefore your lights will remain on. The way to prevent this is to use a 31CAP in parralell with the load. This will provide an alternate path to neutral.

What is the difference between the 31Cap and 31LCDA?

The 31CAP is a load correction device which consists of a"Capacitor only " to help 2 wire products achieve minimum load levels. The 31LCDA has circuitry built in to the device  to enable it to correct minor compatibility issues found between dimmers and Led downlights for example slight flickering when dimmed at a higher level.

31CAP - Corrects the load for 2 wire devices.

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31LCDA - Helps with compatibility issues.

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