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C-Bus Touchscreen Fundamentals

The C-Bus Touchscreen Fundamentals Online Course is a self-paced on-line course designed to equip you with the fundamental knowledge on the C-Bus Black and White Touchscreen (C-Touch Mark 2) and C-Bus Colour Touchscreen (CTC) and how to create and transfer a project to each respective unit, using the programming software, PICED.

The course contains a number of e-Learning modules, designed to be completed in sequential order. Each module will cover specific technical concepts of the C-Bus Touchscreens along with programming techniques.

To complete these modules you will need to have access to an Internet connection, upon completion of your registration you will be sent a confirmation email which contains your access details to the e-Learning modules.

  • Training time: Equivalent to 1 day of classroom training.
  • Price: $250 (including GST).


You are also required to have completed one of the following courses:

Objectives and Content

The C-Bus Touchscreen Fundamentals Online Course contains a number of e-Learning modules, designed to be completed in sequential order. These modules will provide:

  • An overview of the features and connections for the C-Bus Black and White MKII Touchscreen with Logic Engine - Glass Fascia (5080CTL2-GF) and the C-Bus Colour Touchscreen (5080CTC Discontinued)
  • A comparison between these two touchscreens and other units which can be used for similar applications
  • An overview of the software used to configure these devices, PICED and how to create a project for both touchscreens. These projects will include theme pages, components, access control, scenes and schedules.
  • An overview of how to retrieve a project from either touchscreen and save it as a PICED project, including what information is not included.

Who this course is for

Electrical Contractors, Apprentices and System Integrators who are required to program or perform maintenance on C-Bus Touchscreens.

What you need

  • A strong electrical or technical background and experience using a computer

  • The latest version of Programming Interface for C-Bus Embedded Devices (PICED), you will be able to find and download the software by clicking here. You may require an account which is compatible with OneDrive.

Support and Software

Online Course - CBTSOL

C-Bus Touchscreen Fundamentals

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