OptiLine 50 Lid for 8 Modules Steel Box, Stainless Steel

OptiLine 50 Lid for 8 Modules Steel Box, Stainless Steel

OptiLine 50 Lid for 8 Modules Steel Box, Stainless Steel

Item Number: INS51230

RRP (Inc. GST)

Product Dimensions

Width icon

Width255 mm

Height icon

Height21 mm

Depth icon

Depth278 mm

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Qty UoM EAN Colour



Range of product

OptiLine 50

Product or component type


Colour tint

stainless steel


Quantity per set

set of 1

Fixing mode

self-adhesive tape


21 mm


255 mm


278 mm

IK degree of protection


IP degree of protection


EU RoHS Directive

Not applicable, out of EU RoHS legal scope

Environmental Disclosure




die cast aluminium


Cabling installation system

floor outlet box

Type of floor

  • hollow core floor
  • in-cavity floor
  • raised floor
    • Floor box shape


      Accessory / separate part destination

      for 8 modules steel box

      Number of modules

      8 modules

      Environmental health and issues

      halogen free

      Maximum load

      10000 N

      Package 1 Weight

      1.2 kg

      Package 1 Height

      58 mm

      Package 1 width

      314 mm

      Package 1 Length

      334 mm
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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Can part number INS51245 be installed in concrete?

      No part number INS51245 can not be installed in concrete.

      What is the part number for an end stop for the Optiline 50 ducting , INS12300?

      The part number for an end stop for the Optiline 50 ducting , INS12300 is - INS12304

      For further information , visit link below:-
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      What is the key lock replacement for a INS1250?

      You can replace the key lock with the following models

      33190 (https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/product/33190/ronis-keylock---for-masterpact-nt---off-position---2-same-key---el24135/)
      41950 (https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/product/41950/2-key-lock-%2B-1-flat-key).


      Does the INS43630 come with 2 power outlets?

      Yes, the INS43630 comes with a double power outlet and room for two data outlets.

      What is the replacement to DBPU2PB?

      The replacement is as follows: INS43630

      Is part number INS43630 is able to accommodate USB mechs?

      No.Part number can use any 30 series mech.

      What is the alternative for DBPU2PTDB ?

      The replacement part for the DBPU2PTDB / DBPU2PB series  is the new INS43630 - This is part of the Optiline 50 range
      For more information on this product range please visit the Clipsal web site on the link provided

      IS part number INS43630 able to use data mechs?

      Yes part INS43630 has the provision to use data mechs

      for more information on this part please refer to https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=INS43630

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      What is the part number for a pop up desk outlet?

      The part number is INS43630

      Can the INS43630 have the bench cutout fixed to it so it looks like the bench when it is down?

      No, this is a flush unit and has no provision for having a different top fitted.

      For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/search-results?q=INS43630


      What are the dimensions for the cut out for the INS43630?

      The dimensions for the cut out for the INS43630 is - 100mm

      For further information , visit link below:-
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      What colour is INS43630, Manual pop-up desk box?

      INS43630 is made of Aluminium, natural anodized, and powder coated zinc and aluminum. 
      For further information, please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=INS43630

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