CLIPSS Airflow

Airflow Performance Sweep Fan Clipper Light

Catalogue Number: CLIPSS
CLIPSS Airflow
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EU RoHS Directive

Frequently Asked Questions

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PDL534P24S do they come with mounting clips?

Yes it does come complete with mounting clips.

Does the PDL534P16 come with the PDL533 600 series mounting clips?

Yes all three of the 534 multigang plates come with the 533 panel mounting clips.

Can the PDL534P Multi gang switch plates be purchased with Black 600 series mounting clips?

No, but the clips can be purchased separately.
 For example:
 PDL534P8S(8 gang stainless steel mounting plate with white clips)+ 8x PDL533BK (Black mounting clips to replace the white ones.)

Is there a part number for the mounting clips for the Magelis HMIGTOxxx0 target?

Yes, the part number for the mounting clips for the HMIGTOxxx0 is HMIZGFIX.

Are our 8mm cable clips, 564M8 , available in Black?

Cable clips 564M8 are only available in white...
For further information , visit link below:-
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Do the Class 9422T fusible disconnect switches include Class R fuse rejection clips?

Class R fuse rejection clips on fusible disconnect

Product Line:
9422 Disconnect Switches Op Mech

Flange Mounted and Cable Operated
Class R fuse clip kits are ordered separately.

Video: How do I retrieve surveillance clips in StruxureWare Data Center Expert

Retrieving surveillance clips in StruxureWare Data Center Expert.

Product Line:
  • StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)
  • NetBotz

  • StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)
  • NetBotz discovered by DCE and licensed for surveillance

This is for customers that require assistance in retrieving NetBotz camera clips in DCE



1) Open the DCE Client and go to the Surveillance perspective.

2) Select a device group in the Device Groups pane.

3) Within the Thumbnails pane, you will see the camera thumbnails for your NetBotz Appliances that are in the group you selected.
NOTE: If a thumbnail shows a red circle with a cross-line through it, the camera has not been licensed for surveillance. See knowledge base FA297815 for instructions.

4) Right-click on the camera and select Retrieve Clips.

NOTE: Clips are stored according to the NetBotz Appliance date/time, not the DCE Appliance date/time.

5) Within the Choose Date section, select either Relative or Date Range.
NOTE: If using relative, ensure that the date/time on the DCE Appliance is accurate, as it will be used as a reference point.

6) Select Retrieve Clips and a list of clips during that time frame will show within the list.

7)  You can select a clip and then select View.
NOTE: You can also tag, export, or delete clips.

Do you sell the light fitting only to suit your ceiling fans?

Yes, we do sell the lights seperately. There are two types, Clipper lights and Oyster lights, and these are also available in two colour variants, White and Satin Chrome to suit Stainless Steel fans.
The part numbers are  CLIPWHT/ CLIPSS for Clipper lights and  OYWHT / OYSS for Oyster lights.

For further information please visit

What are the catalog numbers for the Masterpact cluster retainer clips?

Product Line:
Masterpact NW

There are several different kits based on the breaker rating and number of poles.  Please see the attached instruction bulletin for catalog numbers. 


What comes in the 493L

Can you use the old Clipper lights on the new fans?

Yes, the Clipper and Oyster lights (OYWHT, OYSS, CLIPWHT & CLIPSS) are compatible with the new fans.

For further information, please visit
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Is it possible to order PM5500 mounting clips separately?

A customer would like to purchase the PM5500 mounting clips separately.

Product Line
Powerlogic PM5500

Installation - Mounting Clips

A customer has broken or misplaced the mounting clips for a PM5500 meter (integrated or remote display).

Unfortunately, the mounting clips cannot be purchased separately. They can, however, be purchased as part of the mounting hardware kit.

Part numbers for the two models are the following:
- METSEPM55HK for integrated display model (PM5560)
- METSEPM55HKRD for remote display model (PM5563RD)
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