fuse cartridge 10amp

Blue Point Fused Terminal Blocks, 250V, 10A, Fuse

Catalogue Number: BPF10
fuse cartridge 10amp
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Product brand
6 mm
25 mm
[Ue] rated operational voltage
250 V AC
[In] rated current
10 A
Unit Type of Package 1
Number of Units in Package 1
Package 1 Weight
2 g
Package 1 Height
6 mm
Package 1 width
6 mm
Package 1 Length
25 mm
EU RoHS Directive
Under investigation

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is BP3160 conditional rating of 63kA certificate/ conformity?

Please see attached the BP3160 cover page report which specifies the rating.

Video: Back-UPS CS, RS & XS - Manual Adjustment for Sensitivity


UPS will not operate on utility power or may be clicking between utility and battery power.

Product Line:

Back-UPS RS/XS & Back-UPS CS (4-LED Interfaces)


All models & serial numbers


This may be caused by one of the following conditions;
  • Low Voltage / Sag
  • Black-out
  • High Voltage / Over-Voltage
  • Frequency is out of range
  • Total Harmonic Distortion


The following video details the process for manually adjusting the Back-UPS RS & XS or Back-UPS CS system's AC Input Sensitivity.

What is the amperage rating for the PDL DBF10

The amperage is 100A

What is 56 Series equivalent to part number PDL MP410?

The part number for 56 series equivalent is a 56P410.

What faults can be reset with ATV61 or ATV71 automatic restart function turned on?

What faults can be reset with ATV61 or ATV71 automatic restart function turned on?

Product Line:
Variable Frequency Drives

Applies to Altivar 61/71

Customer wants to know if he can automatically restart the drive after a fault 


Faults that can be reset with automatic restart function, after the cause has disappeared:
APF, CnF, COF, EPF1, EPF2, FCF2, Fd1, LFF2, LFF3, LFF4, nFF, ObF, OHF, OLC, OLF, OPF1, OPF2, OSF, OtF1, OtF2, OtFL, PHF, PtF1, PtF2, PtFL, SLF1, SLF2, SLF3, SPIF, SSF, tJF and ULF

NOTE: In order for the Automatic Restart function to clear a fault and attempt a restart, ALL of the following must be true:
  • The cause of the original fault must be resolved
  • The drive must be set up for 2 wire control
  • 2-wire type set to level
  • Drive controlled by the drive's terminals
  • The run command must be maintained

These faults that can be cleared by Automatic Restart are listed in the ATV61 and ATV71 Programming Manuals.

ATV61 Programming Manual:

ATV71 Programming Manual:

ATV61/71 the Logic Input will not reset the External Fault?

The ATV71 has External Fault assigned to LI5.  When active, LI5 trips the drive into External Fault, EPF1.  When activating Fault Reset on LI4, the fault is not reset.  

Product line:
Altivar 61 ATV61 Altivar 71 ATV71


The fault reset needs to come from the assigned Command Channel.

In this case, Command Channel 1 was assigned to a Communications network. A Fault Reset needs to come from the Communications Network.
Fault reset by Logic Input is not possible unless the active command channel is Terminals.  

Consider temporarily switching the Command Channel to Terminals and then close Logic Input assigned to Reset, or switch to HMI mode and use the local Stop/Reset button (push twice) to reset.  

Alternatively see the recommendations from L3 attached.

What is the smallest Flush Mounting, PDL DBF Series SwitchBoard available?

The DBF10 is the smallest Flush Mounting, DBF Series SwitchBoard.
Please see the attached datasheet for more information of the DBF Series SwitchBoard sizes.

What is the part number for 7gn cam switch series handle

This will need to be raised as special - "GCR_7 series handle R014" this will suit 7 series up to 25A but not 7gf10 ( these have no spare handles available or we would need to sacrifice a switch for the handle ) 32a and above have different handle again.

What faults are not protected by Fault Inhibition on the ATV61 drive?

What faults are not protected by Fault Inhibition on the ATV61 drive?

Product line:
ATV61, altivar 61


Customer was using Fault Inhibition, but the drive still tripped on SCF5, motor short circuit. 


The fault inhibition function will be able to inhibit (not display) the fault detection on the « software » fault.
For the critical, internal or hardware faults, the inhibition function does not work to protect the drive from damage.
The fault list given in the programming manual are the ones that Inhibition will work
  • EnF, InFA, InFb, SOF, SPF, and tnF, APF, CnF, COF, EPF1, EPF2, FCF2, Fd1, LFF2, LFF3, LFF4, nFF, ObF, OHF, OLC, OLF, OPF1, OPF2, OSF, OtF1, OtF2, OtFL, PHF, PtF1, PtF2, PtFL, SLF1, SLF2, SLF3, SPIF, SSF, tJF, ULF and USF  faults can be inhibited and cleared remotely by means of a logic input or control bit ([Fault inhibit assign.] (InH) parameter
All the other critical, internal and hardware faults (SCFx, ILx, INFE, CRFx...) will be always active even with INH (fault inhibition) turned on.

Does Schneider offer fingersafe covers for the 9422ATCF301?

9422ATCF301 fingersafe covers are needed. 

Product Line:

Flange or Cable operated Disconnect Switches only.

30-60A switches can use the cover SS06 and side skirt SS0306K.
100A switches can use the cover SS10 and side skirt SS10SK
****Note these covers do not work with the Bracket mounted disconnects or into existing Class 8538/8539 combination starters.   

See the attached details about these covers.

What can cause the Altivar 32 to fault on an Output Phase Loss?

What can cause the ATV32 to fault on an Output Phase Loss?

Product line:
Altivar 32, ATV32

All serial numbers for Altivar 32, ATV32

Loss of phase/low current


OPF1 is the detection of the loss of one output phase between the drive and the motor. 
OPF2 is the detection of the loss of all three phases between the drive and the motor.

- Confirm the motor settings are correctly entered into the drive Motor Control (DRC) menu
- Check the wiring connections between the drive and the motor.  If there are any disconnects or junctions, check that the disconnect is closed and junction connections are secure.
- If the motor is undersized for the drive HP rating, the drive may trip on phase loss due to low current detection, causing the drive to believe a phase is lost. 
- Confirm the drive is working properly by disconnecting the motor leads, setting Output Phase Loss (OPL) to No, run the drive and check for equal voltage output, phase to phase.
- If using an output contactor, set Output Phase Loss (OPL) to Output Cut (OAC)

ION Enterprise 6.0 SP1 Installation Procedures for New Systems (Includes Windows 7 and Server 2008 32-bit and 64-bit)

To provide step by step instructions for installation of ION Enterprise 6.0 SP1. 

Product Line
ION Enterprise 6.0 SP1


To provide platform dependent step-by-step instructions for the installation of ION Enterprise 6.0 SP1 with a focus on installing ION Enterprise on the newer operating systems - Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
ION Enterprise 6.0 was released before these new operating systems were available so it is important to follow the instructions we are providing to ensure a successful install, particularly for the Web Reporter component.

This document contains instructions for deploying ION Enterprise 6.0 SP1 on both standalone and distributed configurations. Be aware that for distributed configurations firewall considerations are not addressed.
Caution: This article contains advanced configuration instructions and should only be implemented by experienced Application Engineers (Engineering Services) and ION Enterprise administrators.

Other relevant articles to read:

FA212496 - RS2008WRConfigurationWizard

Choose from the support matrix of ION Enterprise deployment scenarios based on the following criteria.

1. Network Topology Supported topologies include Standalone Primary Server or Database Server + Application Server.

2. Operating System

3. SQL Server Version


Causes and Fixes

Supported Standalone ION Enterprise Deployments1 - IONE6_Win7_32bit_SQL2005_Express_32bit

2 - IONE6_Win7_32bit_SQL2005_Standard_32bit

3 - IONE6_Win7_32bit_SQL2008_R2_Standard_32bit

4 - IONE6_Win7_64bit_SQL2005_Express_32bit

5 - IONE6_Win7_64bit_SQL2005_Standard_64bit

6 - IONE6_Win7_64bit_SQL2008_R2_Standard_64bit

7 - IONE6_Win2008_32bit_SQL2008R2_Standard_32bit_Standalone

8 - IONE6_Win2008R2_SQL2005_Express_32bit_Standalone

9 - IONE6_Win2008R2_SQL2005_Standard_64bit_Standalone

10 - IONE6_Win2008R2_SQL2008R2_Standard_64bit_Standalone



Supported Database Server + Application Server ION Enterprise Deployments

11 - IONE6_Win2008_32bit_SQL2008R2_Standard_32bit_Distributed_DB

12 - IONE6_Win2008R2_SQL2005_Standard_64bit_Distributed_DB

13 - IONE6_Win2008R2_SQL2008R2_Standard_64bit_Distributed_DB

14 - IONE6_Win2008R2_SQL2008R2_Standard_64bit_Minimalist_DB

Download the appropriate instructional document for your deployment scenario.

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