Triphase kWh meter CT Modbus MID - iEM3255

Acti 9 Triphase Kwh iEM3255 Energy Meter Modbus, 1 Digital I, 1 Digital O

Catalogue Number: A9MEM3255
Triphase kWh meter CT Modbus MID - iEM3255
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Acti 9
Product name
Acti 9 iEM3000
Device short name
Product or component type
energy meter
Market segment
Poles description
  • 3P + N
  • 1P + N
  • 3P
    • Type of measurement
    • active and reactive energy
    • active and reactive power
    • current
    • voltage
      • Metering type
        active, reactive, apparent energy (signed, four quadrant)
        Device application
      • multi-tariff
      • partial meter
      • sub billing
        • Accuracy class
        • class 0.5S active energy conforming to IEC 62053-22
        • class 0.5S active energy conforming to IEC 61557-12
        • class C active energy conforming to EN 50470-3
          • Analogue input type
            external CT 1 A or 5 A
            [In] rated current
          • 5 A
          • 1 A
            • Rated voltage
            • 100-277 V
            • 173-480 V
              • Network frequency
              • 60 Hz
              • 50 Hz
                • Technology type
                  Display type
                  LCD display
                  Sampling rate
                  32 samples/cycle
                  Measurement current
                  1-32767000 mA
                  Maximum value measured
                  99999999 MWh
                  Information displayed
                  tariff (4)
                  Communication port protocol
                  Modbus RTU at 9.6, 19.2 and 38.4 kbauds even/odd or none, insulation 4000 V
                  Communication port support
                  screw terminal block: RS485
                  Local signalling
                • green indicator light: power ON
                • yellow flashing LED: accuracy checking
                • alarm: overload
                • yellow indicator light: communications are active on the Modbus port (Modbus)
                  • Number of inputs
                    1 digital 0...5 V/11...40 V 24 V DC
                    Number of outputs
                    1 digital (static)
                    Output voltage
                    5...40 V DC@50 mA
                    Mounting mode
                    Mounting support
                    DIN rail
                    Connections - terminals
                  • current circuit: screw terminals 6-6 mm² cable(s)
                  • voltage circuit: screw terminals 2.5-2.5 mm² cable(s)
                    • Overvoltage category
                    • IEC 61036
                    • IEC 62053-23
                    • UL 61010-1
                    • IEC 61010
                    • IEC 62053-22
                    • IEC 61557-12
                      • Product certifications
                      • CE conforming to IEC 61010 (safety)
                      • CE conforming to EN 61557-12 (power monitor)
                      • CE conforming to IEC 61326-1 (EMC)
                      • cULus conforming to UL 61010 (safety)
                      • cULus conforming to ANSI C12.20 (sub-meter)
                      • EAC (sub-meter)
                      • RCM conforming to NMI M 6-1 (sub-meter)
                      • UL
                      • MID conforming to EN 50470-3 (sub-meter)
                      • MID conforming to EN 62052 (sub-meter)
                        • Market segment
                        • small commercial
                        • residential
                          • Compatibility code
                            IP degree of protection
                          • IP40 front panel: conforming to IEC 60529
                          • IP20 body: conforming to IEC 60529
                            • Pollution degree
                              Relative humidity
                              5-95 % at 50-50 °C
                              Ambient air temperature for operation
                            • -25-55 °C - MID
                            • -25-60 °C - NMI
                            • -25-60 °C - IEC
                              • Ambient air temperature for storage
                                -40-85 °C
                                Operating altitude
                                < 2000 m
                                9 mm pitches
                                90 mm
                                95 mm
                                69 mm
                                Sustainable offer status
                                Green Premium product
                                EU RoHS Directive
                                Mercury free
                                RoHS exemption information
                                China RoHS Regulation
                                Environmental Disclosure
                                Circularity Profile
                                The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
                                California proposition 65
                                WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including: Carbon-black extracts and Bisphenol A (BPA) which is known to the State of California to cause Carcinogen and Reproductive harm. For more information go to
                                18 months

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                                Frequently Asked Questions

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                                What size cables will the termninals in the Energy Meters , A9MEM3155 & the A9MEM3355 allow?

                                A9MEM3155 - 16mm
                                A9MEM3355 - 50mm
                                For further information , visit links below:-
                                User-added image

                                What is the alternate part number for 17072

                                 Replacement is a A9MEM3210

                                Which KWH meter will measure Solar inputs with Modbus connections?

                                Can you retrieve data from the A9MEM3155 modbus meter wireless using a Modbus to WiFi converter?

                                We recommend to use  standard tested SE solution like using COM'X with Wifi dongle, which can be connected to iEM3155 over Modbus RTU and COM'X will sendthe data of meter over Wifi.


                                What is the alternative code for 17072?


                                Do you have a Bacnet, NMI approved kilowatt hour meter with CT's?

                                The part number for a Bacnet, NMI approved kilowatt-hour meter with CT's is a - A9MEM3265.


                                What is the replacement for a 17072

                                 The replacement is a A9MEM3210.

                                Is the Acti 9 A9MEM3110 3 phase?

                                Yes, the iEM3110 kWh meter with pulse output, is a 3 phase digital meter for direct connection up to 63Amps.

                                Can the IEM3000 series read energy output from a Solar Panel?

                                To be able to measure the energy out from a Solar Panel a meter needs to be able to do Four Quadrant Calculation.

                                This means it is capable of Identification of imported and exported active and reactive energy allows you to monitor energy flow in both directions: delivered from the utility and produced on-site.

                                In the iEM3000 series the following meters are capable of Four Quadrant Calculation.

                                iEM31** range - iEM3135, iEM3155, iEM3165, and iEM3175
                                iEM32** range - iEM3235, iEM3255, iEM3265, and iEM3275
                                iEM33** range - iEM3335, iEM3355, iEM3365, and iEM3375
                                iEM34** range - iEM3455, iEM3465, iEM3555, and iEM3565


                                Power Meter Communication issue, registers not reading the correct value.

                                The Power meters, based on the manufacturing location may have an offset. 

                                In some meters the registers starts from Zero and some it is taken account from 1. So the published register list varies accordingly. 

                                For Ex: If Register 2017 is for Frequency of the meters it will read 50 HZ. 
                                But for the meter with offset the the Register 2016 will read 50HZ. 

                                So it is good to check if the meter has got an Offset before proceeding with the communication issue. 

                                What is the replacement for 15467 Power meter with 100/5 CTs?

                                ETSNZ - What Single Phase Check Meter does not Require a Neutral Through Connection

                                The New range of Acti9  A9MEM2150 for example only needs a N connection  - it does not require to pass the N current through it.

                                What is the part number for Single phase KWH meter?

                                The part number for Single phase KWH meter will be a - A9MEM2105.
                                Please refer the below link for more information,
                                Image result for a9mem2105 schneider


                                What are the power terminal sizes on the A9MEM3100?

                                The power terminal sizes of the iEM3100 meter will take 16mm cable
                                see instruction sheet....;3

                                Can the IEM3255 be monitored remotely via WiFi?

                                Unfortunately not. The IEM3255 is only capable of Modbus RTU.

                                However one our other unit can be used as a Modbus Gateway to allow communication to the device



                                Can Rogowski Coil Current Transformers (Rope Style CT's) Be Extended in the Field? How Far?

                                Rogowski Coil CT's may require secondary lead length extension.

                                Product Line
                                A9MEM3500 meters
                                EM4200 meters
                                EM3500 meters
                                U018 Rogowski Coil Current Transformers

                                Metering & Power Monitoring

                                The load may be farther from the meter than the standard 8' or 12' secondary lead lengths may reach.

                                Schneider Rogowski Coil Current Transformers come in primary lengths of 12", 18", 24", or 36". 
                                This measurement only applies to the primary length only.
                                This is the length that the current transformer has to connect back to itself around a conductor or set of conductors of the load to be monitored.

                                The lead length refers to the 8' or 12' that connects from the current transformer to the meter itself.

                                It is sometimes difficult to get the meter mounting location within 8' or 12' from an appropriate location to install the current transformer on the load conductors.
                                Because of this, one may need to extend the length of the secondary leads from the current transformers.

                                Either the 8' or the 12' secondary lead length version of Schneider's Rogowski Coil (U018-xxx) Current Transformers may be extended to a maximum of 20' total lead length (to include the original lead length of either 8' or 12').
                                The conductors used must be a standard 24 gauge twisted cable.

                                What is the product code for the iEM2000 Acti9 230V 40A din rail mount energy monitor?

                                The product code is A9MEM2000. Please see the attached datasheet for more information.

                                How to change the wiring settings and CT ratio on the Acti 9 iEM3255 kWh Meter

                                Enter the configuration by pressing the ESC and OK button on the front of the Meter simultaneously. Enter the Password "0010"

                                The first parameter is Wiring - Change? to enter press OK and change the wiring setting as per the connection and save.

                                The next parameter will be CT & VT Ratio - Change? To enter press OK, change the CT Secondary and Primary as per the ratio of connected CT.

                                On the PowerTag A9 F63 model, ref. A9MEM1562 if I try to be consistent with the flat cable position, the LED of the module is upwards. Should I twist the flat cable to have the LED down?

                                This has no impact on the operation but to be consistent with the rest of the range we favor the Led down, and in this case, the flat cable is twisted.

                                How to reset Partial Active Energy on the Acti 9 iEM3255 kWh Meter

                                To reset the Partial Active Energy do the following steps:
                                On the main menu Scroll down to Partial Active Energy. It will display the Partial Active Energy in kWh and at the bottom the date for the last reset.
                                • Press and hold the ESC button for 2 seconds
                                • It will come up with Reset prompt "RESET?" Press OK
                                • Enter Password: 0010
                                The Partial Active Energy has been reset.


                                Which are the NMI approved meters?

                                Following are the NMI approved metres:

                                iem3255,....part number A9MEM3255-NMI.........
                                iem3350.....part number A9MEM3350-NMI
                                em1350......part number METSEEPM3150

                                iEM3255       iEM3255               EM1350EM1350

                                What are the Dimensions for the A9MEM2000 single phase power meter?

                                  9 mm pitches 2  
                                  Width 18 mm  
                                  Height 95 mm  
                                  Depth 67 mm  
                                  Product weight 0.073 kg  

                                Energy Meter Kit part number and cross comparison guide

                                Energy Meter Kit part numbers and cross comparison guide

                                Product Line
                                iEM3455 series meter

                                Handout, Meter kit Cross Reference

                                Need to find part numbers for the Energy Meter Kit

                                See the attached documentation below:

                                Install an energy meter kit for a fast and easy energy management solution. With an
                                included meter, enclosure, and LVCT, the meter kit is customizable according to your
                                needs and easily installed. This compact, energy management solution allows you to
                                understand energy use, meet compliance codes, access tenant sub-metering and
                                improve energy costs.​


                                What are the part numbers for the NMI approved KWH Meters?

                                Following are the part numbers for the National Measurement Institute NMI M6-1 Pattern Approved- Kilowatt Hour Meters-1P/3P/3P+N - LCD Digital
                                Model                                                                                                                                Reference
                                IEM3255 DIN-rail kWh meter - 5A or 1A external CTs, Modbus RS485, DI / DO ---------    A9MEM3255-NMI
                                IEM3350 DIN-rail kWh meter - 125A direct connect, Modbus RS485 ----------                   A9MEM3350-NMI
                                EM1350 Flush Mount Watt Hour Revenue Meter with RS485 Modbus Comms  ---------    METSEEM1350

                                • Meter verification report available upon request.
                                • Meters verified in accordance to National Measurement Institute NITP-14

                                What device types are natively supported and compatible in ION Setup 3.0?

                                A list of devices supported and / or compatible in the most recent version of ION Setup 3.0.

                                Product Line
                                ION Setup version 3.0.17073.01

                                Supported Device types and compatiblity with ION Setup software

                                The posted ION Setup user manual is not updated as frequently as new software versions are released. The manual states that, “The devices supported by ION Setup are subject to change”.

                                UPDATED 3/16/2017
                                The list below indicates devices that are currently supported in the latest version of ION Setup. Definitions of abbreviations and acronyms can be found further below.

                                Please note that many devices listed here have very limited functionality in ION Setup, and are only present for troubleshooting or commissioning purposes.
                                Schneider Electric SquareD Siemens Power Measurement Ltd. Other
                                ION8800 Power Meter
                                ION7400 Power Meter
                                ION7550 Power Meter
                                ION7650 Power Meter
                                ION8650 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic BCPM
                                PowerLogic BCPME
                                EasyLogic DM6200 Digital Meter
                                EasyLogic DM6300 Digital Meter
                                PowerLogic E5600 Energy Meter
                                EasyLogic EM1200 Energy Meter
                                EasyLogic EM1220 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic EM3550 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic EM3555 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic EM4900 
                                PowerLogic EM6400 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic EM6400NG Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic EM6430 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic EM6433 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic EM6434 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic EM6435 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic EM6436 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic EM6438 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic EM6459 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic EM7230 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic EM7280 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic EM7290 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic Enercept Meter
                                PowerLogic Enercept E23C6 Meter
                                PowerLogic iEM3150 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic iEM3155 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic iEM3250 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic iEM3255 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic iEM3350 Energy Meter
                                PowerLogic iEM3355 Energy Meter
                                EasyLogic PM1200 Power Meter
                                EasyLogic PM2120 Power Meter
                                EasyLogic PM2130 Power Meter
                                EasyLogic PM2220 Power Meter
                                EasyLogic PM2230 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM3250 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM3255 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5110 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5111 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5200 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5250 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5310 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5311 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5320 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5330 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5331 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5340 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5341 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5350 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5560 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5561 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM5563 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM8000 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM200 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM600 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM620 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM650 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM700 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM750 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM810 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM820 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM850 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic PM870 Power Meter
                                PowerLogic CM2050 Circuit Monitor
                                PowerLogic CM2150 Circuit Monitor
                                PowerLogic CM2250 Circuit Monitor
                                PowerLogic CM2350 Circuit Monitor
                                PowerLogic CM2450 Circuit Monitor
                                PowerLogic CM3250 Circuit Monitor
                                PowerLogic CM3350 Circuit Monitor
                                PowerLogic CM4000T Circuit Monitor
                                PowerLogic CM4250 Circuit Monitor
                                4300 Power Meter
                                4700 Power Meter
                                4720 Power Meter
                                9200 Power Meter
                                9300 Power Meter
                                9330 Power Meter
                                9340 Power Meter
                                9350 Power Meter
                                9360 Power Meter
                                9410 Power Meter
                                9500 Power Meter
                                9500 RTU
                                9510 Power Meter
                                9510 RTU
                                9600 Power Meter
                                9610 Power Meter
                                9700 Power Meter
                                3300 ACM Power Meter
                                3350 PDM Power Demand Monitor
                                3710 ACM Power Meter
                                3720 ACM Power Meter
                                3750 PDC Demand Controller
                                3800 RTU
                                ION6200 Power Meter
                                ION6300 Power Meter
                                ION7300 Power Meter
                                ION7330 Power Meter
                                ION7350 Power Meter
                                ION7500 Power Meter
                                ION7500 RTU
                                ION7550 Power Meter
                                ION7550 RTU
                                ION7600 Power Meter
                                ION7650 Power Meter
                                ION7700 Power Meter
                                ION8300 Power Meter
                                ION8400 Power Meter
                                ION8500 Power Meter
                                ION8600 Power Meter
                                ION8800 Power Meter
                                ION9000 Power Meter
                                Allen-Bradley 1400 PB Power Meter
                                Allen-Bradley 1400 PD Power Meter
                                ABB 8300 Power Meter
                                ABB 8400 Power Meter
                                ABB 8500 Power Meter
                                GE 7700 ION Power Meter
                                Micrologic ULP Circuit Breaker

                                List of supported Modbus RTU-based devices:
                                Veris BCM
                                Momentum PLC A8
                                Momentum PLC A16
                                Momentum PLC D10
                                Momentum PLC D16
                                Twido PLC D12
                                Twido PLC D28
                                Twido PLC D44

                                Mod: Modbus
                                RTU: Remote Terminal Unit
                                BCPM: Branch Circuit Power Meter
                                BCM: Branch Current Monitor
                                ULP: Universal Logic Plug
                                WAGES: Water Air Gas Electricity Steam
                                EPSS: Emergency Power Supply System
                                PLC: Programmable Logic Controller

                                To download the latest version of ION Setup software, refer to article FA212816