iMX+OF tripping unit
iMX+OF tripping unit

Acti9 Voltage Release, iMX+OF, Tripping Unit, 48VAC, Shunt Release W

Catalogue Number: A9A26947
iMX+OF tripping unit
iMX+OF tripping unit
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Acti 9
Product or component type
shunt trip release with OC contact
Range of product
  • iSW-NA
  • iDPN Vigi
  • iID
  • iC60
    • Device short name
      Signal contacts composition
      1 C/O
      [Ie] rated operational current
    • AC-12: 2 A at 48 V AC 50 Hz
    • DC-12: 2 A at 48 V DC
      • [Uc] control circuit voltage
      • 48 V AC 50/60 Hz
      • 48 V DC
        • 9 mm pitches
          Product compatibility
        • iC60
        • RCA
        • single terminal
        • iID
        • double terminal
        • ARA
        • iSW-NA
        • iDPN Vigi
          • Range compatibility
          • Acti 9 iC65
          • Acti 9 ARA
          • Acti 9 iDPN Vigi
          • Acti 9 iID
          • Acti 9 iSW-NA
          • Acti 9 RCA
          • Acti 9 iDPN (China version)
          • Acti 9 iC60 double terminals miniature circuit breaker
          • Acti 9 iC40
            • Local signalling
              action indicator
              Mounting mode
              Mounting support
              DIN rail
              18 mm
              Connections - terminals
            • clamp terminal - 1 cable(s) 5-5 mm² - rigid
            • clamp terminal - 2 cable(s) 2.4-2.4 mm² - rigid
            • clamp terminal - 1 cable(s) 3-3 mm² - flexible
            • clamp terminal - 2 cable(s) 2.4-2.4 mm² - flexible with cable end
              • Tightening torque
                1-1 N.m
                Compatibility code
                Market segment
              • residential
              • small commercial
                • Standards
                  EN/IEC 60947-5-1
                  2 conforming to EN/IEC 60947-5-1
                  Relative humidity
                  95-95 % at 55-55 °C
                  Ambient air temperature for operation
                  -25-50 °C
                  Ambient air temperature for storage
                  -40-85 °C
                  Sustainable offer status
                  Green Premium product
                  REACh Regulation
                  Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
                  REACh free of SVHC
                  EU RoHS Directive
                  Toxic heavy metal free
                  Mercury free
                  RoHS exemption information
                  China RoHS Regulation
                   Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
                  Environmental Disclosure
                  The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
                  18 months

                  Frequently Asked Questions

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                  Will a new A9A26948 fit an old MG breaker

                  No they don't fit. You will need to replace the old MG MCB with new Acti9 MCB to fit the new Auxiliaries

                  will the A9A26929 fit on a C60-DC MCB?

                  No, those are designed to fit onto the acti9 AC MCBs for those MCBs use the A9N26929

                  Are the A9N18359 and A9A26924 compatible?

                  The ref A9N18359 is C120 MCB (Multi9 design in the white material).

                  The ref A9A26924 is iOF auxiliary (Aciti9 design for iC60 MCB).

                  I can confirm that the parts A9N18359 and A9A26924 are not compliant with each other


                  What is the code for the Acti9 Padlock?

                  The code is A9A26970

                  Does A9A26976 go with iDPN N VIGI?

                  No. Unfortunately it does not and we don't do the terminal Shiels for iDPN N vigi as the screws are small.

                  Padlocking device to fit Domae MCB

                  the Acti9 A9A26970 will fit on the domae breakers.

                  Does the A9A26981 fit on the A9S66163?

                  Yes, that is designed to fit on the Acti9 shaped devices including the iSW switches.

                  What items come with the KITWALLBOX7?

                  A9Z51240 = Type B single phase RCCD
                  A9F54240 = 2 pole, 40A, Curve MCB
                  A9A26969 = Under voltage release

                  What are the part numbers for Padlocking device which will go on LHS and RHS of Acti 9 iC60 and RCBO's?

                  Part number A9A26380 is for mounting on the left side of Circuit Breaker.
                  Part number A9A26381 is for mounting on the  Right side of Circuit breaker.
                  For further details please follow the below link,
                  Image result for A9A26380 schneider

                  Can A9A27049 be used in ON position of RCCB?

                  No , can't uses the locking device in ON position.

                  Of the 4 Alarms only one is configurable, why ?

                  It's done like that only one alarm is a custom one.

                  What RCCB is suitable for use in a VSD application?

                  B type RCCB, 63 A 4 poles 30 mA sensitivity:  Part #16756

                  What is the recommended screen resolution for SoMachine V4.1?

                  The recommended resolution for SoMachine V4.1 is 1680 x 1050 pixel.

                  What means the UOC function in the eXLhoist range ?

                  That means Unintended Operating Control Function, its goal is to actuate the Safety Torque Off function just after the end of the deceleration ramp of the drive.

                  What is the difference between the TSXSCPCX4030 and TSXSCPCM4030 cable?

                  Difference between TSXSCPCX4030 and TSXSCPCM4030 cable

                  Product Line:   
                  Automation PLC accessories

                  Need to know the difference between the TSXSCPCX4030 and TSXSCPCM4030 cable


                  TSXSCPCM4030   Modbus cable RS485 2 wire, 3 meter
                  TSXSCPCX4030    Modbus cable RS485 4 wire. 3 meter

                  Can I use an ATS48 type starter to supply a slip-ring motor?

                  The ATS48 could be used with Slip Ring motor, but due to the fact a Slip Ring motor is designed for high torque applications the most efficient answer would be to use an ATV71 constant torque variable speed drive. 

                  If a Soft Start Unit is to be used to start a Slip Ring Motor there are a number of things to be considered.

                  The resistors are to be removed and the Rota shorted out, but engineers agree that a small amount of resistance should be maintained.  This is usually achieved in the cables.


                  This has in theory turned the motor into a Squirrel cage motor with HIGH TORQUE starting.  To use a soft start on a high torque application the current limit must be set to maximum this would mean the motor would be able to pull high current to get it away.   The average starting current for a Slip Ring Motor is 250% of its Full Load Current where as if using a Soft Start it would be 700% of Full Load Current.   Using a 55Kw motor as an example at 400V


                                                                       SLIP RING

                                                                    FLC x 250 =      100 x 2.5 = 250A


                                                                      SOFT START

                                                                    FLC x 700 =      100 x 7 = 700A


                  As can be seen from the above calculations all the wiring and circuit equipment will have to be changed to be able to cope with the higher currents


                  So as previously stated the best option if you are replacing a Slip Ring Starter is to use an Altivar Variable Speed Drive from the ATV71 range