Adaptable Enclosures, Adaptable Enclosure - L211 x W108 x H139mm

Adaptable Enclosures, Adaptable Enclosure - L211 x W108 x H139mm

Adaptable Enclosures, Adaptable Enclosure - L211 x W108 x H139mm

Item Number: 765-GY

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Colour Grey (GY)
  • Grey 1 PCE

Product Dimensions

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Width108 mm

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Height139 mm

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Depth211 mm

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Qty UoM EAN Colour



Product brand


Range of product




108 mm


139 mm


211 mm

Device mounting


EU RoHS Directive

Under investigation

Toxic heavy metal free


Mercury free


RoHS exemption information


China RoHS Regulation

 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)



PVC (polyvinyl chloride): housing


Cover type


Package 1 Weight

0.82 kg

Package 1 Height

130 mm

Package 1 width

174 mm

Package 1 Length

250 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a 200A version of the Busbar connection/Front wire HRC fuse carriers

 No the largest is the 100A which has a part code is PDL 765

Can I fit a 50A fuse in to a 63A PDL 760


What is APC's number?

For APC enquires contact: 1800 652 725

Is the PDL 565 available in Black

Part number PDL565BK is obsolete in Black only available in white

Can CRM 565 (PNIM) perform Net-to-Net operations to an EPE5 or SPE4?

Product Line
CRM 565

Net-to-Net Operations

The CRM 565 cannot perform Net-to-Net operations(Page 5-2 of the CRM 565 Instruction Bulletin). Use a CRM 510(Page 16 of the CRM 510 Instruction Bulletin) or CRM 540 (NIMS)(Page 30 of the CRM 540 Instruction Bulletin) to perform Net-to-Net operations.

What is the overall dimension of 651A2-BK?

Overall dimension of 651A2-BK is 365 (W) x 209 (H) x138(D).

What is the IP rating of 265 series of adaptable box?

The 265 Series of adaptable boxes is IP56 rated. Each box is supplied with a 3mm sealing gasket.

What are the Dimensions for PDL Switchboard DBF60?

Board Size: 376w x 800h x 100d
Hole Size: 335w x 765h x 80d 


What is the part number for replacement screws for the lid for the 265 J-Boxes?

The part number for replacement screws for the lid for the 265 J-Boxes is - 265SCREW

For further information , visit link below:-

Can you put the wireless interconnect base onto the 10 year lithium ion 755 Alarm?

No, you still need to have the 10 Year Lithium Iron unit connected to mains power.
This is to ensure that (A) The battery always remains charged and (B) so the unit is
always receiving power and complying with Regulation 76B under the Development Act, 1993,

"Houses built since 1 January 1995 must be equipped with hard-wired smoke alarms.
When a house with 9 volt battery powered smoke alarms is sold the new owner has
six months to install alarms which are hard-wired to the 240 volt power supply"

What is the part code for IP rated Junction Boxes in the Clipsal range

 You can use the 265 Series eg. Part 265/1-GY

How is differential protection calculated for a VAMP 265 relay?

User wishes to know how differential protection is calculated for VAMP 265 relay

Product Line
VAMP 200 series


Differential protection stage in VAMP 265 is calculated based on fundamental frequency phasors which are calculated using discrete Fourier transforms (DFT).
The sampling rate is 32 samples per cycle and the DFT sampling window width is one cycle.
The fundamental frequency current phasors are calculated every ten milliseconds.

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