socket swt pvc ip66 4pin 50a

Switched Socket Outlet, 500V, 50A, 4 Round Pin

Catalogue Number: 66CV450
socket swt pvc ip66 4pin 50a
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour Resistant Grey (RG)
  • Resistant Grey 1 PCE


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Range of product
Series 66CV
Product brand
Device application
power supply
Number of poles
Number of modules
Number of power socket outlets
1 protective cover
[In] rated current
50 A
[Ue] rated operational voltage
500 V AC
plastic: housing
215 mm
160 mm
320 mm

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is cover only available for part number 66CV463?

Part number for cover is a special 66CV463-CVR-RG.

What is the function of the interlock on 56CVI one peice models of 56 series switched socket outlet?

Mechanical interlock is an optional feature to ensure power disconnection before insertion or removal of the plug. Internal interlock facility is available on three phase, one piece cover  switched socket outlets.  add I to Catalogue Number e.g. 56CV410 becomes 56CVI410.

Can the 56CV520 be purchased in chemical grey?

Yes the part number is 56CV520-CG.

What is the switch mech for the PDL 56CV110

Replacement switch mech is PDL581/58YL

Is the cover for 56cv432 available as a spare part.

No, not available as a spare part.

Is the back box for a 66CV563 available as a spare part?

No, this is not done as a spare part.
However, the back box for the 66CV563 is available through quotes as a special.

Is there a 6 or 7 pin option in the 56 series cord connectors?

No 56CR550 is the largest size we do with 5 Pins and a rating of 50A.

Will a Wilco 5 pin 63A plug fit in a 66cv563 outlet?

Yes, the Wilco 5 pin 63A plug will fit in a 66CV563 outlet.

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What is part number for plug to suit 66CV563?

The part number for plug to suit is 66P563.

Can I use an old PDL 56P435 plug with a 56SO440 and 56SO450 socket

Yes you can plug a 32A(or 35A) plug into a 40A or 50A socket as long as it has the same number of pins or less.

What is the cable entry dimensions for the 56CSC450?

The cable entry dimensions for the 56CSC450 is - 9mm - 28mm

For further information , visit  link below:-
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What is the cable size for the PDL 56CV310 Combination Switched Socket ?

 Cable Size for the Switch
Cable Cross Section            Min     0.75 
Solid or Stranded mm2        Max    6
Cable Size for the Socket
Cable Cross Section            Min    1.0
Solid or Stranded mm2        Max    10
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