Stainless Steel Cover

Stainless Steel Cover

Stainless Steel Cover

Item Number: 625M-SS

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Colour Stainless Steel (SS)
  • Stainless Steel 1 PCE



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  • C-Bus
  • PDL 600 Designer Series
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      1 kg
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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What is the fan mech only for a PDL 625FM

      PDL 600FM

      Can I purchase a PDL 629M TV socket module without print

      This is not a standard product.

      I have a PDL 625FM fan controller it keeps on humming

      Recommend changing to the PDL 625C3 Fan controller

      Will the PDL 625F work on an 80w fan

      Yes if the motor is shaded pole or split phase

      Strato tv mech and blanks ?

      PDL800GPSWH grid and plate
      800ma + 628m + 880bm x2 blanks

      What is the difference between the 625F and the 625C3?

      Both are fan speed controllers but 625C3 is designed for 3 speed control of ceiling sweep fans (max 100VA), the 625F is a fully variable fan speed controller for extract fans up to 500VA.

      Will the PDL 625FM fan controller work with a Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motor?

      Although a Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) is a variation of a Split Phase Induction motor the electronic fan controller is suitable for Split Phase induction motors and Shaded pole motors ONLY.
      They are not specified for use on Permanent capacitor start motors.

      For further information on the 625FM please visit

      Can I use PDL625C3 for a 58W extractor fan

       May be suitable but not spec'd.   Rather use a 625F which has a minimum load of 40W

      What is the maximum load and minimum load for a PDL 625F rotary fan speed controller ?

      The Maximum Load is 500W and the Minimum Load is 40W

      What is the dimensions for the PDL 661VH One Aperature Architrave Grid Plate ?

      The Overall Dimensions - 78mm x 32mm
      Mounting Centres - 62mm

      What is part number for PDL Universal fan module?

      The part number for PDL Universal fan module is a PDL625FM.
      For information on this part please refer to 625 fm

      What would be the dimensions for a DBF60, DBF45, DBF30 and DBF15.

      335W x 625H x 80D. dbf60
      335W x 491H x 80D. dbf45
      335W x 357H x 80D. dbf30
      335W x 223H x 80D. dbf15
      These are flush mount boards in the PDL range in 15, 30, 45 and 60 module.
      Please see following link for more product detail under the documents tab.
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