pendent oulet kit 32a- 50a

Series 56 Suspension Hook, Large

Catalogue Number: 56SHL
pendent oulet kit 32a- 50a
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Clipsal - 56 Series
Product brand
Accessory / separate part category
fixing accessory
Product or component type
fixation clamp
Product specific application
For 56 Series™ 16A and 20A, IP66 Cord Connector
Range compatibility
88 mm
140 mm
3.15 mm
Net weight
0.035 kg
Quantity per set
set of 14
Type of packing
Targeted country
Market segment
  • industry
  • utility
  • small commercial
    • Ambient air temperature for operation
      -25-75 °C
      EU RoHS Directive
      Environmental Disclosure

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Why doesn't the 56SHL fit on my 56 series plug?

      The 56SHL is for the size two plugs which is 32-50A three phase.
      If this is too big you will need the 56SHM as this is for the size one plugs.

      For further information please visit


      What is the difference between a 56SHM and a 56POK?

      The 56SHM replaces the 56POK.

      What is the suspension hook for the 56 Series Mactro connectors

      The suspension hook 56SHL fits the MACTRO 32 - 50A connectors, and the 56SHM fits the 16 - 20A connectors (and plugs)

      Can I suspend a 56 Series cord connector?

      Yes. Select the required size suspension hook to match the size of the connector. Fit the hook between the body of the connector and the cord clamp.

      56POK FOR 10 TO 15AMP
      56SHM FOR MACTRO 16 TO 20AMP


      What is the hole dimensions for the hole in the 56SHM?

      The hole dimensions for the hole in the 56SHM is - 26mm

      For further information , visit link below:-

      What is the part number of the pendant conversion kit/suspension hook to suit 56CSC532 extension socket?

      56SHL is the part number of the pendant conversion kit/suspension hook to suit 56CSC532 extension socket.

      Key Features

      • Suits size 2 plugs and connectors
      • Replaces 56POK
      For further information, please visit

      Does the 56SPOK fit the 56SP0310?

      No part number 56SHM is the part to use.

      Is there a pendant conversion kit for 56CSC310, 56 series extension socket?

      Unfortunately not we do not have pendant conversion kit for 56CSC310. 56SHM does not fit 56CSC310. However, we have 56SPO310 which is a 3 flat pin 10A switched pendant outlet.

      For further information, please visit

      What is the cap for a 56CSC310?


      Does the PDL 56DOL starter come with an enclosure?

      Yes, the PDL 56DOL Starters come with a 56E2 enclosure.

      Using a 56 series 56CB4 in a 56E6 box. If I use a 56E4L will it maintain its IP rating

      Yes it will

      Does the 56SB4 come in a LE version?

      No, unfortunately the 56SB4 only comes as a complete unit.

      Some of the key features are:
      • Supplied with neutral and earth bars
      • Earth terminal and door
      • No isolating switch
      • 4 modules wide to suit DIN Rail RCDs, MCBs, MCB/RCD and accessories
      for further information please visit

      Are dimensions and images available of part number 56SB4 & 56SB13?

      Yes, the information is available under the "Product Specifications" Tab for both part numbers.
      For more information on these parts please refer to  


      In the 56 series range, is there a motor starter in this range

      The 56MS series has been replaced by the 56DOL series

      What is the part code for a PDL56DOL starter switch

      You can use a 56DOL + 56SW to suit application in a 56E3 box

      Is the PDL 56T913 ( Thermal Overload ) still available in New Zealand

      The 56T913 are now obsolete the new alternate is the 56DOL series

      Is the cover plates for the PDL56DOL cover available as a separate part?

      No, That is only available as a complete unit.

      Are replacement stop or start buttons available for the 56DOL range?

      No, they are not, as they are glued into the lid in the factory.
      Spare lids are available as a special order from Australia, and are likely to be a stock item by mid 2014.

      What is the part number for a Din rail to suit 56 Series enclosure?

      The din rail assembly by itself is a 56DINASS this clips into a 56E2 base.
      If you require a complete enclosure, the part number would be a 56SB4-GY which comes in Grey.
      You can also buy these as separate items to build up to this by using a 56CB4 + 56E2 and a 56DINASS.

      Please see following brochure for complete 56 series and product data.

      What is the PDL 56 series DOL starter with a reset only?

      We no longer supply a DOL with only a reset button.
      The new 56DOL range has a stop/reset button and a start button.
      As the start button operates a set of contacts the wiring to the start button can be easily omitted so only the stop/reset button works.

      What is the 25-32A overload to suit the 56MS400?

      Overloads and parts are no longer available for the 56MS range, these have been replaced with the 56DOL range, neither of which would handle 32A.
      The largest 56DOL starter is rated at 16A and the 12-18A overload is LRD21.
      If a 32A DOL starter is required selct from the LE1D range, the LE1D35 has a 15kW 32A rated contactor in it to which an LRD32 23 - 32A overload can be fitted.