audio amplifier remote 10w

C-Bus Stereo Audio Amplifier, C-Bus Enabled Desktop-Mount Version, 10W

Catalogue Number: 560110R
audio amplifier remote 10w
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Frequently Asked Questions

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​Is there an alternative C-Bus Amplifier for 560125D/2?

Either the 560125R/2 (25w remote amplifier) or the 560110R (10w remote amplifier) may be used.
Please note that these parts do not have any local control buttons on the front of the device.

​Is there an alternative for C-Bus Amplifier 560125R/2?

An alternative for C-Bus is a 560125D/2 or 560110R.

What is the part number for an indication LED for the 56SW110?

The part number for an indication LED for the 56SW110 is - 56LEDK1

For further information , visit link below:-
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What is the AX rating for a 56SS10?

Inductive current rating = 6A

Is there a replacement mechanism for the 56SW110 switch?

No, we do not offer replacement mechanisms for 56 series switches because it may affect the IP rating.

For further information please visit

What is the switch mech for the PDL 56CV110

Replacement switch mech is PDL581/58YL

What is the replacement part number for the Modbus Plus Tap part number 5602112?

The Modbus Plus Tap part number 5602112 is a product of Phoenix Contactand you would need to contact them for the replacement part number.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL212714 V1.0, Originally authored by RoAl on 10/09/2013, Last Edited by RoAl on 10/09/2013
Related ranges: Modbus Plus

What is the standard base depth that comes with the 56C310?

The standard base depth that comes with the 56C310 is on a 38mm base.

What is the alternative for a Clipsal 56C310D

Alternate for this in NZ is the PDL 56CV315LEGY - DP with 3 flat pins

Does Clipsal offer 56C310 in double pole?

Yes, the part name is as follows: 56C310D

Is the switch mec available as a spare part for the 56SW110?

Yes, the code is PDL581/58YL.

What is the replacement for 56SW110N?

We need to build this up, use 56SW110 + 56LEDK1.
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