493 sparkemate tester with bluetooth

Spark-e-Mate Bluetooth Enabled Sparkemate for Android Devices

Catalogue Number: 493BTL
493 sparkemate tester with bluetooth
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EU RoHS Directive
Will be compliant – Date to be confirmed

Frequently Asked Questions

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493BTL and 493BTLi - logging instructions for PC, Android and iOS

See attached file.


Can either get the
standard 493
493btl for android
493btli for Iphone

Is the 488 tester still available

No it has been replaced by the spark-e-mate 493BTL and 493BTL I

Where can I find instructions for the 493BTL Spark-e-mate?

Where can I find the PC software for the Clipsal Spark-e-mate Bluetooth version 493BTL

 You can download it from www.sparkemate.com/software/log.zip

Can the 493BTL be up graded to bluetooth?

Yes, this upgrade is possible but it is done by a third party company called Design 2000.

They can be contacted on (03) 97585933 or www.design2000.com.au

Does the 493BTL spark-e-mate come with test leads?

No, the 493BTL is the unit only. However the 493BTLK is the unit complete with leads.

Some of the key features are:
  • Full range of tests required for compliance testing of residential applications
  • Includes RCD testing sequences required as part of AS/NZS3003 Electrical Systems in Hospitals
  • Sparkemate kit includes hard yellow carry case and test lead kit
For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=493BTLK


Is there a Spark-e-Mate Multi Tester Calibration Service available for both 493 (Standard) and 493BTL (Bluetooth)

Yes.  Calibration service is offered via Customer Care phone 0800 652 999.  Similar method to RMA's.

What does the 493 / 493BTL come with when ordered?

Nothing - you will need to order the leads (493L) and shoulder bag/pouch (493SB) as separate products.

I cannot find the spark-e-log app in the Apple app store?

Try searching in Iphone only apps


How to resolve the issue when 493BTL does not seem to send the attachments even in an email?

This is a permissions/security issue with the very latest version of the Android operating system (Version 6.x or simply "Marshmallow").

This can be manually fixed by doing the following:

1) Open Android Settings, select "Applications" from the settings list and then "Application Manager".

2) Scroll down the list of installed Apps and tap on "Sparkelog".

3) Select "Permissions" then slide the option button next to "Storage" across to ON (to the right).

Note: This only needs to be done once.