Clipsal Iconic Push Button Wiser Smart Dimmer Mechanism ControlLink 300W 3-Wire

Vivid White | Clipsal Iconic Push Button Wiser Smart Dimmer Mechanism ControlLink 300W 3-Wire

Clipsal Iconic Push Button Wiser Smart Dimmer Mechanism ControlLink 300W 3-Wire

Item Number: 41EPBDWCLM-VW

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For smart device control and configuration with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the Clipsal Iconic Push Button Wiser Smart Dimmer Module allows you to set timer and scheduling functions through the Clipsal Wiser App. The mech also allows multiway LED dimming with ControlLink technology.

Product Dimensions

Width icon

Width48 mm

Height icon

Height22 mm

Embedding depth icon

Embedding depth70 mm



Qty UoM EAN Colour
Clipsal Iconic 3025 exploded view
3043G Rear Perspective
Iconic Switch Grids Exploded Back



Product brand




Product or component type


Colour tint

vivid white (VW)

Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Range compatibility

  • Clipsal Iconic cover plate
  • Pro Series cover plate
    • Device presentation


      Dimmer type


      Load type

    • dimmable LED: 0...150 W
    • compact fluorescent lamp: 0...300 W
    • incandescent lamp: 0...300 W at 240 V
    • halogen lamp: 0...300 W at 240 V
    • LV halogen lamps: 0...300 W (electronic transformer)
      • [Ue] rated operational voltage

        220...240 V AC 50 Hz

        Protection type

      • overheating protection
      • short-circuit protection
      • overcurrent protection
        • Local signalling


          Control type

        • push-button
        • by mobile application
        • multi-way control via ControlLink
          • Wiring configuration


            Mounting support


            Device mounting


            Fixing mode


            Fixing center

            84 mm

            Type of installation

            indoor installation

            Embedding depth

            70 mm


            56 mm


            48 mm


            22 mm

            IP degree of protection


            Relative humidity

            5-90 % non-condensing


          • AS/NZS 60669.2.1 safety
          • AS/NZS 60669.2.1 EMC
          • AS/NZS 4268 radio
            • REACh Regulation

              Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

              EU RoHS Directive


              Mercury free


              RoHS exemption information


              China RoHS Regulation

              Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

              Environmental Disclosure


              Circularity Profile






              Number of ways

              5 ways

              Software name

              Wiser by SE App

              Maximum number of connected devices

            • 3 (dimmer)
            • 2 (ControlLink module)
              • Cable length

                50 m for ControlLink module

                Technology type

              • bluetooth low energy default
              • Zigbee
                • Memory description

                • backup memory - date and time for 6 h
                • backup memory - program for indefinite period
                  • Package 1 Weight

                    30 g

                    Package 1 Height

                    39 mm

                    Package 1 width

                    67 mm

                    Package 1 Length

                    87 mm
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                    Frequently Asked Questions

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                    Why do I need to update my Iconic Bluetooth devices and why should I change to the Wiser by SE App?

                    It is highly recommended to update your Bluetooth devices to the latest firmware, this will ensure combability with the new Wiser by SE App. For Wiser compatible Bluetooth devices the firmware update will also allow them to be swapped into Zigbee mode. The Wiser by SE App provides enhanced security features, the ability to create and manage homes, the ability to use the Wiser Hub and create a Zigbee network with your Iconic Zigbee devices. Connecting with the Wiser Hub allows control from outside of your home as well as voice control, moments(scenes) and automation functions. Updating your App will give you access to the latest features available within the Iconic Wiser product range.

                    I have made name changes to my Wiser devices in Wiser by SE how can I get these changes to work with Google voice control?

                    When setting up Google home and voice control make sure that any changes that are made to devices in Wiser by SE in the naming of mechs or adding/removing items are done on the device that the speaker is linked within google home. Making sure to refresh the Google Home App after the changes are made in Wiser by SE.

                    The changes will not be recognized If they are done on a device that is not the creator of the Home within the Google Home App that is linked with the voice control speaker. This can be solved by having the creator refresh his Google Home.
                    Note: Only one Wiser by SE account should be linked with Google home per household. This person should then create the home within Google Home and add members to this home. If more than one Wiser by SE account in the same home is linked to Google Home this can create ‘doubles’ of the Wiser devices within the Google Home App.

                    Wiser Product Warranty

                    The Hub, IR converter and all Sensors have a warranty of 12 months.
                    The 2AX (41E2PBSWM), 10AX (41E10PBSWM), Dimmer (41EPBDWCLM), Micro module dimmer (CLP5010WDZ), Micro module switch (CLP5011WSZ), Micro module blinds (CLP5015WBZ) and the Connected Socket Outlet (3025CSG) all have a 2-year warranty.
                    This information can be found on the product installation instructions.

                    What can I do to solve connectivity issues with my Iconic Bluetooth switches (41E10PBSWM and 41EPBDWCLM)?

                    If you are experiencing connectivity issues here is a list to check that can help resolve issues.
                    Is the product Bluetooth capable? 
                    Check your product code and its instructions for confirmation

                    Is your Bluetooth on and is your phone/device currently connected to any other Bluetooth devices?
                    If you are currently connected to another Bluetooth item it is recommended to disconnect.

                    Are you in range of the product?
                    You should be within 8-10m or be in the same room but it is recommended to stand directly in front of the product.

                    Are there multiple Bluetooth capable products in a 2 or 3 gang switch plate?
                    If so, the recommendation is that in a 2-gang plate the top mechanism should be rotated upside down OR in a 3-gang plate rotate the middle mechanism upside down. This can limit interference caused by have the BLE antenna lined up in all the mechanisms.

                    Is the indicator LED solid Amber/Orange and flashing the same colour when in pairing mode?
                    The mechanism is in Zigbee mode and will not pair via Bluetooth. 

                    Have you previously connected to the product using the same phone/device?
                    Make sure the product has been removed from the App and check your phone/device Bluetooth settings and remove it from there also if present.

                    After all these checks are completed and you are ready to attempt the pairing procedure it is recommended to carry out a factory reset and then power cycle the mechanism. It can also help to restart the App or a full restart of your phone/device

                    Note: For all information on how to put a product into pairing mode and do a factory reset please refer to the installation instructions for the specific product.

                    What do the different colours of LED indication on my Wiser switches mean?

                    Common colour LED indications on the products -  41E10PBSWM, 41EPBDWCLM, 41E2PBSWM, 41E10PBSWMZ, 41EPBDWCLMZ, 41E2PBSWMZ:

                    Flashing Amber - Mechanism is in Zigbee and is currently in pairing mode, is not connected to a Hub
                    Flashing Green - Mechanism is in Zigbee and is in pairing mode, is already connected to a Hub
                    Solid Green - Mechanism is in Zigbee and is already connected to a Hub that is currently scanning for other mechanisms/devices
                    Flashing Red and Green - Mechanism is in BLE and is in pairing mode
                    Solid Amber - Mechanism is in Zigbee mode and not connected to a Hub

                    What is the part no. of a Push Button Dimmer and Switch mechanism, both in one ?

                    The part nos. that are both dimmer and switch in Push Button type are as follows ,

                    Clipsal 30 Series                - 31E2PUDM-WE , Dimmer mechanism 240V , 350W
                    Clipsal Saturn Series         - 4061E2PUDM-TR , Dimmer mechanism 240V , 350W
                    Clipsal Modena Series     - 80E2PUDM-WE , Dimmer mechanism 240V , 350W
                    Clipsal Iconic                      - 41E300PBUD2SM-VW , 2 wire Dimmer mechanism 240V , 300W
                    Clipsal Iconic                      - 41EPBDWCLM-VW , Bluetooth Enabled 3 wire Dimmer mechanism 240V , 300W, 150W Dimmable LED

                    Note:-  All the above are Universal Dimmers.

                    Dimmer and Switch.png
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                    Customisable and future-ready

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                    Once the grids have been installed by an electrician, it’s safe for anyone to change the skins at any time. Simply clip off the standard skins and clip on the new design.

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