Clipsal Iconic Electronic Time Clock Mechanism, PushButton with BLE & ControlLink 3-Wire, 6A

Vivid White | Clipsal Iconic Electronic Time Clock Mechanism, PushButton with BLE & ControlLink 3-Wire, 6A

Clipsal Iconic Electronic Time Clock Mechanism, PushButton with BLE & ControlLink 3-Wire, 6A

Item Number: 41E6PBTC3SBM-VW

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The Clipsal Iconic Electronic Time Clock Mechanism features Bluetooth Low Energy technology and ControlLink multi-switch control for extra convenience. This time clock switch has 24/7 and 16 on/off schedules with an automatic Daylight Savings Time update.

Colour Vivid White (VW)
  • Vivid White 1 PCE

Product Dimensions

Width icon

Width23 mm

Height icon

Height23 mm

Embedding depth icon

Embedding depth38 mm

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Qty UoM EAN Colour




Clipsal Iconic

Product or component type

electronic time switch

Device application


Colour tint

vivid white

Surface finish




Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Device presentation


Range compatibility

cover plate

Number of channels


Device mounting




Fixing mode


Connections - terminals

flying leads

Type of packing


Sale per indivisible quantity


Remote control type

Wiser room application

[Ie] rated operational current

6 A

[Ue] rated operational voltage

220...240 V AC 50 Hz



Backup time

<= 12 h

Load type

  • LED lighting 6 A
  • incandescent lamp 6 A
  • low voltage halogen lamp with iron core transformer 6 A
  • low voltage halogen lamp with electronic transformer 6 A
  • fluorescent lamp 6 A
  • compact fluorescent lamp 6 A
  • resistive 6 A
    • Derating factor

    • 1 devices6 A without derating
    • 2 devices4.5 A with derating factor
    • 3 devices4 A with derating factor
    • 4 devices3 A with derating factor
    • 5 devices2 A with derating factor
    • 6 devices1.5 A with derating factor
      • Operating distance

        30 m

        Control signal type


        Function available

      • sunrise/sunset in schedules
      • auto daylight savings adjustment
      • automatic with manual override
        • Wiring configuration

          3 wires with neutral

          Type of setting

          adjustable in 16 schedules

          Minimum interval duration

          1 min

          Local signalling

          LED indicator (warm white)


          23 mm


          23 mm


          40 mm

          Embedding depth

          38 mm


          AS/NZS 60669.2.1

          Ambient air temperature for storage

          0-60 °C

          Ambient air temperature for operation

          0-45 °C

          Relative humidity

          0-90 %

          EU RoHS Directive


          Mercury free


          RoHS exemption information


          China RoHS Regulation

          Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

          Environmental Disclosure


          Circularity Profile



          Package 1 Weight

          78.3 g

          Package 1 Height

          40 mm

          Package 1 width

          65 mm

          Package 1 Length

          90 mm
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          Frequently Asked Questions

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          Can part number 41E6PBT3SBM operate as run on timer?

          Yes, part number 41E6PBT3SBM can be used as run on Timer when used in conjunction with 40M.

          What is the part number for the time clock mech in the Iconic range?

          There are 2 time clock mechs in the Iconic range, the 10 amp - 41E10PBTC3SBM and the 6 amp 41E6PBTC3SBM.

          For more information, please refer to the link:

          What is the standby power/ energy consumption for the Bluetooth ICONIC mechanisms?

          The standby power consumption for both BLE switches (6AX and 10AX) is 0.6w/hr.

          For how long can Iconic time clock maintain real-time settings (current time, date) during a mains power outage?

          Iconic Timeclocks 41E6PBTC3SBM-VW & 41E10PBTC3SBM-VW  can maintain real-time settings (current time, date) for a minimum of 12 hours during a Mains power outage. 
          41E10PBSWM-VW can maintain real-time settings (current time, date) for a minimum of 6 hours during a Mains power outage. 
          Iconic Timeclocks offer the functionality of Pushbutton Timers, plus the ability to configure up to 16-time schedules that allow for:
          • Days of the week (weekdays, weekends) and months of the year.
          • Sunrise/Sunset times that adjust based on geolocation.
          • Are BLE-capable and can be configured/controlled via Bluetooth with the Wiser Room App installed on a compatible mobile device.
          • Feature a configurable On/Off manual override pushbutton.

          For further information, please visit 

          41E10PBTC3SBM-VW                                                                                                                                                                                                                      41E10PBSWM-VW




          Do iconic push button switches 41E350PBES2SM-VW and 41E6PBES3SBM-VW have LED indicators?

          Both push button switch models incorporate LED indicator. By default, the indicator displays at 100 % brightness when the load is switched On, and displays at 10 % brightness when the load is switched Off. The LED indicator configuration can be changed.
          41E6PBES3SBM-VW is now discontinued
          For further information, please visit:


          What are the part numbers to make a Bluetooth switch with rotary dimmer in Anthracite?

          The Part numbers required to make a Bluetooth dimmer in Anthracite are:

          3042G -(Grid)
          3042C-AN -(Cover)
          40APB-AN -(Push button dolly in Anthricite)
          40EDIMKB-AN -(Rotary knob Kit in Anthricite)
          41E6PBES3SBM-VW -(Bluetooth Switch Mechanism)
          42E350RUD2M-VW -(Rotary Dimmer Mechanism)

          For further information please visit