plug safety 3pack

Safety Plug Pack

Catalogue Number: 417
plug safety 3pack
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PAC


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Product brand
Unit Type of Package 1
Number of Units in Package 1
Package 1 Weight
0.015 kg
Package 1 Height
36 mm
Package 1 width
100 mm
Package 1 Length
133 mm
Unit Type of Package 2
Number of Units in Package 2
Package 2 Weight
0.19 kg
Package 2 Height
90 mm
Package 2 width
104 mm
Package 2 Length
152 mm
Unit Type of Package 3
Number of Units in Package 3
Package 3 Weight
2.8 kg
Package 3 Height
210 mm
Package 3 width
348 mm
Package 3 Length
445 mm
EU RoHS Directive
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is part number 413 available in Black?

Yes part number 413 is available in Black.

What is the diameter of part number 412?

Diameter for part number 412 is 47mm.

What is the diameter for part number 412?

The diameter for part number 412 is 47mm.

What is the part number for a 413 surface socket with 4 flat pins?

The part number is 410.

What is the nail on base plate for 413 socket outlet??

Nail on base plate for socket outlet 413 is - 413NP-TR.
For further information go to:
User-added image

Who is stocking Elliwell products ?

Smith Elements & Controls  - 0800 437 638


Single Phase Symmetra XR Frame Compatibility


Single Phase Symmetra XR frames are compatible only with certain UPS systems.

Product Line

Symmetra Power Array
Symmetra RM
Symmetra LX


All serial numbers


Due to some design differences, not every single phase Symmetra XR frame is compatible with every UPS system in the single phase Symmetra product family.


To determine compatibility, reference the following guidelines:

Symmetra Power Array UPS: use any combination of SYXR4. and SYXR12.

Symmetra RM UPS: SYRMXR4B4.

Symmetra LX UPS: use any combination of SYARMXR3B3, SYAXR9B9, SYARMXR9B9, or SYRMXR4B4. SYXR12 and SYXR4 cabinets are compatible only with the use of the DC cable adapter, SYOPT3, which is discontinued.

Please note: The maximum number of XR frames that can be supported by single phase Symmetra platform is 7.  Symmetra LX systems with integrated XR cabinets can only communicate with 6 additional, external XR cabinets.


What is the replacement AC coil for CAD32 and CAD50 relay?

AC coil replacement for CAD32 and CAD50

Product Line:

Tesys CAD Control Relays

Product selection

Volt = coil part number
12 = LXD1J7
21 = LXD1Z7
24 = LXD1B7
32 = LXD1C7
36 = LXD1CC7
42 = LXD1D7
48 = LXD1E7
60 = LXD1EE7
100 = LXD1K7
110 = LXD1F7
115 = LXD1FE7
120 = LXD1G7
127 = LXD1FC7
200 = LXD1L7
208 = LXD1LL7
220/230 = LXD1M7
230 595 21 LXD1P7
230/240 = LXD1U7
277 781 30 LXD1W7
380/400 = LXD1Q7
400 = LXD1V7
415 = LXD1N7
440 = LXD1R7
480 = LXD1T7
600 = LXD1X7
690 = LXD1Y7


What does the 412 suffix mean on the ATV312 drives?

What does the 412 suffix mean on the ATV312 drives?

Product Line:
Altivar 312

All models

Cannot find source in the USA

Suffix 412 indicates a special ATV312 for solar photovoltaic applications.
It is not marketed in the USA.  Please contact your OEM for suggested replacements.

Does the 413/15 come with a back plate?

No it doesn't come with a back plate. You will need a 413NP.

Some of the key features are:
  • For the use of cable ties for cable clamping
  • Not suitable for 414/4P
  • For 410, 413 and 414 products
  • AS3100, AS/NZS3112, AS3109 Certified
For further information please visit

Can you buy the door assembly for the PDL DBS15 as a spare part?

Yes - DBF15ASSY will fit the DBS15 (PG 117 of PDL Pocket Book)

What is part no for mounting block to suit 40

Part no for mounting block is 447
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