switch ceil cord & knob

Ceiling Switches, Ceiling Switch cord in 6 ft Lengths - White

Catalogue Number: 346
switch ceil cord & knob
Colour: White Electric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • White Electric 1 PCE


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Product brand
Device presentation
basic element
Switch function
pull cord
Local signalling
[Ue] rated operational voltage
250 V AC
Rated current
15 A
without marking
EU RoHS Directive
Environmental Disclosure
Circularity Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What minimum voltage is it possible to use ATV68, when switching-off protection “undervoltage”?

Goals and Symptoms

What minimum voltage is it possible to use ATV68, when switching-off protection undervoltage? Thank you very much for your help.

Facts and Changes


Causes and Fixes

400 V range = 287 V
500 V range = 346 V
690 V range = 537 V

If the control is supplied with an external source 24V, if the voltage goes under the guarantied range, and if the fault undervoltage is deactivated (E3.08), the drive is going to supply the motor in downgraded operation (speed reduction, current limitation...) as long as no other fault appears.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL161862 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
Related ranges: Altivar 68

Is part number 343 available as 2 way?

Yes. Part number 343 is standard as 2 way.

Is there a intermediate version of the 306 pull cord switch?

No unfortunately this part is unavailable.

Is there a dual channel version for a PDL 646 timer

All the 646 series of timers are single channel
The only Duel timer we have are Din mounted

Can you get Inspection Tees without the Inspection cover?

No. The 246 Series only come with the Inspection cover.

Is the Clipsal 343 a 2 way switch

This is a two way switch

Is there a mounting ring for the 343 pull switch?

No, unfortunately there is nothing available.

Does the 546 universal timer have an inbuilt override

This does not have a manual override, you would need to use the 648TM with a 600RM in order to get that functionality

What is the Steel rating for 173SS?

The 173SS is rated at 316 Grade Steel

Are the 172SS saddles made from 316 Stainless Steel?

Yes, the 172SS saddles are made from 316 stainless steel.

Some of the key features are:
  • 0.9 mm gauge
  • 135 mm Maximum Slot Width
  • 5 mm diameter Hole
  • 39 mm Centres
  • 50 mm Length x 20 mm Width x 24 mm Height
For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=172SS


What are the dimensions for the standard range 4 gang architrave switch, 34A?

The dimensions for the standard range 4 gang architrave switch , 34A are - L140mm x W32mm x D10mm


What grade is the stainless steel used in Clipsal BSL cover plates?

304 is the standard grade but we can get 316 as special.
There is no set pricing for 316 grade plates, we need to get a quote from AU
as it is a special and it will depend on the cost of the SS 316 
at the time of manufacturing.

What mounting accessories can be used to mount a 342 pull cord switch?

The 93BF is the one to use, which can then mount to a 240 Jbox.

For more information please visit the Clipsal.com website on the links provided

Does the HMIG5U2's CPU support virtualization?

The HMIG5U2's CPU supports VT-X virtualizaiton. Please see the CPU spec below:


Explanation of all the Vijeo Designer service pack downloads

In regards to updating your Vijeo Designer V6.2 to the latest service pack, here is a description of what each file does:

(Required updates)
This is for your buildtime environment. ie. Your PC where you develop projects. Install this first.

(Optional updates)
Updates Manuals and Help menus. Install this second on the PC where you develop projects.

d on iPCs / PCs that are used as HMIs (ie. not the development environment)

Used on PCs where you need to connect to your HMI remotely via Web Gate

Release Noteshttps://www.update.schnei

Is there a vertical 500 series Shaver socket

PDL 2014 Pocket book - page 73, PDL1575
Universal 110V and 240V, direct replacement for the 63T
Note:Plate dimensions 146 x 90mm (HxW).
Mounting Centres 120mm (Flush box is PDL31) 

What are the replacement interiors for the 9001BW Pendant control stations?

Needs the replacement contacts or interior for 9001BW pendant stations

Product line:
9001BW Pendant control

all models

Replacement parts


Note replace the * with the enclosure color Y = yellow, B = black R = red
9001BW92* - replacement interior is 9001BOC368
9001BW93* - replacement interior is 9001BOC368
9001BW94* - replacement interior is 9001BOC358
9001BW95* - replacement interior is 9001BOC359
9001BW96* - replacement interior is 9001BOC358
9001BW97* - replacement interior is 9001BOC359
9001BW98* - replacement interior is not available

9001BW90*U - replacement interior is 9001BOC366
9001BW91*U - replacement interior is 9001BOC359
9001BW94*U - replacement interior is 9001BOC358
9001BW100*U - replacement interior is 9001BOC367
9001BW102*U - replacement interior is 9001BOC367


What size cables fit into the 4CB3125/10?

If the cable is Rigid/ Semi Rigid the 4CB3125/10 breaker will take a cable from 1mm²- 50mm².


If the cable is Flexible or Ferrule the 4CB3125/10 breaker will take a cable from 1.5mm²- 35mm².

What is the difference between an NSYS3X8625 and an NSYS3X8625H?

NSY stainless steel enclosure form "H"

Product Line:
Wall-mounting enclosures

Spacial S3DC - S3X

NSYS3X8625 is 304 stainless steel and NSYS3X8625H is 316 stainless steel.
Default stainless steel materil is 304. Form H makes it a 316 stainless steel.

What is the part number for 56 series screws?

The part number for the 56Series cover screws is 56MS.They are 316 Grade Stainless Steel.
Please see link below for more information:

Will replacing the internal battery on a Micom P22x relay cause the protection relay to trip the circuit breaker?

An internal battery on a Micom P22x relay is required to be replaced without the relay tripping the circuit breaker. 

Product Line
Micom P22x

Micom P22x Energy Automation

MiCOM P225 relays have a battery to maintain status data and the correct time if the auxiliary supply voltage fails. The data maintained includes event, fault and disturbance records and the thermal state at the time of failure. The battery is required to be replaced when it reaches it's end-of-life.

Whenever the battery is removed, the relay will display a 'BATTERY ERROR' alarm and will NOT cause the protection relay to trip the circuit breaker. 'BATTERY ERROR' is considered a 'minor fault' and the protective relay continues to function in the event of a minor equipment failure.

The alarm 'BATTERY ERROR' appears if the 3.6 V Lithium battery located on the front panel is flat, missing or incorrectly positioned. This alarm is also displayed if the voltage across the battery is less than 3.5V.

As this is a minor alarm, it is possible to disable monitoring (which clears the alarm) by setting "BATTERY ALARM" to NO via the (ALARM CONFIG. sub-menu.)

What are the character limitations of Advanced Meter Security passwords?

Product Line
ION Setup, ION8300, ION8400, ION8500, ION8600, ION8650

Advanced Meter Security

Passwords containing numeric only characters can be a maximum of 8 characters in length.

Passwords containing non-numeric characters can be a maximum of 6 characters in length. 

Note: The passwords should not contain any characters from the extended ascii table, such as accented letters, or characters from languages other than English. 

Restrictions and password requirements for authentication on ION meters.

1. Numeric (0 - 99999999); The password may have a length of up to 8 numerical digits only.

2. No spaces are permitted.

3. No leading zeros followed by other numerical digits.

4. Valid ASCII characters only.

5. Passwords that are alpha, alphanumeric and/or includes symbols are limited to 6 characters only.

Valid examples of ION meter passwords:

User1 password: 0  (zero)

User2 password: 12345678 (this is the longest allowed numeric password at 8 digits)

User3 password: 0A123  (old alphanumeric style)

User4 password: #A134  (new style with non-alphanumeric character)

User5 password: 01234$  (looks numeric but has additional non-numeric character)

User6 password: A^@g5  (strongest possible with upper/lower case, symbols and numeric digits)


Is there a 20A version of a 343 pull cord ceiling switch?

No, unfortunately we do not offer a 20A version. However we do offer a 15A version which is the closest alternative. The part number is 306-*.
* = Colour code E.g. 306-BR is brown.

Does Schneider Electric offer ILA2E572S2166 or an equivalent replacement?

The ILA2E572S2166 model is a proprietary model for the OEM machine builder Texpa. 

Customers looking for ILA2E572S2166 must contact the OEM Texpa for spares.

rev 6-11-18

What are the characteristics of the lithium battery for SEPAM 80?

The battery for the SEPAM 80 is: lithium, 1/2 format, type AA, 3.6 V.

What grade of stainless steel are the screws used in 56 series products?

The Anti-Corrosion Enclosure Screws are Stainless Steel Grade 316 for all 56 series products.

56MS Self Drilling Screw:

For further information or support please call the Clipsal Technical Support on 1300 20 25 25


What is the replacement for the MPCKT22NAX00N?

Issue: What is the replacement model for the MPCKT22NAX00N?

Product Line:  

Resolution: The prescribed replacement model is the HMIPUH6A0701. 

What is the part number for a guard for a 9001KR9R?

What is the part number for a guard for a 9001KR9R, 9001KR8R, 9001SKR9R or 9001SKR8R?

Product Line:
Harmony Pushbuttons

All Products

Product selection

There are 2 versions.  9001K56YM is a yellow guard, 9001K56RM is a red guard.  These guards have finger cutouts for use with push pull operators.

CTA-ID : 2060783

Product Shipment Weights for the NetBotz 320 Units


Product Shipment Weights for the NetBotz 320 Units

Product Line:



NetBotz 320


Product information


The NetBotz 320 has the following shipping weights:

320 Wall: 7 lbs
320 Rack: 7 lbs

Homesafe how to change Master code "Already have a code"

P [Master code] E
        P [installer code default 000 000]E
        Make sure the PROGRAM icon flashing
        p 201E  [new code 3-6 digit ( cannot begin with 0)] E
                       [New code again] E
        P[201]E  to view the new code
        PE to Exit program mode

What could cause surges in a normal power line?


What could cause surges in a normal power line?

Product Line:



All models, All Serial Numbers


Function of ultility power.

The surges could be classified in two: surges could be external the building and could be internal the building. Frequently external surges are caused by storms and / or by power company switching operations. When equipment within the building is turning on and off Internal surges could occur.
Generally external surges could be more severe than internal surges while internal surges could occur more frequently, around 80% of all surges are internal.

I have a Back-UPS, what is your warranty policy?


Back-UPS Warranty Policy Questions and Options

Product Line
  • All Back-UPS Products including:
    • Back-UPS ES
    • Back-UPS RS
    • Back-UPS CS
    • Back UPS XS
    • Back-UPS Pro
    • Back-UPS HS

  • In warranty products
  • Out of warranty products
  • All serial numbers


For reference only


Refer to the options below:

Does Multi-9 have a 480V Delta rating?

Multi 9 (M9) breaker and 480V breakers

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies to Multi 9 (M9) circuit breakers

Need a 480V breaker in the miniature style.

No, the Multi 9 breakers are not rated 480V delta.

The UL 1077 listed M9 is rated for 480Y/277, not 480V delta.
The IEC version has a 440Vac rating
The UL 489 version has a 480Y/277vac rating (.5A-20A), 240 volts (.5 -35A).

For additional information on the ratings please see systems catalog in download center.

Does Schneider Electric offer motor model BRX184 ?

The motor type BRX184 and all variations of this type are specialized products for our European customer W&H (Windmoeller & Hoelscher) , an OEM machine builder of printing machines. 

This motor is not available directly from Schneider Electric. 
W&H has a contract with our factory which states that this motor type is proprietary to W&H and the contract restricts the sale of this product to anyone other than W&H. 

Customers must contact W&H (Windmoeller & Hoelscher), the original machine builder, to order spare BRX184 motors

Rev 10-3-18

What is the Schneider Electric replacement for Berger Lahr motor VRDM3910/50LWC with ID number 52126035400 ?

The Berger Lahr motor type VRDM3910/50 LWC motor with ID number 52126035400 is replaced by Schneider Electric part number of BRS39AW271ACA. 

Note that this will be the exact replacement. Only the label will be different indicating the product is now a Schneider product.

rev 7-19-18

How do we input Hebrew text in Vijeo Designer?

How do we input Hebrew text in Vijeo Designer?

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer (all versions)

In order to type in Hebrew, you need to add the input language to your Windows OS and add the keyboard for that language.

Here is a youtube Video on how to add Hebrew to Windows OS: https://www.youtube.com

The font to use in Vijeo Designer is Vijeo-S Hebrew.

How can I program an ATV312 for PI control?

How can I program ATV312 for PI control?

Product Line:
ATV312 Altivar 312

All models

Activating PID control

Several factory default functions are incompatible with PI control so they must first be disabled, before PI control can be set up.
First go to the FUN menu and turn off the SummingUnassign summing inputs:
FUn- menu, SAI submenu, make sure SA2 and SA3 are both set to NO (by default SA2 is set to AI2).
Then go to FUN menu and turn off the Preset Speed function:
FUn- menu,  PSS submenu, set PS4 to NO (default is LI4) and then set PS2 to NO (default is LI3).
You will not be able to set PS2 to No until after PS4 had been changed to No so be sure to do it in the order listed.

Then you should have access to the PI Submenu:
Set PI parameters:
FUn - PI - PIF = AIx where x is the analog input for the PID feedback - Typically AI3 if the feedback signal is a mA input...AI1 if the signal is DC Voltage.
FUn - PI - PII = YES for internal setpoint adjustment
FUn - PI - rPI = reference setpoint as a % of the feedback full range

Example:  Transducer is a 0-120 PSI sensor and the customer wants to maintain 60 PSI....The rPI parameter would be set to 50% (half of the sensor range.
If the setpoint was 80PSI then the rPI parameter would be set to 67%  (80psi/120psi=.667 or 67%)

Also consider:
FUn - PI - PIC = YES to reverse the PID correction so that a low feedback results in a slower VFD speed to correct
Sleep/Wake function by setting SEt - tLS = low speed timeout and PI - rSL = wake threshold

Use the following link to access the ATV312 Programming manual:


What is the replacement for Berger Lahr VRDM31117/50 LWC with ID number 52528035500 ?

For Berger Lahr VRDM31117/50 LWC with ID number 52528035500 , the exact replacement can be ordered from Schneider Electric using the new reference number of.. 

Attached you will find the datasheet for the replacement model. 

What purpose does the Input Selector on the Symmetra RM serve?

The input voltage selector for North American applications of the Symmetra RM 6kVA and 12kVA unit must be set for the 200/208/240 (Ph-Ph-Gnd); this is the "down" setting. This setting corresponds to two phase wires and a ground wire, the requirement for Symmetra RM. The 200/208/240 volt position is the default setting and should not be changed for typical North American deployments. If the input voltage selector position is changed to the international setting, this could potentially cause damage to the load.  Changing this selector not only affects the output voltage choices that the Symmetra RM will offer, but the backfeed protection as well.


Is there a base compatible with the 342-WE

No, unfortunately there is no base avaliable for this product as it was designed to mount directly to a ceiling. However there is an adaptor plate avaliable which acts as a base, the part number is 150. Some of its key features are:
  • Suits round junction boxes, surface mounting accessories, 342 Ceiling Switches, 412 Series Surface Sockets and surface mounting products with 46 mm and 38 mm dual mounting centres
  • Mounting Centre: 38mm & 46mm
  • 77 mm Diameter x 3 mm Depth

For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/342&adaptplaes/

What is the MTBF for the M580 SFP socket 490NAC0100?

The MTBF values are in hours for 490NAC0100 as shown below
MTBF 30° Continuous MTBF 30° Intermittent MTBF 60° Continuous MTBF 60° Intermittent
13 386 328 5 767 152 8 620 000 4 783 955

What is the Rubber Boots Part Number for the 9001K Joysticks?

Rubber boots sold separately for the 9001K joysticks

Product Line:
Harmony Pushbuttons

All Products

The part number for the rubber boot for the 9001K joysticks is 6512243201.

What is the difference between the 9001K20 and the 9001K21?

What single potentiometer operator with single pot should be used with 10 ohms?

Product Line:
Harmony Push Buttons

All products

Product Features

The 9001 K20 is the operator only without the single pot. The 9001 K21 is the operator with the single pot.

What is the outside diameter and depth of the 9001K68 / 9001K685 mushroom button guards?

What is the outside diameter and depth of the 9001K68 / 9001K685 mushroom button guards?

Product Line:
Harmony Pushbuttons

All Products

Product Features

Outside diameter: 2.75`` (70 mm)
Depth: 1.14`` (29 mm)

CTA-ID : 2023559

What is the parts breakdown of a 9001K2L35LRR?

What is the parts breakdown of a 9001K2L35LRR?

Product Line:
9001K and 9001SK Push Buttons

Push Buttons and Operator Interface

9001K2L, 9001KM35LR, and a 9001R7.

What is the part number for a replacement 9001 KS selector switch E key?

What is the part number for a replacement 9001 KS selector switch E key?

Product Line:
Harmony Pushbuttons

All Products

Product selection

All standard replacement keys follow the same numbering system, 29411-01XX0 where the XX is replaced by the E key number. For an E11 key replace the XX with 11 for 29411-01110. For an E12 key replace the XX with 12 for 29411-01120.
For the master keyed range, E36 through E60, use the same system with the base part number 29411-51XX0. So an E36 key is a 29411-51360. Master key, E99, is part number 29411-51990.

Homesafe How to change Master code?

 Press the following, using the keypad:

P [Master code] E

        P [installer code default 000 000]E
         Make sure the PROGRAM icon flashing
        p 201E  [new code 3-6 digit no 0at the begining] E
                        [New code] E
        P[201]E  to see the new code

What is the cfm rating of the NetShelter CX with AR4703 installed?

Customers want to know the cfm rating of NetShelter CX cabinets with the AR4703 fan booster installed.

Product Line:
NetShelter CX.

All versions and serial ranges.

Installing the AR4703 increases the cfm of the NetShelter CX cabinet.

18U  with 1x AR4703 - 260 CFM
24U  with 2x AR4703 - 330 CFM
38U  with 3x AR4703 - 340 CFM

Can one power up an ATV320/ATV340V drive with an external 24VDC supply?

Can one power up an ATV320/ATV340V drive with an external 24VDC supply?

Product Line:
ATV320, Altivar 340.


External supply for ATV340.

You can use an external +24VDC source.
Will need to connect between 24V and COM.
All Com connections are interlinked together.

Video: ATV340 - Full vector control (incremental encoder)

ATV340 - Full vector control (incremental encoder) 

Product Line:

 Full vector control

See the video