plate only 3gang arch

Flush Plate, 3 Gang, Architrave

Catalogue Number: 33
plate only 3gang arch
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE
  • Black 1 PCE
  • Cream 1 PCE


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Range of product
Standard Series
Product brand
Number of gangs
3 gangs
Product destination
Fixing mode
by screws
without marking
Mounting position
horizontal and vertical
Fixing center
97 mm
112 mm
32 mm
11 mm
Unit Type of Package 1
Number of Units in Package 1
Package 1 Weight
20 g
Package 1 Height
35 mm
Package 1 width
12 mm
Package 1 Length
115 mm
Sustainable offer status
Green Premium product
EU RoHS Directive
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information
Environmental Disclosure

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the 600 series 3 gang switch that the switches are in a pyramid configuration?

That is the PDL683VWP, Waterproof switchplate (IP56)
They can be found on page 33 of the 2014 PDL Pocketbook.

Why is my Conext CL showing an alarm code: 32 & 33 - AC temp snsr flt & DC temp snsr flt ( AC and DC Temp Sensor Fault Service Alarm)

Customer is calling to confirm alarm code: 32 & 33 ( AC temp snsr flt Service)

Product Line: 
Conext CL 18000NA Conext CL 25000NA Conext CL 20000E Conext CL 25000E

On site troubleshooting
Abnormal ambient temp
Cooling problem
Detection circuit malfunction

Check fans, installation conditions, air inlet and outlet
Check Internal temperature displays in STATUS screen
Turn off and on AC breaker
If failure persists, replace the unit

What is the server/client side requirement of Citect Anywhere?

Server-side requirements:-

• Windows Server OS
• Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) CALs
• Vijeo Citect / CitectSCADA v7.20 (SP5) and above
• Citect Control/View Only Client licenses
• Citect Anywhere licenses 

Client-side requirements:- 

Any operating system with the HTML5-capable browser
  • Internet Explorer® 10 or higher
  • Safari® 8 or higher
  • Chrome™ 33 or higher
  • Microsoft® Edge

Why does ATS48 not operate when wired like the recommended diagram on page 74 of the June 2002 manual?

The user's manual recommended diagram on page 74 is incorrect for proper operation.  
On line 2 of the ladder diagram after fault relay R1A to R1C connection the coil that is labeled TR for trip relay should be a FR coil for fault relay.
Then should add a line after this that has a NC (normally closed ) FR ( fault relay ) contact in series with a TR ( trip relay ) coil.

This configuration would then allow proper operation of unit.

What is the part # for a clear plastic bezel for a ZB4BW31, ZB4BW32, ZB4BW33 ZB4BW34, ZB4BW35, ZB4BW36, ZB4BW37 ?

What is the part # for a clear plastic bezel for a ZB4 illuminated push buttons (incandescent type)?

Product Line:
Product selection

All Products

Product selection

Use a W415595280111

Does an EGX100 or EGX300 have a fiber optic connection port?

A user would like to connect to an EGX gateway via a fiber optic connection.
Product Line:
A user requires a fiber optic connection to the EGX gateway.
The EGX100 and EGX300 gateways do not have an on board fiber optic port therefore a direct fiber optic connection to the gateway is not possible.

Alternate Option: 
A user can purchase and EGX in a Factory Assembled enclosure that contains a (4-Copper & 1-Fiber) Ethernet switch. The enclosure can be purchased for indoor or outdoor use.
Please reference page 33 of the attached factory assembled enclosure selection guide for part numbers. 

What is the Modbus cycle time on the ATV31 and ATV71?

Issue:   ATV31 and ATV71, I would like to know the cycle time of ATV31 and 71 that can respond to next new Modbus request.
Product Line:   ATV31 ATv71
Environment:  All using Modbus
Cause:   Modbus cycle time
This answer time depends on the baud rate and the number of words transmitted.

For ATV31, for reading 1 word, it is necessary to count 15 to 20 ms between the end of the question and the start of the answer. It is necessary to add the moving time of the information which depends on the baud rate. For a speed of 19200 bauds, this moving time is about 33 ms.
For reading 25 words, we can count 28 to 33 ms and add the moving time.

Regarding ATV71, it is about 30 ms for an answer of reading 1 word with a baud rate of 19200.
Pay attention because it is an empirical measure which we made with a soft of test modbus.If you add 1 or 2 option boards, this time will increase.
The important is to know that this time is lower than 100 ms.

If you need a more precise answer delay, it's better to use another protocol of communication like Ethernet for example.

Question 1 - I want to perfom +/- speed with ATV31 via keys on display, and there are some points to confirm. Page 33 ( Complete Manual_EN )-> Show us...

Goals and Symptoms

Question 1 - I want to perfom +/- speed with ATV31 via keys on display, and there are some points to confirm. Page 33 ( Complete Manual_EN )-> Show us that we can get access to UPdt and UPdH sub-parameters on the Fr1 or Fr2 parameters, but I do not have access on Fr1 parameter to these sub-parameters, just Fr2. Is it correct? Question 2 After doing the program ( +/- speed) we must go to Display Menu, rFr paramenter that allows to change the reference and speed. The problem is when I power-off the drive and power-up again, even lock the Display menu at rFr parameter, I must return to display menu and rFr parameter to do same procedure. Is it correct? I have an OEM that dont want to do these procedure after doing all programs in their machines. Best regards

Facts and Changes


Causes and Fixes

Question 1:

It's possibe to have UPdt and UPdH on FR1 if you disable the sum function on AI2 and AI3 ( page 42 of programming manual ).

Question 2:

It's correct but not simple to use it and not normal. It must possible th have +/- speed without SUP menu access. Corrective action transmit for software evolution.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL161392 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
Related ranges: Altivar 31

Why are 9001KM38 listed twice, as resistor and full voltage light modules?

Is the 9001KM38 a resistor type or full voltage type of light module?

Product Line:
Harmony Pushbuttons

All Products

Product Features

Both descriptions are accurate. They are both the same device but can be selected by either description depending on the application/preference.

Is There a lens avaliable for XUY40327350?

XUY40327350 is a high temperature fiber specially manufactured for one of our customer (exclusive sales), so to get this product or informations about it, you have to contact directly the company : we are not authorized to provide any information about this product.

For further information please visit

What is the power rating differences between the 8660 Alphapak and the 8660 SSRVS style starters?

Issue: What is the power rating differences between the 8660 Alphapak and the 8660 SSRVS style starters?
Product Line: 8660 AlphaPak starters
Environment: All
The currect rating abbreviations were:
Alphapak`s SSRVS`s
MD (16 amps) MG (120 amps)
ME (32 amps) MH (200 amps)
MF (64 amps) MJ (320 amps)
MG (128 amps) MK (500 amps)
MM (750 amps).

They voltage codes were:
Alphapak`s SSRVS`s
23 (208 / 230 volts) 11 (200 volts)
46 (380 / 460 volts) 22 (230 /460 volts)
57 (500 / 575 volts) 33 (500 / 575 volts).  NOTE The 8660 AlphaPak SSRVS are obsolete.  Parts, Service, or Support are no longer available.


What is the repeat accuracy for the 9050 JCK general purpose timers?

9050JCK accuracy

Product Line:
Class 9050 Type JCK Timers

All type JCK

The 9050 JCK11 through JCK59 and the JCK1F through JCK5F have a repeat accuracy of + / - (plus or minus) 1%.  

The 9050JCK60 and 9050JCK70 devices have a + / - (plus or minus) 0.1% repeat accuracy.
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