Standard Series Load Correction Device, 450W

Standard Series Load Correction Device, 450W

Standard Series Load Correction Device, 450W

Item Number: 31LCDA

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Package 1 Weight

23 g

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20 mm

Package 1 width

112 mm

Package 1 Length

126 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a device designed to stop 'flicker' in LED lighting

31LCDA - 450W
S31LCDA - 500W

see attached for more info

Is the S31LCDA load correction device for outdoor use ?

 No, the S31LCDA is for indoor use only

Can you use the 31CAP on a Leading Edge Dimmer?

No, the Leading Edge dimmer has a maximum input capacitance of 300nf, you would be able to use the 31LCDA as an alternative.
Trailing Edge and C-Bus Universal dimmers do not have a capacitance limit and either can be used.

What is the difference between the 31Cap and 31LCDA?

The 31CAP is a load correction device which consists of a"Capacitor only " to help 2 wire products achieve minimum load levels. The 31LCDA has circuitry built in to the device  to enable it to correct minor compatibility issues found between dimmers and Led downlights for example slight flickering when dimmed at a higher level.

31CAP - Corrects the load for 2 wire devices.

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31LCDA - Helps with compatibility issues.

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What is the suitable loads for the S31LCDA load correction device ?

 The Suitable Loads are:  Dimmable CFL  /  Dimmable LED and electronic control

What is the Operating Humidity Range for the S31LCDA Load Correction Device ?

 The Operating Humidity Range is 5 - 95% relative humidity, non-condensing.

What is the Ambient Operating Temperature range for a Clipsal S31LCDA ?

 It is 0° - 65°C.  Product required adequate ventilation.

Load corrective device for PDL

There is no PDL Load correction Device but you can use the S31LCDA

What is the load rating for the Clipsal S31LCDA load correction device ?

 The load rating is: 450W for Dimmable LED, 350W for Dimmable CFL or rating of the dimmer (whichever is less).

Why do both LED lights flash when connected in seies on the Saturn PBL (push button LED) circuit?

Both LEDs flash due to them being in series, they are fighting for 240V. To stop the LEDs from flashing use a 31LCDA load correction device to bypass the main LED light.
The load correction device should be terminated accrossed the switched active and neutral most commonly done at the light.
The load correction device is rated to 450W.

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Is the TPDL series compatible with the C-BUS lighting system?

For best outcome it is always recommended to test each type of load before commiting to any application as there can be external enviromental influences which may affect the performance of the load (LED's).
When load incompatibility is present it is recommended to use a 31LCDA, while this is not guaranteed to fix the issue, it will often produce a smoother operation.

Is there a product available to stop LED flickering?

If you are experiencing flickering LED loads when dimming to low levels the 31LCDA has the potential to reduce and/ or remove the flickering. It is important to note that this device isn't gauranteed to remove flickering, it is designed to help with compatibility. If you dont achieve removal of flickering it is possible to stack a total of 3, 31LCDA's in parallel. If you are still experiencing issues once you have placed 3 in parallel your LED loads may just be incompatible and replacement of the LED loads may be necessary.

Some of the key features are:
  • 450W maximum load.
  • Potential removal of flickering.
  • Indoor use only.
  • Operating temperature 0°-65°C.
  • 220-240V A.C. typical, 50Hz only.
  • Dimensions 30mm (W) X 20mm (H) X 10mm (D).
  • Flylead length approx. 95mm
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