Image of 3105RG6FT RG6 F-Type Twist Connector pk10

Actassi RG6 Cable Connectors, Twist-on Connector, F-Type, Bag of 10

Catalogue Number: 3105RG6FT
Image of 3105RG6FT RG6 F-Type Twist Connector pk10
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the 3105RG6Q1B foxtel approved?

No, the 3105RG6Q1B is not Foxtel approved.

For further information please visit

Is the 3105RG59F in a blister pack

Yes it is

Is 3105RG6Q3R Quadshield foxtel approved?

Yes,3105RG6Q3R is foxtel approved.
see link below for more information

Is the 3105RG6Q3B RG6 quad shield coax 305m cable FOXTEL approved?

The 3105RG6Q3B RG6 quad shield coax 305m cable is FOXTEL and Austar approved.

The Foxtel approval number is F10129 and the Austar approval number is P07982.

3105CRFTK discontinued, is there an alternative

 No there is not in NZ

What is the replacement part number for 3105PM-FF?

3105PM-FF was a F-type adaptor female to PAL male, pack of 10. 3105PM-FF is discontinued and unfortunately we do not have a replacement for it.

Is there RG6 cable available that is suitable for underground burial?

Yes, we sell RG6 Cable that is able to be buried. The 3105RG6Q3RF is flooded cable with an anti-corrosive sealant impregnated into the body of the shielding.

Some of the key features of this product:
  • Coaxial cable to suit satellite TV
  • Cable type: RG6
  • Quad shield
  • Flood burial
  • Pack size: 305m reel
For further information, please visit

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