switch intermed p/b 16a/10ax

Push Button Switch, 16A, Intermediate, Impress Series 30

Catalogue Number: 30PBI
switch intermed p/b 16a/10ax
Colour: White Electric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • White Electric 1 PCE
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Range of product
  • Series 30
  • Impress
    • Product or component type
      Product brand
      Device presentation
      basic element
      Local signalling
      without light indicator
      [Ue] rated operational voltage
      250 V AC
      Inrush current
      16 A
      10 mm
      21 mm
      21 mm
      EU RoHS Directive
      Environmental Disclosure

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Is part number 30PBI available in Black?

      No. unfortunately, part number 30PBI is not available in Black.

      Does the 30PBI come with an LED?

      30PBI is not available with an LED

      What is the shroud to suit the 30PB?

      The shroud to suit the 30PB is the 90FS-BK.

      What colours are the 30PB, push-button switch available in?

      The 30PB is available in both black and white.

      Is there a saturn intermediate mechanism with LED indicator?

      60PBI is the Saturn intermediate mechanism. This does not have an LED indicator.

      Do the Clipsal Impress Switch Mechanisms (30PB, 30PBL, 30PBBP, 30PBBPL and 30PBI) fit into the Clipsal Slimline series?

      YES, they also fit into the Clipsal Classic C2000 Series, Clipsal Standard Series and into the Saturn Series custom Grid and Plates to suit 30 Series mechanisms.

      Is the 30PBI momentary?

      No it isn't but the 30PBBP is

      Is there a 30 series intermediate mechanism with LED indicator?

      30PBI is the 30 series intermediate mechanism. This does not have an LED indicator.

      Does the 30PBI 30 series Push Button Intermediate mech have an LED indicator

      No it does not.
      30PBI -  Push-button Impress Series, No LED Indication, 250V 10AX - Intermediate Push-button.

      Is the 30PBI available in Black?

      No, the 30PBI is not available in Black as a standard item. However, it can be created as MTO ( made to order ) custom special.

      Is there a colour choice for the indicator on 30PBL?

      No colour choice for the LED indicators on 30PBL. The indicators are blue in colour on the 30PBL.

      Does Clipsal have a 15A intermediate mechanism ?

      No. We have 10A intermediate switch , 30MI (standard type) & 60PBI(for Saturn)
      For more information on intermediate switched please visit the Clipsal web site on the link provided https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/search-results?q=30mi

      Can part numbers 30PB or 30PBL be used as a dimmer?

      Unfortunately not, 30PB or 30PBL are switch mechanisms which can be used for ON/OFF. They cannot be used for dimming lights.
      31E2PUDM is 30 series Standard Range universal push button dimmer mechanism, 250V 350W, that can be used for On / Off and dimming the lights. These are designed for
      one-way operation only.
      For further information, please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=31E2PUDM

      Is part number 60PBI available with LED?

      No. Unfortunately, the part number 60PBI does not have LED.

      Does the 60PBI have an LED indicator?

      No it does not.

      Can I do three way switching with your 30 series mechanisms?

      Yes you need an intermediate mechanism for 3 way switching.
      30MI or 30PBI are our rocker and push button intermediate mechs.
      Please see link below for more information

      What is the 2way push button (latching) for the Saturn Range

       The parts you need is 60PBL if the 406* plates are used and a 30PBL if the 403* plates are used

      Is part number 30PB available in Black?

      Yes. Part numbers 30PB & 30PBL  are available in Black.

      Will part number 30PB fit into 4031VH plate?

      Part number 30PB will fit standard into 4031VH plate.

      What is the code for a Slimline Permanent Connection Unit

       Part codes you need to use SC2032VH + 30PBL + 38TB

      Is there a OneTouch with PCU

      Use a 4032VH + 38TB + 30PBL - not one touch but closest match

      What colour is the LED on the 30PBL series?

      The LED's are Blue only.

      Is the 60PBI Available with an LED indicator?

      No the 60PBI does not have an inbuild LED and is not available with one.

      Is the Clipsal 30PB pushbutton latching or non latching

       It is latching

      What is the difference between 30PB and 30PBBP push button mechanisms?

      30PB is a latching ON/OFF push-button switch mechanism, Impress Series, with No LED Indication, 250V 16AX/20A - 1 way / 2 way.
      For further information, please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=30PB

      30PBBP is momentary / Bell Press push-button mechanism, Impress Series, with No LED Indication, 250V 16A.
      For further information, please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=30PBBP

      In the Clipsal Saturn Series is the 30PB 2 way, is there an intermediate mech in that series

      Yes, 30PB is 2 way.  The part number for the intermediate mech is 30PBI.

      What is the part number for a Saturn intermediate push button mechanism

       The part number is a 60PBI

      What is the part number for an intermediate mech for zen 60 series

      The part number is 60PBI

      saturn 2 gang switch with intermediate ?

      4062vh with 60pb and 60pbi

      Does Clipsal do a 30PB in brown?

      No, we only have the 30PB in White, Black, Blue, and Red.

      For more information, please refer to the link:

      Can I get a 30 series push button intermediate switch with a LED indicator?

      No, unfortunately the 30PBI does not come with a LED indicator.

      Some of the key features are:
      • Intermediate type
      • One way/two way switching facility with loop terminal
      • Retrofit option in to any 30 series aperture
      For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=30PBI

      Does the Intermediate push button 60PBI come with LED?

      No, unfortunately the intermediate push button 60PBI is only avaliable WITHOUT the LED.

      For more information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=60PBI

      Can you get a 60PBI with an LED?

      No, you need the PBIKIT which is a relay which sits in the ceiling, you require a switch wire to 60PBBPL which is a bell push button.



      Is the 60PBI compatible with the Zen range?

      Yes, it is.
      For further information, visit the link below:-


      Do we have a 60PBI with LED?

      We do not do 60PBI with LED but we do have a PBI/KIT that can be wired with 60PBBPL at each location with the impulse relay to enable the Led to work with the pushbuttons this will light up all 3 of the switches in conjunction with each other.

      Please go to the website via the following link www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail and check under the Documentation Tab for more information.

      Is it possible to do 3 way switching in Saturn?

      It can be achieved by using 1 x 60PB & 2 X 60PBI

      Is there an intermediate switch to suit the Saturn Zen range?

      Yes, as for standard Saturn range use either the 60PBI (no LED) or the PBI/KIT and 60PBBPL

      What is the part number for a 30PB momentary mech?

      The part number is 30PBBP

      Please click this link for further information


      Can the LED on the 30PBL switch operate without a neutral at the switch?

      Yes the 30PBL can be wired up so the LED will work. Unfortunately without a neutral there is only one method of wiring which will have the LED on permanently until the light is switched on then the LED will turn off. It is strongly Suggest you speak to you electrician as he will have the appropriate skills to achieve the function of the LED's.
      Some of the key features are:
      •  Blue LED indicator
      • One way/two way switching facility with loop terminal
      • Retrofit option in to any 30 series aperture
      • Suitable for fluorescent loads Up to 16AX
      • Shrouded in-line Terminals provide protection during installation 
      For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=30PBL   

      What is the lowest profile switch available?

      You can try the Clipsal BSL31VH or BBSL31VH with a 30PB mech.
      The profile will be not much more than the 1.2mm of the plate.

      What pushbutton is used in Zen series plates?

      The Zen series uses the same push buttons as the Saturn series.
      60PB - Push Button
      60PBL - LED lit push button
      60PBI - Intermediate push button
      60PBBP - Bell Press push button
      60PBBPL - LED Bell Press push button

      For further information on these products please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=60PBL

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      What is the current rating of the 60PBI?

      The current rating of the 60PBI is 10AX.

      Some of the key features are:
      • No LED Indication
      • Intermediate Push-button
      • 10AX load

      For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=60PBI


      Will the intermediate push button 60PBI become available with an LED?

      Unfortunately due to the way they are designed it is unlikely that they will be avaliable with a LED. However, it maybe something that is looked at in the far furture.

      For more information on this product please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=60PBI

      What colour is the LED in the 30PBL?

      The indicator LED is Blue

      How to set PID preset references for the ATV630 drive?

      Can I program drive to switch between different set points on PID controller for the ATV630 drive?  

      Product Line:

      All models, all serial numbers

      Customer wanted to easily switch between three set points, 40, 60 and 80 PSI.  

      Under the main menu, enter complete setting -> Pump Functions -> PID Controller -> PID Reference -> PID preset references:
      Assign a digital input (DI5) for 2 PID Preset Assign
      Enter 40PSI for RefPID Preset 2
      Assign a digital input (DI6) for 4 PID Preset Assign
      Enter 60PSI for RefPID Preset 3
      Enter 80PSI for RefPID Preset 4

      Note: This function can be accessed if [PID feedback ass.] PIF is assigned.

      Is there a Impress 30PB that can dim?

      Yes, the part number is a 31E2PUDM.
      Some of the key features are:
      • 30 series standard range
      • Leading edge/trailing edge phase control
      • Mounting center: 84 mm
      • 0 to 45 deg C
      • AS/NZS3100, AS/NZS3133, IEC60669
      • Compatible with selected dimmable CFL and LED loads
      • User selectable soft-start / kick-start operation
      • User adjustable minimum brightness
      • Multi-gang capacity up to six (6) dimmer mechanisms per plate
      • Wall or architrave mounting options
      • Wide range of plate styles and colour variants available
      • Suitable for new installations or retro-fit applications
      • Inbuilt over-current and over-temperature protection
      • Full short circuit protection
      • Fitted with suppressors to minimise radio frequency interference
      • Complies with Australian and international EMC standards
      For further information please visit www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=31E2PUDM

      What is the part number for an intermediate switch in the Saturn Series?

      The part number for an intermediate switch in the Saturn Series is a 60PBI.
      Unfortunately this switch mechanism doesn't have an LED option.

      If an LED option is required you will need the PBI/KIT as well as the mechanisms 60PBBP in every switch location.

      Please note aditional wirring will be required.

      For furtherinformation please visit www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail 


      In the Saturn Series, is there an intermediate switch with an LED indicator?

      No, unfortunately thw 60PBI intermediate switch which does not have LED indicator due to the deisgn and operation of the switch.
      Some of the key features are:
      • No LED Indication
      • Intermediate Push-button
      • 10AX load
      • 240V rated

      For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=60PBI


      What Saturn plate can I put two USBchargers in?

      You would use a 4032VH to fit two 30USBCM in.

      Some of the key features are:
      • Accepts 30 Series mechanism
      • Less mechanism
      • With data/communication, 30PB and 30PBL

      For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=4032VH

      What is the part code for a sky connection 30 series mech

       Part code 30PFM
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