label - 30BCBM-WE
label - 30BCBM-BK
label - 30BCBM-WE
label - 30BCBM-BK

Banana Connector Band

Catalogue Number: 30BCBM
label - 30BCBM-WE
label - 30BCBM-BK
label - 30BCBM-WE
label - 30BCBM-BK
Colour: White Electric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Black 1 PCE
  • White Electric 1 PCE
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EU RoHS Directive

Frequently Asked Questions

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Saturn - is there an option for banana mechanisms in this range?

YES - 30BCRM OR 30BCBM OR both in a 4031 or 4032 Communication plate.

What is the part number for a speaker cable mechanism?

The part number for a speaker cable mechanism is a 30BCBM for black and a 30BCRM for red.

What is the part code for a Clipsal Telephone Mech

 The part code is 30BTM

Is the 30BTM Clipsal Telephone Mechanism available in Black ?

No, Not Available in Black 

What does the Clipsal BT 2 Wire Telephone Mechanism (30BTM) look like?

please follow the limk

What is the phone and permanent connection mechs for the Clipsal Slimline plates

Slimline fits all 30 Series mechs.  Permanent connection unit is the 38TB, phone mech is 30BTM

Which mechs fit the Clipsal BSL Range ?

Any 30 series Clipsal mech will fit.  30BTM is the telephone mech, available in white only.  30FFPFMS is the TV mech.

What data and telephone jacks do we have to suit Saturn series

You can use 4030VH plates and the 30 series mechs i.e. VDIB17735U, VDIB17756U, VDIB17736U & 30BTM

I need a Saturn range mech and a telephone mech, what part's do I need

If you want 2 stove switches in one plate, you would need to use Clipsal 4032VH and 30M35 and for the telephone use a 30BTM and 4031VH