C120H, 1-pole and padlocking device

Multi 9 C120 PadLocking Device, for C120/NC45..125 Toggle, Set of 4

Catalogue Number: 27145
C120H, 1-pole and padlocking device
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Range of product
  • NC45...125
  • C120
    • Range
      Multi 9
      Product or component type
      padlocking device
      Accessory / separate part category
      locking accessory
      Quantity per set
      set of 4
      Keylock destination
      Range compatibility
    • Multi 9 - Multi 9 C120
    • Multi 9 - Multi 9 C120 C120NA-DC -
      • Compatibility code
        Multi 9 C120
        Market segment
        small commercial
        Unit Type of Package 1
        Number of Units in Package 1
        Package 1 Weight
        8 g
        Package 1 Height
        0.1 cm
        Package 1 width
        0.4 cm
        Package 1 Length
        0.8 cm
        Unit Type of Package 2
        Number of Units in Package 2
        Package 2 Weight
        800 g
        Package 2 Height
        30 cm
        Package 2 width
        20 cm
        Package 2 Length
        10 cm
        Unit Type of Package 3
        Number of Units in Package 3
        Package 3 Weight
        4.713 kg
        Package 3 Height
        30 cm
        Package 3 width
        30 cm
        Package 3 Length
        40 cm
        REACh free of SVHC
        EU RoHS Directive
        Toxic heavy metal free
        Mercury free
        RoHS exemption information
        China RoHS Regulation
         Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
        The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
        18 months

        Frequently Asked Questions

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        If the C120H circuit breaker is locked ON with the 27145 padlocking facility will it still trip under fault conditions?

        Yes, all of the miniature circuit breakers have a "trip free" mechanism which enables them to trip under fault conditions even if the handle is locked ON or held ON manually.

        What is the degree of protection of 27046, 27047 and 27048 rotary handles.

        The degree of protection of rotary handles references 27046, 27047 and 27048 is IP40.

        These rotary handles are designed for C60, C120 and NC100 circuit breakers and "I switches".

        Unfortunately IP54 degree of protection given in the catalogue is incorrect.

        Replacement for a 28945

        The equivalent part number in Australia is 28943.


        What replacement code for a 27249

         18442 is the replacement BUT it is not a direct replacement

        ATO transfers when chiller load is on

        When the switchgear/switchboard has chiller loads on, this causes the system to transfer.
        This happens even when there is healthy voltage present as sensed from the 27/47 relays.

        Product Line:
        Crompton 27/47 relay

        This is a good indication of harmonics at the customer site from the chiller loads.
        The Crompton 27/47 relay is not tolerant of harmonics, and when the chillers are running this causes the Crompton relay to indicate an unhealthy voltage source, causing the system to transfer.

        A solution could be to replace the Crompton relay with a more harmonic tolerant relay such as the Basler ES 27/47 relay, which is mounted via Din rail and is an easy replacement

        I am looking for a wall fan with a 240mm cutout and is physically approx 300mm square

        You can use a Clipsal 7106A or 7108A both have a 230mm cut out and are 271mm square

        What is the end of service date for Symmetra Power Array and Symmetra RM 12kva?

        The end of service date for the discontinued Symmetra Power Array and Symmetra RM 8-12kva UPS systems is December 2014.  APC by Schneider Electric cannot guarantee spare parts availability for these systems past this date.

        Are replacement stop or start buttons available for the 56DOL range?

        No, they are not, as they are glued into the lid in the factory.
        Spare lids are available as a special order from Australia, and are likely to be a stock item by mid 2014.

        No communication between CNOE-211 and EXEC 2.14E

        Goals and Symptoms

        The Compact Exec V2.14 is delivered with Concept V2.6SR2.This Exec does not work with any comms modules like CNOE-211.

        Facts and Changes

        Concept V2.6SR2
        Compact Exec V2.14

        Causes and Fixes

        A new exec will be available with Concept V2.6 SR2 patch b.

        What are the dimensions for the 7106A ex-fan?

        The dimensions for the 7106A ex-fan are - Dimensions -
        Inlet - 271mm x 271mm
        Wall depth - 110mm - 310mm
        External Protrusion - 20mm
        Internal protrusion - 83mm
        Duct size - 220mm
        Cut out - 230mm
        For further information , visit link below:-
        User-added image

        Soft starters and VSD Catalogue April 2003 (latest what I have in my hand) is not contains details about Interbus-S communication in Section 3, Commu...

        Goals and Symptoms

        Soft starters and VSD Catalogue April 2003 (latest what I have in my hand) is not contains details about Interbus-S communication in Section 3, Communication.
        There is only a short list on page 2/135 with the available solution.
        Why we have 3 different Part number in Vantive? In the catalog we have only the VW3-A58304E. Is it possible to buy VW3-A58304E, which not requires external power supply? If yes, it's missing from the Printed catalog.

        Would be nice to give detailed informations with each type of communication option board, like we provide for MBPLUS, FIPIO, ETHERNET in Section3. (I mean network topology, reccomendations, etc)
        Missing the Interbus-S, CAN-Open, Profibus-DP details there. Can-open will be intersting in point of communication, because Advantys and the new OEM strategy in Schneider is based on CAN!

        Pls see the possibility in the next version.

        Causes and Fixes

        VW3A58304 = First version, not recommended ( not exernal 24Vdc )
        VW3A58304E = Second version with an external 24Vdc to supply the option card even the ATV is switched off because Interbus-S is a circular ring and if a device is switched off, you loose the bus.
        VW3A58304EU = Version with USA documentation.

        For MBPLUS, Fipio, Ethernet you can find a large documentation in IANET, it's not possible to put more details in the catalog because it's a catalog and the customer or enginnering department is supposed to know the concerned field-bus.

        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL160842 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
        Related ranges: Altivar 58

        Stabiloy cables with Altistart Soft starts

        Issue:  Can you use Stabiloy?

        Product Line:  Altistart Soft starts

        Environment:  All

        Cause:  Stabiloy is an Aluminum/Copper Hybrid

        Resolution:   Per the Installation Manual, Only Copper Cables are compatible with Schneider Electric Soft start terminals.  Can use Stabiloy only on the high hp range that require lugs.  You will, however, have to use Stabiloy compatible lugs to use those cables. 
        Aug 2014, Per US Engineering.
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