socket swt sing vert 15a 250v

Single Switch Socket Outlet, 250V, 15A, Standard Size, Vertical

Catalogue Number: 15V15
socket swt sing vert 15a 250v
Colour: White Electric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • White Electric 1 PCE
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Product brand
Range of product
Standard Series
Control type
ON/OFF button
Number of gangs
1 gang
Pin number
Number of power socket outlets
  • switch
  • rocker
    • Mounting position
      Fixing mode
      by screws
      Local signalling
      without light indicator
      PC (polycarbonate)
      Surface finish
      [Ue] rated operational voltage
      250 V AC
      [In] rated current
      15 A
      14 mm
      115 mm
      73 mm
      Fixing center
      84 mm
    • AS/NZS 3100
    • AS/NZS 3112
    • AS/NZS 3133
    • AS/NZS 3000:approval number S/1
      • Sustainable offer status
        Green Premium product
        EU RoHS Directive
        Mercury free
        RoHS exemption information
        China RoHS Regulation
        Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information
        Environmental Disclosure
        Circularity Profile

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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        What is the part code for a 1P 32A relay

         The part code is 15515

        what is the Acti 9 code for Merlin Gerin 15515?

        A9C30831 is the Acti9 code for the 1P 1NO 32A 230v AC impulse relay.

        Does the 15725 have daylight savings function

        15725 has been superceded by CCT15837
        CCT15837 has NZ listed for daylight saving

        Is the 15216 DC rated

        The primary voltage 240VAC

        What is the Alternative for the Merlin Gerin 15913?


        Can the 15013 isolators handle a manual operation under load

         Yes they can

        What is the replacement for 15465 KWH meter?

        Is the 15335 a suitable replacement for the 4TC timer

        Yes it is

        What is the part code for an MG bell transformer

         The part code is a 15216

        For the 15725 programmable timer what is the battery that fits into it?

        CR2032 battery

        What is the part code for a 1P 63Amp dinrail isolator

         The part code is 15013

        What is the part code for the replacement rubber seal for PDL 14/15 Tuff light

        The part code is PDL20/8

        What is the acti 9 equivelant of the 15512

        The part code is A9C30211

        What is part no for 15amp vertical single GPO

        PART NO 2015V15

        Do you have a 15335 Timer in a 12V DC Timer?

        No unfortunately this is unavailable.

        Does the Ritika Circuit breaker 25815 have the same dimensions as the 25823

         It has the same physical size

        What is a 2pole, 6A, C Curve, 6kA circuit breaker

         Part code 25815 Multi 9 - Acti 9 A9F44206

        What is the part code for a sealable cover for mains switch (din mounted) 15013

         The part code is 26975

        Does the 15335 mechanical timer come with memory back up?

        No, this particular device does not have memory back up.

        What is the replacement for the 15151?

        The replacement for the 15151 is part number A9A15151
        see data sheet....
        User-added image

        What is the recessed version of the 415VF15?

        The 415VF15 is a recessed product.

        What is the current replacement for the 15725

        The part number is the CCT15838 the main difference is this has N/O contacts and the 15725 had C/O contacts.
        (See attached data sheet)

        Is it possible to test several 755FM units which are all interconnected?

        Hold the test button down for about 10-15 seconds and other smoke alarms on circuit should go off

        Information on Online and On Battery operation of 3:1 Symmetra UPS systems


        Where can I find information on the Online and On Battery operation of 3:1 Symmetra UPS systems?

        Product Line

        Symmetra Power Array
        Symmetra LX


        3:1 (International) UPS systems only


        This document is designed to provide Information on Online and On Battery operation of 3:1 Symmetra UPS systems


        When a Symmetra 3:1 is operating On-Line it is drawing balanced power from all 3 phases, i.e., it is drawing the same current from each of the 3 phases. This is typically 25 amps per phase with a maximum 16KVA load. The 3 phase power is fed to all the Power Modules where it is filtered and converted to single phase and sent to the output. The nominal input voltage range is 380 or 400 or 415.

        (220 x 1.7 = 380; 230 x 1.7 = 400; 240 x 1.7 = 415. Where 1.7 = square root of 3)

        The Symmetra 3:1 will run On-Line for inputs between 290 VAC and 480VAC. The output voltage can be set to either 220 / 230 / 240 VAC at 50 or 60 Hertz.

        If any one of the phases fails, the Symmetra will still operate On-Line but will pull more current from the other 2 phases. In this case it will draw no more than 60 amps per phase . If phase A or B fails, then the PowerView will report "Bypass Out of Range". If phase C fails, there is no notification message on PowerView. You will manually have to check the PowerView and read the input voltages.

        If a second phase fails, then the Symmetra will go to On Battery operation and report "Bypass Out of Range" on the PowerView. Likewise, if all 3 phases fail it will go to On Battery operation.

        When Symmetra 3:1 is On Battery it will provide single phase output power. The output voltage can be set 220 / 230 / 240 VAC. The output frequency can also be set to either 50Hz or 60Hz.

        Please Note: While current is evenly distributed across all three phases while Symmetra 3:1 is on-line, all current will draw from phase 1 if the UPS is in bypass unless the optional Symmetra Bypass Transformer is in use.

        What causes an internal fault on the ATV66 drives?

        What causes an internal fault on the ATV66 drives?

        Product Line:
        Altivar ATV66


        The +15vdc and - 15vdc power supplies are below +/- 11.5vdc

        Before making any voltage checks make sure you have removed mains voltage from L1 L2 and L3 and install single phase voltage (mains power) into CL1 CL2 minus any jumpers.

        Check the +/- 15vdc supplies on J9 connector pins 3, 4 and 5
        Pin 4 is 0v
        Pin 3 is -15vdc
        Pin 4 is +15vdc

        if any of these voltages are below +/- 11.5vdc you will get the internal fault code.

        Possible problems: can be
        LEM's or CT's might be shorting out power supplies
        Shorted gate driver boards
        Shorted or inoperative power board


        Is ATV12 a direct replacement of ATV11?

        Is ATV12 a direct replacement of ATV11?

        Product Line:
        Altivar 12


        Need to replace an ATV11

        ATV12 is not a direct replacement of ATV11. ATV11 has 15Vdc supply while ATV12 has 24Vdc supply. All new series of drives come with 24Vdc supply. ATV12 replaces ATV11 only in regards to the functionality.  

        What are the dimensions and the weight on the ATS48C41Y soft starter?

        What are the dimensions and the weight on the ATS48C41Y, ATSC59Y and ATS48C66Y soft starter?

        Product Line:
        Altistart 48 

        ATS48C41Y ATSC59Y ATS48C66Y

        Sizing for application

        The entire width of the unit is a = 15.75 in (400 mm), the entire height of unit is b = 26.38 in (670 mm), the entire depth of the unit is c = 11.81 in (300 mm), and the weight is 113.3 lb (51.4 kg).


        How to change the display settings of energy units from MWh to kWh in ME Meter.

        Depending on the ME meter version, meter will automatically select the appropriate units and therefore it is not possible to modify the energy units. From 40/5 to 150/5 CT ratio, the energy unit display is KWh and from 200/5 to 6000/5 CT ratio, the energy unit display is MWh.

        CT Setting:
        To change the CT settings hold down the button on the Front Face of the ME Meter for more than 5 sec when on the CT Rating display. After approximately 5 sec the display will start blinking, now enter the CT setting. Once again hold the button till the display stop flashing, to ensure that the entry is saved.

        How the user can control the ‘Start-up” voltage drop of the motor feeder in My Ecodial L.

        My Ecodial L 3.4 enables the user to change or set the limit for “Start-up” voltage drop of the motor feeder circuit.
        But the maximum value allowed by the Ecodial – to set the feeder startup voltage drop is 15 %. (The same is also supported by the UTE C 15-105 (French) standard.)

        (Below figure is showing the circuit characteristics; and the place to set the limit for the start-up voltage drop).

        Netbotz Advanced view errors during Installation: “The uninstallation could not complete due to an error.”

        Netbotz Advanced view errors during Installation: “The uninstallation could not complete due to an error.”

        Product Line:

        NetBotz version 2 Advanced View

        If you receive this error when upgrading Advanced View from a previous version, click OK in the error message box. The installation proceeds normally and appears to complete successfully, but some portions of the previous version of Advanced View are not successfully deleted.

        To complete the uninstallation of the previous version of Advanced View:

        1. Delete any desktop icons from the previous version of Advanced View.
        2. Delete any Start menu entries for the previous versions of Advanced View

        "ISX Central's Internal Browser ""Home"" button doesn't work with 2.x NMC Firmware"


        ISX Central's Internal Browser ""Home"" button doesn't work with 2.x NMC Firmware

        Product Line:

        InfraStruxure Central / Struxureware Data Center Expert.


        InfraStruxure Central / Struxureware Data Center Expert
        Any version 2.x firmware on APC SNMP enabled devices.


        Any APC device running older 2.x firmware reacts differently due to coding differences.


        There is no plan to update this feature at this time to work with the older devices.

        Is there a skirting mount double power outlet rated to 15A, 250V?

        Unfortunately not, we do not have skirting mount double power outlet rated to 250V 15A .

        In 15A , 250V, skirting mount, we have the following options:

        16/15 -  Single Power Outlet 250V 15A, Skirting Mount, Plate size 98 x 41mm at centre.
        For further information, please visit

        16/2MF1510 - Double Power Outlet 250V 15A and 10A combination, Skirting Mount, suits ducting (156.5 x 44mm).
        For further information, please visit


        How do i silence my 755PSMA2?

        To silence the 755PSMA you need to press and hold the buttton on the front of the smoke detector for 10-15 seconds not only will it silence the alarm but it will also reset it.
        Some of the key features are:
        • New look design with easy to use test/hush button
        • Easy installation and maintenance
        • Wired interconnect feature (up to 40 alarms)
        • Optional relay or wireless interconnect bases
        • Backwards compatible with 755PSMA and 755SMA mounting bases
        • Robust digital design

        For further information please visit

        Why wont my 755PSMA2 smoke alarms interconnect?

        To test the interconnect between the smoke alarms you are required to hold the test button for 10-15 seconds. The Smoke alarm you are testing will then pause and you will be able to hear the other alarms start alarming until your finger is released from the test button.

        For further information please visit

        What does 3F25 fault mean on a PV100-208 or 3F25\3F26 on a PV225-208?

        Unit faulted on 3F25 or 3F26

        Product Line:
        PV100-208 or PV225-208


        No LED on any of the three phases of the driver board

        The power supply, PS1, provides 15VDC to the driver board. If the power supply is bad, no LED will be present. Check the power supply fuses F9 and F10 to see if they are blown or not. If blown, replace them and see if the fault can be cleared. If the replacement did not fix the issue or the fuses are blown again, call 866-519-1470 and select option 3 and 3 to open a case.

        How to perform MSET on a BPH motor using Lexium 17/15 Servo Drive?

        Issue:  Although the BPH motors that are used with the Lexium 17 and 15 range of Servo drives are factory MSET, occasionally there may be a need to MSET this in the field due to commutation error being reported. 

        Product Line: Lexium BPH


        Cause: Due to an incorrect offset value set in the drive, the drive may report a F25, commutation error.

        Resolution: This resolution discusses the MSET procedure for a BPH motor with a Lexium 17/15 series drive.

        Proper commutation and position feedback are required to interface a particular servo drive and motor combination. When using Schneider Electric BPH motors and Lexium drives, this setup (or “characterization”) process has been completed and verified for the user at the factory. Occasionally there may be a need to MSET the BPH motor and this is detailed in this procedure.
        Perform the following steps, as described, and in the order presented, to complete the MSET procedure. 
        1.    Disconnect the Motor from the Mechanical Load
        2.    Electrical Connections
        A.   Verify that the required electrical connections for drive power, logic power, motor power and resolver are as described in the Lexium drive user manual.
        B.   Apply 24VDC logic and AC input power to confirm proper drive startup sequence and self-checks.
         Follow this MSET procedure only if the drive firmware is ver 5.51 and above.
         Connect to the drive using Hyperterm…
        1. Type OPMODE followed by Enter – note down the Opmode (xx) the drive is set to.
        1. Type OPMODE 2 followed by Enter – switch to digital torque mode
             C.     Type 'EN' followed by Enter.

             D.     Type "Zero" followed by ENTER - Motor shaft will jump to nearest pole. MPHASE value is automatically set.
        1. Type SAVE
        1. Type OPMODE xx followed by enter ( where xx is the default value that was originally set for the application.)
             G.    Type COLDSTART (the drive will reboot)
        This completes the MSET procedure.

        New SeaLevel PIO-48 does not work with NetBotz appliances.


        Sealevel® SeaLINK PIO-48 Part number 8203-FX is not compatible with NetBotz Appliances.

        Product Line:



        Third party device connectivity.


        Due to an unavoidable change to the SeaIO software driver, the Sealevel® SeaLINK PIO-48 Digital I/O Adapter, Part number 8203-FX, is not compatible with NetBotz appliances. For more information, go to


        To increase the number of I/O sensors that can be connected to your NetBotz appliance, the following USB digital I/O devices are supported: Sealevel SeaLINK PIO-48 - Part number 8203 only - (adds 48 digital I/O connections) Sealevel SeaI/O 462U (adds 96 digital I/O connections) Sealevel SeaI/O 463U (adds 96 digital I/O connections) Sealevel SeaI/O 450U (adds 16 digital I/O connections)

        Can split doors be installed on the front of a NetShelter SX, VX or SV cabinet?

        It can not be assumed that the rear split doors will install onto the front of the cabinet. Confirmation is needed.  

        Product Line: 
        NetShelter SX, NetShelter VX, NetShelter SV
        All versions and serial ranges.
        A customer may want to install split doors onto the front of a NetShelter SX cabinet.
        Resolution :

        Rear split doors can be installed onto the front of a NetShelter SX, VX and SV cabinets. 
        A replacement split door kit can be purchased or the existing split rear doors can be swapped to the front of the cabinet.
        The replacement door kit includes all of the necessary hardware, including hinges.
        The NetShelter one-piece front door may also be installed onto the rear of the cabinet. 

        What is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)?

        Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ( DHCP) is an open industry standard that is designed to reduce the complexity of TCP/IP network administration. This runs as a service on a server on your network. The server can be a Unix, Linux, or Windows platform based server. At a minimum, DHCP will provide client systems with an IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. It can also provide the Domain Name System (DNS) and Netbios name (WINS) servers, and the DNS Domain name.
        A client system can be a computer, or any device that allows the dynamic assigning of IP addresses., such as a 170ENT1100x, or a 140NOE771xx. For more information on DHCP refer to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Requests for Comments (RFCs) 1533, 1534, 1541, and 1542.

        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL120523 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
        Related ranges: ConneXium - Ethernet

        Where do PDUs mount in the NetShelter CX?

        The NetShelter CX includes a 14-15 outlet PDU. Some customers may want to replace it with a larger PDU.

        Product Line:
        NetShelter CX

        All versions and serial ranges.

        Customers wanting to install a larger PDU into a NetShelter CX need to know where, and how, to install it.

        In the NetShelter CX, APC 0U PDUs mount toollessly to the rear cable tray via toolless mounting pegs. There are two cable trays in each cabinet, one on each side. The document attached below shows a PDU mounted in the right rear cable tray.
        For a list of APC 0U PDUs that are compatible with all NetShelter cabinets please see Knowledge Base document FA158651.

        Does the VW3A8104 Powersuite software kit include the cables?

        Does the VW3A8104 Powersuite software kit include the cables?

        Product Line:



        No. This is the software only. The cable kit is VW3A8106.

        Is StruxureWare DCE or NetBotz susceptible to the WannaCry vulnerability?


        Is StruxureWare DCE or NetBotz suceptable to the WannaCry vulnerability?

        Product Line:

        StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)
        AP9465, AP9470, AP9475, AP94VMTRL

        StruxureWare Data Center Operation (DCO)

        NBWL0500, NBWL0420, NBWL0320, NBWL0355, NBWL0455, NBRK0450, NBRK0550, NBRK0570

        APC Network Management Cards (NMC)
        ·                          Network Management Card 1 - AP9617, AP9618, AP9619
        Devices with an embedded Network Management Card 1 include (but are not limited to): Metered/Switched Rack PDUs (AP78XX, AP79XX), Rack Automatic Transfer Switches (AP77XX, Environmental Monitoring Units (AP9320, AP9340, Netbotz 200, NetBotz 250)
        ·                          Network Management Card 2 - AP9630/AP9630CH, AP9631/AP9631CH, AP9635/35CH
        Devices with an embedded Network Management Card 2 include (but are not limited to): 2G Metered/Switched Rack PDUs (AP84XX, AP86XX, AP88XX, AP89XX), Certain Audio/Video Network Management Enabled products.


        Any version DCO, DCE, NetBotz appliance, or NMC


        CVE-2017-0144, also known as WannaCry, is a high level vulnerability that many customers have contacted Schneider Electric about to find out if StruxureWare DCE or NetBotz are vulnerable.


        WannaCry allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via crafted packets, aka "Windows SMB Remote Code Execution Vulnerability."

        As per the link below, this effects:
        Microsoft Windows Vista SP2; Windows Server 2008 SP2 and R2 SP1; Windows 7 SP1; Windows 8.1; Windows Server 2012 Gold and R2; Windows RT 8.1; and Windows 10 Gold, 1511, and 1607

        Neither DCE, DCO, NetBotz, or the APC NMC run any version of Windows operating system and as such are not vulnerable to this attack.
        More information on these platforms can be found on

        Link150 Password Reset

        It is not possible to generate the backdoor password of Link150. We have to perform only the factory reset so Link150 will return to the default user name and password.
        Product Line

        Forgetting the web page password for the Link150

        Module State Indication LED shall flash, GREEN for first 10 seconds, and then RED for 10-15 seconds. 
        Actions Effects
        Press and hold the 'reset pin' 1 - 5 seconds     LED: Flashing GREEN
          10 - 15 seconds     LED: Flashing RED: All user-configurable information is reset to factory defaults

        Release the pin when the Module State LED starts flashing RED (i,e 10 - 15 seconds)    Device reboots.
        Factory settings will be applied. The default password can be found at FA299649

        •    If the 'reset pin' is released, after 5 seconds and before 10 seconds, no action will be performed, LED will be flashing GREEN, till the 'reset pin' is released.
        •    If the 'reset pin' is released after 15 seconds, no action will be performed, LED will be turned to GREEN. 

        Do power wires need to be installed in separate conduits for AC drives?

        Do power wires need to be installed in separate conduits for AC drives?

        Product Line:
        Altivar drives



        Good wiring practice requires the separation of control wiring from power wiring. Power wiring to the motor must have the maximum possible separation from all other power wiring, whether from the same drive controller or other drive controllers. Do not run power and control wiring, or multiple power wiring, in the same conduit. This separation reduces the possibility of coupling electrical transients from power circuits into control circuits or from motor power wiring into other power circuits.
        Use of special shielded cables does not reduce or eliminate the need for cable separation.
        Please refer to the installation documents for more information.


        What is the purpose of using output filter with an AC drive?

        What is the purpose of using output filter with an AC drive?

        Product Line:
        Altivar drives



        Output filters protect the motor in against The Reflective Wave Phenomenon and dV/dT Peak Voltages due to long motor lead length or high cable capacitance.
        Additionally, the added inductance of a filter may help reduce motor heating, motor noise, and motor vibration.

        Is the output filter and the line reactor the same device?

        Is the output filter and the line reactor the same device?

        Product Line:

        Products sold in the United States.

        Product features.

        No. Output filters and Line reactors are not the same thing. (Load reactor if applied to the output)
        Filters reduce DV/DT at the motor by filtering high frequencies. This helps protect the motor.
        Line reactors add impedance to the line. This reduces current distortion between the drive and motor if applied to the output. It reduces current distortion on the line when applied to the line side of the drive.
        See the information for the specific device for additional details.

        Filter info at:
        Reactor info at:


        Where can I get technical support for AC Drives and Softstarts?

        Phone:  888-778-2733
        Phones are staffed Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm EST.  Outside of normal hours, emergency phone support is still available.  Call the Drives PSG and provide contact details and someone will return the call.  

        Fax:  919-217-6508.

        By chat is through this link :

        Literature is available in the Technical library.  Visit and select the Techical library link.  For customers outside the USA, visit our corporate site at: and select your country to find the local support contact information in your area.  


        What is the replacement AC coil for CAD32 and CAD50 relay?

        Are replacement  AC coil available for CAD32 and CAD50 relay?

        Product Line:
        Tesys Relays

        All Products

        Product selection

        Volt = coil part number
        12 = LXD1J7
        21 = LXD1Z7
        24 = LXD1B7
        32 = LXD1C7
        36 = LXD1CC7
        42 = LXD1D7
        48 = LXD1E7
        60 = LXD1EE7
        100 = LXD1K7
        110 = LXD1F7
        115 = LXD1FE7
        120 = LXD1G7
        127 = LXD1FC7
        200 = LXD1L7
        208 = LXD1LL7
        220/230 = LXD1M7
        230 595 21 LXD1P7
        230/240 = LXD1U7
        277 781 30 LXD1W7
        380/400 = LXD1Q7
        400 = LXD1V7
        415 = LXD1N7
        440 = LXD1R7
        480 = LXD1T7
        600 = LXD1X7
        690 = LXD1Y7


        What is the part number for a single pole, din rail mount, analogue timer?

        The part number for a single pole, din rail mount, analog timer is a 4TC for the Clipsal option.
        Schneider also offers the following products:

        What is the standard warranty for Altivar drives, Altistart soft starters, and enclosed "Flex" style systems?

        What is the standard warranty for  Altivar drives, Altistart soft starters, and enclosed "Flex" style systems?

        Product Line:
        Altivar and Altistart


        Warranty for Drives and Soft Starters


        These products have a 18 month warranty from the date of purchase.
        If there is no purchase order number to prove the date of purchase then the date code in the serial number will be used.
        Training technicians are told that products get 18 month standard warranty from date of invoice. With Authorized Startup they get an additional 6 months (parts only) from Invoice, unless it`s beyond warranty then 6 months from date of startup.
        Other terms and conditions apply. Please contact the point of purchase or the SquareD sales office for additional details.

        Extended product warranty may be purchased through the distributor or SquareD field sales office.
        This should be noted on the original order number for tracking purposes.

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