clip mounting w/board 10mm

Mounting Brackets, Mounting WAll Board Clip, 1 Gang, 10mm, 10 Way

Catalogue Number: 154
clip mounting w/board 10mm
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Product brand
Product or component type
Accessory / separate part category
mounting accessory
13 mm
120 mm
50 mm
Number of gangs
1 gang
EU RoHS Directive
Toxic heavy metal free
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
Circularity Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the 154 that suits the Slimline range?

The 154 to suit the Slimline range is the 154RM.

Is there a 154 C-clip that does thicker than 10mm plasterboard/ gyprock?

Yes the 154/1 does plasterboard/gyprock thickness's between 19-25mm.

What is the part number for a 154 in a 4 gang application?

The part number for a 154 in a 4 gang application is a 2154/4.
Some of the key features are:
  • Mounting brackets
  • 4 gang
  • For plasterboard or hardboard mounting
  • Including 2025V3/30PF
For further information please visit


Where in the 2014 PDL Pocketbook can I find the BALS Product?

PDL page 76 and 154

What wall clips are suited to the BSL range?

You can use the 154 provided you allow a 10mm gap.

what are the dimensions of the ATV312HU40N4?

Height 184 mm
Width 142 mm
Depth 152 mm

What is the dimensions of the cover only for CEF40WK

354 x 354 x 32mm

Is there a C clip for 13mm gyprock as the 154 doesn't fit ?

No, The 154 is designed to suit  up to 12mm and then the 154/1 suits from 19-25mm . If These are not suitable then 155 series may be used

Do you have a 4 pole normally closed 159 Series contactor?

Unfortunately the 4 pole normally closed 159 Series contactor was a part of the Square D brand and has been discontinued.

Are electrical cabinet keys Number 144 available?

Yes the key number 144 is available as a GAEL product, code is DK1. C/W cam lock and 2 keys.

Can the USB mechanism (mech) be placed in a double power point with extra switch (eg c2025xa)

Although not recommended but yes it can be done. When doing this make sure all wiring is complete before inserting USB mechanism in place due to the fact that you will not be able to access the Active terminal.
Also this cannot be used with a standard wall plate it is recommended to use a 154 c clip to install as the wall plate hits the top of the mechanism.

If i have limited ceiling space due to another level, what is the smallest exhaust fan available?

The CE100D, as it is one of our smaller inline fans.

Some of the key features are:

  • Axial in-line
  • 100 mm diameter duct
  • 3 m duct length
  • 154 mm x 154 mm Inlet grille
  • 149 mm x 149 mm Outlet grille
  • 1 speed
  • Sleeve bearing motor

For further information please visit

What is the standard key used in a 9001KX,9001KR, 9001KS and 9001SKS selector switch?

Replacement standard key for the 9001 oeprators.

Product Line:
Harmony Pushbuttons

All Products

The standard key is the E10 key which is catalog number 2941101100.

Is the extra switch in the 15X removable?

Yes, the extra switch in the 15X is removable. Any 230v rated 30 series mec will fit in it's place.


Do you have a 15S in biege?

No, the 15S only comes in White Electric and Red.

Some of the key features are:
  • 1 pole
  • Standard size
  • Safety shutter
For further information please visit

What is the socket to go with a BALS21241

PDL56SO532CEELEGY page 153 pocket book

What are the dimensions of the 535 power tower

 Dimensions 158 x 158 x 140mm high

What mounting clip do i use with Zen outlets?

You would use the 154RM.

Some of the key features are:
  • Recessed mount
  • Wall Clip is specifically designed to clip onto walls that are 5 mm thick and it also takes into consideration the mounting depths of Slimline/Eclipse products. It can also be used on standard plaster walls, which are usually 10mm thick. Incorporates all the same design features of the 154 Plaster Clip
For further information please visit

What is the part code for a caravan lead with RCD 15m permanent connection

 The part code is PDL 953/15

Is there a PDL 953/15 that is longer than 15m

 No not available 
Please note this product is being phased out

Can you buy a 20m 954 camper set

You can purchase a 955RW, BALS211 + 56CR310 + flex

What is the IP rating for the 754HB2/180/60 sensor

IP44 rating, 754 series are suitable for outdoor use only

What is the cut out size for (PDL) 194 panel mount socket with tab terminals

Cut out size 38mm x 32mm

What is the round earth pin version of a PDL 194?

There is no round earth version of the 194 available.

Where can I find the ASB230501 Data Sheet?

Attached is the ASB230501 Data Sheet.

Does the PDL 954 have an rcd + plug and socket

 The PDL 954 comes with an RCD +15A socket + 16A plug
This product is being phased out Jan 2018 the product can be had up PDL955RM a with a plug and cord

Can I fit 4 sockets on a PDL 144 flush box

Use a PDL 149 and 2 doubles

Whats are the dimensions of the T200, T200FA, T200F, T200X, T200L, T200S

 210 x 158 x 112mm (L x D x W) 

Whats the dimensions for a T300, T300L, T300S

 210 x 158 x 117mm (L x W x D)

Can I use a PDL 654 dimmer with CFL (Compact Fluorescent bulbs)

 No, this dimmer is not rated for CFL but you can use a universal dimmer

486d is having issues - have replaced battery but still reads low on screen

It would be recommended to get it serviced / calibrated by Trio Smartcal 1300 134 091

What is the ratings for the PDL 654 Rotary Dimmer Switch Universal

Voltage 230/240V a.c. 50Hz
Maximum Load - 450W
Minimum Load - 20W

Does our E-Flex drives comply with FCC Part 15?

E-Flex FCC compliance

Product Line:
ATV61 drives, E-Flex enclosures

E-Flex enclosures


In general, industrial equipment isn't required to comply with FCC guidelines.  It's not evaluated to any FCC guidelines.  We can't confirm if it does or does not meet the requirements.

What is the meaning of fault code 151 in XXMIT block in Unity Pro.

The fault code 151 means that MsgOut is smaller than 12 Byte when 'Modbus Master Messaging' function is selected.

To prevent this fault do the following:
1. Increase the array size of variable defined for MsgOut parameter.
2. Use array of same size as defined in step#1 for the variable of parameter MsgIN.

What is the part number for a 30 pole switch board with 2 rows of 15?

The part number for a 30 pole switch board with 2 rows of 15 is - 4FCC30
For further information , visit link below:-
User-added image

What is the largest trunking we do in NZ

 The larges is Actassi 155 x 55 part code ISM11400

Why do I get a warning about using a power supply with a 140CRA211xx DIO Adapter?

140CRA211xx DIO Adapter power supply warning
140CRA211xx DIO Adapter power supply warning
Product Line
 The purpose of the Warning, is because the 140CRA211xx DIO Adapter has its own built in power supply.
The two power supplies it can be used with are the 140 CPS 114 00 & 140 CPS 124 00. When the 140CRA211xx DIO Adapter is used with an 8 amp power supply is  will consume approximately 0.5 amps. 

Can I use the 754RFKIT with another range of sensors

754RFKIT is intended to be used in conjunction with the Clipsal 754 Series Infrascan Outdoor Motion Sensors product range only. 

Dimensions of the Clipsal 155PRM, Metal Mounting Bracket, for plaster walls?

152 Length x 152 Width x 10 Depth mm
Mounting centre 84mm

Is the PDL 695X available in 15A version?

No, we have no 15A sockets available with an extra switch.

What are the dimensions of the PDL194 socket?

Height = 41.8 mm
Width = 48.2 mm
Cutout of 38x32 ​

Is the analog filtering on a 170AAI03000 or 170AAI14000 done via hardware or software?

The analog filtering is done via hardware and attenuates frequencies above its cutoff frequency.  Please refer to the TSX Momentum I/O Base User Guide (870USE00200) for specifications.

Are spare keys available for DK1

 Not available as a spare part.  You will need to buy a new lock (which comes with 2 spare 144 keys)

What is the part number for a 3P 200amp front wired main switch

T200FA-BK this comes with cover
PDL Book page 124 (2014)

LC1D1506 What are the dimensions? Weight?

Height 158 mm
Width 120 mm
Depth 136 mm
Product weight 2.5 kg

What does error 151 generated by the Xxmit block mean?

Error 151 indicates the variables associated with MsgOut / MsgIn parameters are not long enough. When the Xxmit block is being used as a Modbus messaging function the MsgIn and MsgOut parameters must be configured as located variable of type Word Array 9.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL172843 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
Related ranges: Concept

What is the part number for a switchboard 3 rows of 15?

The part number for a switchboard 3 rows of 15  is a 4CC45SB.

Some of the key features are:

  • Supplied with neutral and earth bars or Terminal
  • No isolating switch
  • Front or back wired with ample cutouts for every application
  • Double insulated for operator safety
  • Comprehensive range of legend stickers
For further information please visit

What is a suitable Wall box for C-Bus wall switches?

A Clipsal 157 wall box will be suitable for most C-Bus switchs.
The only exception is for the C-Bus Reflection range, which uses its own specific wall box: Part name R5060WB

What are the maximum IO counts for the M251 using the TM3 Expansion modules?

For discrete IO modules, you can have up to 488 digital IO counts.
For Analog IO modules, you can have up to 114 analog IO counts.

What is the part number for a PDL DOL Starter 240V 5.5Kw

PDL56DOL12LOBGY - less overload
available on page 155 Pocket book PDL 2014
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